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Mary Kay Product Changes Through the Years: Miracle Set

Written by PinkPunch

Here are Mary Kay's formula and packaging changes to the Miracle Set from Winter 2003 through June 2009.

Winter 2003 (Products were current to March 2004): 1 formula of the 3 in 1 Cleanser and moisturizer (all skin types), gold caps on the day and night solutions and gray caps on foundations.
Summer 2004 (3 months after last current products): Caps on the day and night solution change to silver.

Winter 2004: Formula changes in the 3 and 1 cleansers and moisturizers

Spring 2005: Caps on foundation change from gray to pink
Spring 2006: Package change and formula change with day and night solution. (3 different day and night solutions, already)
Summer 2009: Complete package change on the Miracle set except for the foundations.

So let's recap…. From March 2004 until June 2009 (5 years 3 months) there have been:

  • 4 different day and night solutions (so 3 changes)
  • 3 different 3 in 1 cleansers and moisturizers (2 changes)
  • 2 different foundation caps (1 change)

So just with Mary Kay's Miracle Set, we've seen 6 different changes.Of course, thiis does not include all of the other products changes like the compacts, make-up, concealers, eye primers, microdermabrasion and many, many more!

Here's something else to think about: When a REAL cosmetics company changes their product packaging, they always change the whole line at once. They do not spread it out for a year. Sure, Mary Kay will say that they are trying to help the consultants, but think about the thousands of consultants who just ordered a large inventory package a month before EACH change! Food for thought.


  1. Scrib

    What a WASTE.  I am unable to see the logic behind the gold-to-silver cap change in such a short time.  I mean, these people sit around the big pink conference table, brainstorm, and actually plan these changes before putting them into effect, right?  (At least, I'd like to think so)  Even something as simple as a cap change takes time, money, and resources, all of which are wasted when the product ends up being discontinued a short time later.  But hey, let's keep doing it because we have money to burn, baby, and the consultants will shoulder the cost themselves!  Man, this is the life, ain't it, Richard?  Momma would be SO proud.  Now pass me some more of that bald eagle pate – what?  Naw, I don't need a plate.  Ryan's got an albino tiger pelt I can use.   
    The environmentalists need to ride Mary Kay Corporate's case into the ground.

  2. scarlett

    I think the latest packaging looks gaudy and plasticky.  I thought MK products were supposed to be in white jars so they would be "pretty enough to leave on the bathroom counter".  

  3. Linus

    Since the consultants are the best customers of MK Corp., it makes sense that they would continue to drive the need to purchase by changing packaging..   It also slimy marketing and immoral in my eyes.

  4. Deflated Pink Bubble

    The last change from white to pink did me in.  There was no warning.  I had a ton of product in white on my shelves and even after a year, I still had some.  Customers wanted the new pink packaging even though the product inside was the same. I had already rode thru the compact change, lipstick and lipgloss change and tons of color changes.  Then they discontinued most of the spa products of which I had a bunch and I threw up my hands and threw in the towel.  I was done.

    1. Vanessa

      I completely understand.  I bought $3,000 worth of product in the beginning just to be hit with the new black and pink packaging.  Then my sales director wanted me to sell my products at half price to get rid of them and buy more.  I was doomed from the start.

  5. Embracethis

    I think there was one more TW Cleanser package before the first one showed here.  Remember the cleanser in the hard plastic bottle that you could barely squeeze? I had quite a few of those!
    All of those packaging/formula changed really ticked me off! I would s t r e t c h at the end of the quarter at my directors urging and than *poof* my inventory was outdated.  Argh.  Also, wasnt there an alternative TW moisurizer at some point with SPF? I can't remember…

  6. morningstar

    This is so telling of how fogged I was, chasing after plastic color caps to be cool in MK. Spending thousands of dollars –  Wow for plastic caps.  Customers still talk about the timewise cleanser moisterizer split into 2 formulas, as they preferred the single formula.  All the supplement face products are mind boggling and the ingredients list is not pretty, read the serum yesterday as I gave it away -gracious!

  7. thinkonthis

    I don’t remember witch change I got “caught” in but there was this big challenge to sell/buy 10 miracle sets. I did it thinking that I would sell them at a future date. Then they changed there formula and I was stuck with them. My director told me to sell them and not tell the costumer that there was a new formula. I was a poor and very honest college student. I couldn’t not tell my costumers that there was a better formula out there. I never sold some of them. Same with the spa lotions I ended up trashing them because they got to old.

  8. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

    I looked up my director of the unit I was in on Unitnet. I saw the TimeWise Miracle set being sold for $157.00. I thought it was $90? I also saw the TRIAL I gave away to any customer I had for $40!Gah! I feel like an idiot getting involved. Also, even the UPS guy when he delivered my $600 I thought inventory told me NOT to get involved. Send it back! He told me he could bring it back for me. There sure was a lot of boxes for only a mere $600 in inventory I told the person who recruited me! Also, it took some time for my inventory to arrive as well, I already attended 3 “skin care classes” by the time I got it! I thought that was very strange, it taking that long.

  9. nadia m

    I have tried other brands (even Mary Kay) and I will only use the Made from Earth Vitamin Firming Serum from now on. I have combination skin (oily in the T zone, dry elsewhere) and I am extremely prone to acne, blackheads, and blemishes. This firming serum is wonderful. I love it. It feels lightweight, absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, and has a light rosey smell that does dissipate once its absorbed. I find that I have less break outs when I use this before I apply make up. I am purchasing more for my mom and friends.

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