The Same Old Lines From a Dacia Conference Call

Written by PinkPeace

Month after month, Mary Kay sales directors pass around “notes from Dacia’s conference call.” And each time they look suspiciously similar. The whole work full-time and be fun to be around. Nauseating. Here are some thoughts on the most recent email being forwarded ad nauseum…

1.  She’s telling directors to work a 40-hour week.  Whatever happened to being able to work Mary Kay around your family, unlike women in corporate America?

2.  She’s talking about a unit of 30 with 10 women who are working.  She talks about each of those 10 doing two skin care classes a week with sales of $200 each, coming out to almost $10,000 in production.  Please introduce me to a director of 50 women where 10 of them are working, holding two skin care classes a week.  CERTAINLY they can do it in June, when hostesses aren’t busy with graduations, weddings, end-of-school activities, vacations, etc.

3.  You will fail as a director if you aren’t perfect:

“Are you fun?  Do others want to hang around you?”  (If you’re not charismatic enough, you’ll never succeed.)

“Doing the day to day routine without losing your enthusiasm”  (Be an actress 24/7 to make people think you love your job.)

“Set the example – earn your bee – 30 personal recruits”  (Do the next-to-impossible.  It’s simple!)

“Be the best you can be.  Give it everything you have.  Throw your heart over the bar and give this everything you have in June.”  (Be superhuman.  Ignore your family and friends.  No weddings, graduations, etc. for you this month.)

4.  She ends with a fable about a guru trying to drown someone to measure his commitment to success.  She says you have to want success more than sleep or food.  Wait – that sounds familiar!  Mary Kay will drown you in debt and doubt until you finally come up for air, gasping for your life.  You won’t get any sleep, worrying about how you’ll make it through the end of the month.   And you’ll “forget to eat” because your stomach is in knots.  Gee, what a great career.