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Inventory Frontloading Madness

Written by SuzyQ

So, I am spying again. And while checking the February reports from my used-to-be-wanna-be area, I pull up one of my sister directors.  She has about $4K “on hold” due to credit cards declining.

Not surprising, since “we” had one credit card that anyone in our group could use to get an order in, but we knew the card would decline and we’d have a few days to strong-arm the consultant into paying for the order we wanted her to place.

We also had a banker or two who could get a credit line very quickly.  Especially towards or at the end of the month.  The point is that the credit card decline buys time, time enough to get a credit card for the new consultant.  Are you paying attention?

So, checking again.  We have the newbie who signs on Feb. 29, and does a $3,600 inventory order.  Allow that to soak in.

$3600 wholesale, $7800 retail order on February 29th.

The new products can be ordered on March 15th.  Allow that to soak in.

So, this scenario begs the question… what does one order, when one knows that products are changing in a mere two weeks?  But, then again, what if one is in car re-qualification and is in the extended quarter?  And this Newbie is a personal recruit?  Nice commission, car points?  Oh, what to do, what to do?

Well, there’s an answer to that, too.  Many Satin Hands sets, Spa products (nut allergy? Fuggetaboutit) mascaras, foundations, TimeWise sets.  Many of each.  Oh, and the lipsticks, 3 of some, 1 of others, and let’s not forget about multiple eyebrow pencils!  Wow, this newbie can outfit everyone with everything.  I sold one auburn eyebrow pencil in 10 years, but, hey, that’s just me.

Wouldn’t it be so karmic if MK Corpse did pull the old skincare switcheroo in June?

Thank you God, for getting me out of this company and away from these BFF’s.