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Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Mary Kay nsds Cheryl Knight Carol Lawler, Linda Toupin, and Pamela Waldrop Shaw


  1. TRACY

    Would you like a little bling with those ugly suits? (Don’t they all look tacky with those low quality MK diamonds on every finger and wrist, plus the stupid patterned pantyhose?)

  2. Scrib

    I have an EMF detector modified to identify various levels of frontloading behavior. Let’s see what happens when I pass it over this picture…

    Well shoot, I knew it was going to register something, but I wasn’t expecting the darned thing to hiss at me before exploding. 😉

  3. ttp

    That pattern is just too much. The lining of the jacket lapels looks like shiny “pleather” in the photo. There is no way to “fix” those heinous suits. And the fish-nets. What a mess.

  4. flaming go

    Is that a dead polar bear behind Pammy? And Pam, the ‘popped collar look’ is generally reserved for douchebags. I guess in your case we’ll let you do it too. Poor Cheryl can’t even lift her head up from the weight of that necklace. What would convince her to gilt her diaphram and wear it as a pin anyway?

  5. PinkSurvivor

    If the fingerprints on the touch screen phones they are ALL holding in this pic could talk,I bet they would say that all three women here were checking their account balances and clearly need to go change their stalkings.

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