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Powerful Words to Help You Recruit

Written by The Scribbler

Mary Kay nsd Kathy Helou shows you how to recruit by telling the prosepct that Mary Kay is the answer to any and all problems.

Scrib’s note:  Have you been asked to attend a unit meeting (may also be addressed as a “success meeting” or a “Girls’ Night Out.”) with a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant?  These hardcore one-liners are designed to intimidate and fill you with self-doubt – the ultimate goal being to make you reach for the false savior of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Listen carefully for these (and their variants) if you do decide to go to the meeting.  Whatever you do, keep the word, “no” planted firmly on your lips and do not fill out/sign anything given to you – not until you have had a chance to research the rest of their story!

‘You’ll never know if you never try.”

“Think how many times in life we hear people say, ‘Oh, how I wish I had!’”

“If I taught you everything I knew, do you think you could learn?” (No one likes to admit they’re not trainable.)

Look your possible recruit right in the eyes, touch her arm, have a sincere look on your face and say with conviction, “You’d be great doing what I do. I look for people of your caliber every day! I’d love to work with you!”

“What do you like about the job you currently have? What would you change?” (That’s the key question for you to direct your approach.)

“If something happened to your husband, could you take care of yourself and your family, maintaining your present lifestyle?”

“How soon do you want to start making money? How long can you afford NOT to take money?”

“Do you feel like you need a change in your life? I believe Mary Kay comes into our lives when we need it the most.”

“One hundred dollars won’t change your standard of living, but it could change your life.”

When faced with any objection, the most effective words are, “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!” Try it out!

“I don’t have any money.” – “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”

“I’m new in the area.” – “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”

“I’m too shy.” – “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”

“I work too much.” – “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”

Scrib’s note: “I think I’m going to go resurrect my Spaghettios into the toilet now.” – “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”


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