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  1. NeverWasPink

    You know what? By this point in their careers here they’re in for about the same a full college education so sure, let them have a ceremony.. the lack of diploma shouldn’t bother anyone though. Not with those snazzy jackets instead!

    1. beebee

      Utterly absurd. I don’t know what the MK culture–meetings, red jackets, conventions—have to do with owning your own business except to indoctrinate.

      Don’t sell MK, but if you still decide to, skip the meetings and all of this other BS.

      I am embarrassed for these women.

  2. MLM Radar Detector

    A truly beautiful woman maintains perfect posture at all times, and now our newly minted Red Jackets will demonstrate by strolling through the room demonstrating perfect posture. Starting with our two on the outside, now. Back straight. Chin level. Shoulders back. Cue the music. And proceed….

    See ladies, this is how it’s done. You attract women who want to be beautiful by being beautiful Mary Kay women yourselves. Applause, please, everyone. Applause. Wonderful. Wonderful.

  3. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

    YAY! You Graduated into a Red Jacket, and going to reach Bankruptcy levels much faster now! We do not have diplomas….yet, but when we do, you know you will have to pay for it!

  4. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

    I cannot beelieve how racist my Sales Director is! When she picked up her caddy, she said “Mary Kay is not all about little old white ladies anymore! So much has changed, EDIT now women like me, EDIT of color, EDIT have taken over!”
    This woman was pretty in a weird way. She had very light skin, maybe Native American, I thought, but lighter. Green eyes, and TONS of freckles on her face. She was as as white as me! I thought my friend was kidding me when she showed me the Fayetteville observer, with NOTHING edited. NOW, it is ALL edited out, but not the little old whit lady.
    I detest Racism. I LOVE diversity. I love different cultures, and I truly hate this woman for what she said!

  5. advertisingchick

    “Here is your 25 cent cap for the ceremony. What, where is the jacket? Oh you have to purchase that. There are some beautiful ones on MK connections, only like $50!”

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