Kathy Helou and the Go-Give Mary Kay Spirit

Have you ever heard about how sales directors and national sales directors “adopt” consultants as their own? Have you ever heard them talk about how they “get no money” for adopting people but they do it because that’s what Mary Kay wanted???

Well apparently that rule applies unless your area is bleeding to death and you’re trying to stop the bleeding. That’s exactly what is happening to Kathy Helou. Apparently she’s been trying to beat Gloria Mayfield Banks forever (a little reminiscent of Rena Tarbet and Nancy Tietjen, no?).

But Kathy’s area is dwindling fast. Sales directors are dropping like flies, and consultants are returning products left and right. (Hooray Pink Truth!!!)

So Kathy is offering a super-special opportunity for stars. All you have to do is order enough products to be a “star consultant” in the first quarter, and you can be part of a sleepover in Kathy’s home. Bring a sleeping bag and $5. Yes…. $5. You still have to kick in some money to help fund the event, even though you’re a big star!

And the best part is that Kathy is not allowing adoptees.

Hello “local” directors ! ! !

This is going to be a BLAST ….but before you OPEN the attachment – READ this …because AFTER you open it – you’ll MISS this important announcement !

I have sent this e-mail out to a “select” group of you who have SUPPORTED our Charlotte STAR events when we were consistently doing them.

THIS will be an “exclusive” group of STARS – IN my home …. so I cannot INVITE any adoptees … even IF they regularly atttend your meetings b/c of space in our home ! SO – if you’re uncomfortable about keeping THIS promo a HELOU FAMILY one…it’s your choice NOT to promote it !

Just let me know – EITHER WAY ! ! !

I have NEVER done this …. and believe it can help you have your BEST EVER quarter of S T A R S !

let me hear from YOU !

Happy DAY to YOU all !

She says it’s due to the amount of room in her house. I suspect it has more to do with the fact that she’s not making a dime on adoptees, so damn them! Kathy needs to make more money, so we’re going to do this only for those who contribute to her commission check.

I think it’s sad when you’re making the kind of money Kathy is and you’ve got to do it like this. Guess the go-give rules only apply when you want them to.

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  1. Its true. NSDs could care less about adoptees. My mother was an adoptee in Caterina Harris's unit. My mother went to one of Harris's meetings on her way back from working her regular job. She had no time to change her clothes, so when she arrived to the meeting she had on her work pants. Caterina didn't welcome her into the unit as an adoptee, but instead made it a point to embarrass her in front of every one in the meeting because she wore pants and not a skirt. Caterina told her she was dressed inappropiately and there was no excuse. CATERINA HARRIS IS EXTREMELY SNOBBY. My mother never went back. She never felt so humiliated in her life.

  2. I’ve always been an adoptee. This happened to me at a Career Conference in Reno. After I qualified for the Bea Millslagle’s PJ party, I was told it was for unit members only. It really sucked because I’m in the crappy go give area also, so I don’t have a national.

  3. I know this is an old post but why in the Heck would I want to pay someone $5 to sleep on the floor of their house with other squealing women when I can be at home in my own bed and have a movie night with my family? I didn’t like slumber parties when I was a kid and doing them as a 45yr old doesn’t sound fun either.

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