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Caption This Mary Kay Photo: The New NSD Suit (2012-13)

It is supposed to be a privilege to wear the NSD suit. Let’s caption this photo accordingly!


  1. morningstar

    Garish! Just grab the purse on the shelf and good to go……….but ‘where to’ in this monstrosity? Does not fit any social occasion on the planet. Is it fuzzy? Is it metal? Who wears this stuff? Oh yeah NSD’s.

  2. Scrib

    “It was more of a spontaneous thing than anything – a friendly bet, a girlish wager. Here we were on the NSD trip to Detroit and we’re in the cab driving past, like, the thousandth abandoned building we’ve seen that day. NSD Toupin looks out the window and sees this Hispanic guy selling blankets out of the back of his van. I mean, he had these things draped all over the fire hydrants and light poles and everything. Elvis blankets, Justin Bieber blankets, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the whole ball of wax.

    So Toupin elbows me in the gut and goes, “Truth or dare.” Being the adventurous type, I’m like, “Dare!” She goes, “Dare you to buy three of those blankets and make a suit out of them. And you have to use the Star Wars ones.”

    I bought the freaking blankets for $5 apiece, got my underpaid maid to sew it up after the trip, and this was the result. Toupin can go suck it long and hard because I FOUND A WAY MADE A WAY, BABY – BOOYAH!”

    1. NeverWasPink

      Ha, well when the “truth” question was “show us your Schedule C.. you know, just among us NSD’s” she just HAD to take the dare, I bet!! 😉

      funny caption Scrib…

      p.s. I like the slammin’ haircut and pose… NSD must stand for “No S***, Dawg!”

  3. Oh, Dear God in Heaven!!!

    All I ever saw (until just now) was a 1″x1″ swatch of material.

    THAT is what I was aiming to wear (and God help me) PAY for?

    “The goal hasn’t changed, just the due date.” Oh, NO, honey..The goal HAS changed…The goal is CANCELLED!!!


  4. Mi Ki

    ‘The Mary Kay Mobile Moth Farm comes with 1/2 ounce Starter Larvae ($16), .22 oz pre-fertilised seeds ($7.95), .38 oz Neck Rash Goop ($27.50) and a Pink Swatter ($47.00). Matching no-breathe hose come in 2 colours: Used Toner or Industrial Sludge ($6.47).’

  5. pinknewb

    oh dearest kim how itchy that horrible looking pot scrubber must be to wear. you should have one of your directors fetch you a new almighty leader suit immediatly. seriously this one is a real shark got my wife.

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