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Pink Truth: Dream Stealers or Dream Bringers?

Written by Rachel

Did your sales director ever tell you, “Don’t let anyone steal your dream”? Well, that was good advice. As long as you know what your dream is. The trouble is, once you’ve spent enough time in the pink fog, it can be hard to tell the difference between your dream, and an artificial “dream” handed to you by Mary Kay, your sales director, NSD, or… well, who knows where it really came from? Once that happens, as with much else in MLM, the true words from your sales director’s mouth become a “pink lie” to trap you. They lie, by telling you that giving up Mary Kay is giving up on your dream . They may even tell you that we, here at Pink Truth, are dream stealers. But I am here to tell you: Giving up Mary Kay does not mean giving up on your dream.

In fact, for many of us, giving up MLM is the first step on the path to rediscovering our dreams. But sometimes, the next step can be so hard to see.  Mary Kay (or any MLM, for that matter) has a way of replacing our identities with false Mary-Kay-centered identities, and replacing our dreams with false, Mary-Kay-centered dreams. So, in order to move on, we have to remember who we really are , and what we really want and need in our lives.  This is one reason recovering from MLM can be so hard . But we, at PT, are here to help.

If you are recovering from Mary Kay MLM, and wondering what to do with your life now, here’s a place to begin. What attracted you to Mary Kay MLM in the first place? Did they promise you something that sounded like a dream come true? Maybe…

  • Owning your own business
  • Spending more time with children/family
  • Make friends; be involved in a supportive community
  • Ethical (God-centered) work life
  • Become more outgoing and confident

Those of us who’ve been through it, realize that MLM delivers on none of those promises. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on those goals.

Maybe, though, your goals have changed since joining MK. Maybe you joined casually, and only later came to feel it gave you a sense of purpose. Maybe you just can’t remember anymore. So here are some more questions to help you remember the real you, and rediscover your true dreams.

  1. What is the best thing you did last year? Last decade? In your whole life?
  2. What did you love to do as a child?
  3. What did you always want to do, but were too afraid (or didn’t know how) to try?
  4. What is most important in your life right now?

Give it a little time, and think about what you really need and want out of life. Then tell us about it. Tell us your dream. Ask us your questions. Share your frustration. PT is full of members who understand what you’ve been through, know all sorts of amazing things, and most of all, want to help.

There are dream stealers in real life. These are the people who tell you life is too hard; you are not capable enough. They are the people who discourage you from finding answers and overcoming obstacles. But there are also dream bringers – the people who know you are capable, and lead you to real, helpful answers. Dream bringers are happy to help you with ideas, encourage you, and show you your own strength. Do you have a dream bringer in your life?

Here at PT we have several members who own their own real businesses. We have people with a wide range of goals, and struggles, who live fulfilling lives. We’d love to talk to you, listen to your struggles, help you with ideas, point you to resources, and generally give you encouragement and advice… just because we want to help. No need to sign any contracts. No inventory to purchase. If you let us, we can be your dream bringers.


  1. Former Mk Sales Director

    I started doing MK so I could be a stay at home mom and I could serve the Lord however He would use me. 
    When I put my then 3 year old daughter in Pre-School so I could work my MK and had to give us going to bible study I realized MK had not provided that dream but stolen it from me!
    She was only in pre-school 2 months before I called corpse to give back the car and resign my unit. 

  2. scarlett

    Pink Truth is a reality check!  I started doing MK so I could quit my job and be a SAHM.  I ended up in so much debt I nearly ruined my family.  I missed my daughter's first 2 years of life because I was "working hard now so I wouldn't have to later".  I spent over 2 years building up my inventory because you "can't sell from an empty wagon" and I was tired about the SDs finding out about product changes and then encouraging (read: pushing) me to order lots of items that they knew would be discontinued.  A google search for opcoming product changes brought me to PT.  I read an article and only sold my inventory at parties while I waited to see how long it took for the lowly IBCs to be informed of the product change.  It took almost 6 months before the SD told us!  Previously, I had been ordering $200-400 a month, so that watch-and-wait that I did saved me $1200-2400!  I haven't looked back.  Getting OUT of MK helped me to reach my dream.

  3. Ne-Pink-Plus

    It seems when someone starts to dictate the direction of your dreams, they are the ones who become the dream stealers.  I am working toward a doctorate degree and all of my spare time needs to go toward studying. Anyone who tells me I can work fewer hours than full time and replace my mediocre income (not executive, but not minimum wage either), along with the cost of benefits which my employer contributes, is delusional.  
    I nearly let Mary Kay derail my dreams, but the more I looked at their false promises and questionable ethics, the more I realized that in order to truly help people (why limit myself to just women?), I needed to follow my heart, my gut, my research, my ambition, and not let anyone else's dreams of financial prosperity dictate or derail my own GOALS.
    I guess the difference between Kaybots and real people is that 98% of all Kaybots are always chasing after the elusive dream while real people understand that in order to be successful in life, it's important to have realistic goals and do the work it takes to accomplish those goals, then the dreams will fall into place.  
    "Overcoming objections" is just another MK buzzword for telling you that you don't know what's best for you, and the typical Kaybot's definition of "best for you" is whatever will fill THEIR downline and get them THEIR commission checks.

  4. NewMichele

    I'm recovering my REAL dream – of being an artist. Thanks to MK debt, I can't do tuition for art school right now, but a neighbor lady had a large selection of art books in her house and she GAVE them to me! So now I am doing lessons on my own, and working on my first portrait:  a friend lost her dog early this year. I had taken some phtotos last year and want to present her with a portriat as a Christmas present. I don't care about making money on it, I just want to capture on paper what she lost (and in the process recapture what "I" lost in 2 years in the pink fog!

  5. cindylu

    MK does indeed steal dreams. In telling us we are running our own business, they did us a huge disservice. Everywhere we turn there was no way to advertise or really sell the products. A company that has used the same format for decades has become obsolete. In order to keep the false dream alive, this fake company has many Directors stand in front of others lying about their success. The only one’s making any money joined MK when she was still alive and door to door sales & parties were relevant. The men at Corp don’t care about the thousands of consultants stuck with second rate over priced products very few want at full price. After I quit I was stuck in the pink fog and wondered where the dream of being a well paid National had gone. The dream of a caring company with leaders that cared about women was shattered. I was relieved to get rid of product and finally not have that albatross of stalking women to deal with daily. No more silly parties, no more fake retreats, seminars and phoney training. The only thing left was the realization of time lost with small children, wasted money and a company with even NSD’s who were lying. THank you pink truth for bringing this phoney mlm cult into the light of day. I went on to better careers and great pay with benefits. I cringe at how gullible I was to believe that this company might actually care about women and have a Christian belief system. Instead they are predators and con artists.

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