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Mary Kay’s New Sales Director Oath

The official “oath” for a new sales director, as published by Mary Kay Inc.

Believing that the Company is built on the concept of the Golden Rule,
I solemnly pledge to uphold and project the Mary Kay image.
I will always conduct myself with dignity.
I will be the essence of dependability,
Honoring all the commitments that I make.
I will uphold and support my sister Sales Directors
In the daily practice of the Golden Rule,
To do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
I will always strive for a positive attitude, a clean spirit and a warm heart,
Setting the example for others to follow,
And dedicating myself to perpetuating the true Mary Kay go-give spirit
And enriching women’s lives.
This I pledge as an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director.



  1. I thought they were suppose to go to church and worship Jehovah. I know a new sales director who doesn’t darken the church because Mary Kay is her God. She preaches God first, family second and then Mary Kay. She dumped church like a hot potato. Her Sundays are spent working for Mary Kay. She just quit a real J O B to purse her pink fantasies. Who would do that in this economy when they had benefits? My son is no better. He supports her so much they see each other only when she beckons him.

    Does any of this ring a bell?

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