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Career Conference Lies

This email of lies about Mary Kay Career Conference really needs no introduction…

Career Conference is your investment in YOUR future! It is your Mary Kay College education! As you set your course for success in this company, it’s important to know more about how Mary Kay works. Think about how much you could invest for a four-year education ($35,000/yr) , sometimes MORE! After college, the average starting income is around $25,000 a year. And, then you may attend graduate school or additional training (invest more time and money), to get to the position you ultimately want! Are you willing to invest in yourself? You could easily gain the knowledge you need to give yourself a $25,000+ raise within 12 months of attending Mary Kay College!!!

NSD Emeritis Arlene Lenarz attended EVERY Career Conference during her 30 year journey and was recognized for earning over 12 MILLION in commissions over her career! And her retirement income is over $47,000 per month!

* You will be able to see the BIG picture and learn what this company is all about. See over 2,500 women of all different sizes, shapes and nationalities. You will truly believe this opportunity is for EVERYONE!

* You will learn about EXCITING new products! (We get $50-60 worth of the newest products in our registration pack!!!)

* You will learn how to set goals before you leave Career Conference that will help your career soar to new heights!

* It’s a tax deductible business expense! Almost every job and business goes to seminar trainings to GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE!! School is never out for the Pro!

* After attending Career Conference for 1 ½ days, you will race home to jump up your business

* Attending is part of your job description as a dedicated consultant! Mary Kay puts this on for YOU! And right in our backyard!!!! !

I have watched over and over again how Career Conference has breathed life and belief into a consultant’s business and cements her dream! IT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD TO YOUR CAREER AND FUTURE…. IT IS A DEFINITE REQUIRED MUST IF YOU WANT TO MOVE UP IN YOUR BUSINESS.


1. I don’t have the Money! … the registration of $75 is TINY compared to the return on the investment. Your business SHOULD be paying for this educational event! If you sell 1 Ultimate Miracle Set you’re in! You receive 75 in free product when you atend.

2. I can’t leave my husband/children…  this is PERFECT! It’s local (for most) and you’ll be no more than a hop skip and a jump away if needed. This is the BEST reason to have a ‘girls’ weekend!

3. My Husband/Boyfriend/ Fiance doesn’t want me to go…  Make him a deal…  he gives you Friday night and Saturday… And you’ll give him SATURDAY NIGHT AND ALL DAY SUNDAY!!!!

4. I’m not really doing anything with my business right now… knowledge gained is valuable forever! You may not be doing much, but in case you ever want to, wouldn’t you want to have the best training possible?

If you feel like your business is ‘putzing” along, FIRE IT UP and watch it FLY after attending!!! It takes planning and ACTION!!! If you want to see how you can make this a reality, CALL!!!


  1. How dare Mary Kay compare the information at any Mary Kay event with a college education. A day & a half with four years of college. Yes, a college education is an investment in your future, but Multilevel Marketing scams generally end up costing you money. Very few people ever clear a profit. My recruiter told me Mary Kay was a great tax deduction. Translation: you will lose money year after year.

  2. LOL! I think many of us on here couldn’t written this script ourselves – we’ve heard it hundreds of times for all big events. And FWIW – I have a Master’s degree & love my “job”…….there is NO Mary Kay event that comes close to that education!

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