Mary Kay Directors: Don’t tell consultants you can’t afford gas!

Pink Truth readers know how most of Mary Kay’s 13,000 sales directors (down in 2007 from the 14,000 the company had for several years) are making poverty level earnings . Many aren’t even turning aprofit because they’re putting in production in order to meet the monthly quotas. (Did I say quota? Yes, I sure did!)

But of course, the lack of earnings on the part of Mary Kay directors is a closely guarded secret. “Fake it till you make it” is taken to a whole new level in Mary Kay. Directors pretend they’re supporting their families and paying for college and bying big houses… all from their MARY KAY MONEY.

Hogwash. Most of the sales directors in Mary Kay can’t even pay their mortgage with their earnings, let alone any other living expenses or extras. But the word is out that gas prices are hitting Mary Kay directors hard, and your sister directors want you to SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Any hint that you can’t even pay for gas will reveal the truth: That the vast majority of Mary Kay sales directors aren’t even coming close to earning a living even though they’re working 40 to 60 hours a week.

Here’s one sales directors note to her downline about keeping this poverty-level “opportunity” hush hush…

Stop It!  Stop thinking about gas cost. 🙂  So what if it went up $2 a gallon.I say this in love.
A Director emailed me that she was going to work smarter and not drive 45 min to an hour to do an interview if she could do it at the party.  Ok that sounds good.  But what message will it send to your unit!!!!????
1- Directors don’t make enough to pay for gas…why should she move up.
2- Oh I shouldn’t drive because of the gas cost….so she won’t come to meetings.
3- I don’t make enough to pay for gas…so she will go get another job.
Seriously, 1 hour at 50 miles an hour is probably 2-3 gallons of gas which is $12 at most.  Even if you have a babysitter…you will still profit enough to pay for both plus then the recruits and reorders and future bookings are building your business.
So consolidate your errands and car pool your kids if you want to cut down on your gas bill but don’t risk your business….besides, your travel is a tax deduction.
When lettuce and coffee prices went up…did you stop eating salads and drinking coffee?  No…you just made more money to make up the difference!  So make more money. 🙂
As Directors, we are Leaders and we have to guard our words.  We need to think of the Big Picture message it sends to others.

And AS PINK TRUTHERS, we are leaders and we have to tell the whole world about this horrible opportunity known as Mary Kay. SPREAD THE WORD.

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  1. Jen

    And if lettuce and coffee goes up? So what is her freakkkin’ point? So the smart shopper looks for deals on both, of course she is not giving up essentials. (OK, coffee is debatable, lettuce not so much, but this is too petty to go over anyways). Nobody said they would stop driving, only to do the COMMON SENSE thing and combine trips for various MK activities IF possible! Where exactly is the harm in that? If someone would have mentioned that to me when I was a consultant, I would not have necessarily assumed a Direkktor doesn’t make s___t! I would have thought that was a sound idea regrdless of your financial standing, because its just doing my small part to screw BIG OIL right back. This just goes to show that SD’s and above are always looking over their shoulders, waiting for the pink ball to drop, because they know exactly how POOR and in debt they are. Sorry, but MKSD’s are pretty much all of the following: Weary, fake, frustrated, programmed, morally compromised, judgemental, and many are just spiritually bankrupt. All of them, until they wake up and get out, are just setting themselves up for failure in their finances, marriages, relationships with their friends/kids,etc. AND, most importantly, their relationship with the Lord, or however they see their higher power. Finally I have seen the value in NOT envying these women, but rather praying that each and every one of them gather their senses and their courage to give MK the big pink finger and move on to something that produces REAL ABUNDANCE in their lives. I have a good friend that fancies herself on the career fast track in MK, and she is a nice person otherwise but I can’t stand to think of how she is corrupting herself in so many ways reagrding this “business.” Alas, all I can do is pray for her. When I told her I quit MK, she is so deep in the fog that all she could do was smile that big fake smile and say, “thats’ ok, it’s just not right for you at this time. When you are ready to come back, I promis you, it wil change your life.” Oh Puhleeze.

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