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Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. Onceapinkhead

    I don’t have a caption (yet!), but I’m struck by the complete lack of emotion in her eyes. It’s like they’re vacant. The big, wide-open smile, holding what appears to be a Visa card, but there’s nothing in her eyes.


    1. exibc78

      I agree. I was with my favorite musical artist and when we asked if we could take pictures with him he of course said yes. For my BF they did the Tough guy look. For my picture he said “Lets look surprised” . Because I was with one of my idols you can see, even in the dark club, the sparkle in my eye. Same pose, completely different feeling when you look at it. The eyes show everything.

  2. MLM Radar Detector

    [Background note: Mardi Gras parade time is almost here, and those ticky-tacky beads they’re wearing look like ‘throws’ they got from a parade float. New Orleans Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold.]

    “Purple Jacket – Gold Card – I get the Green!!!

    Yea!!! Throw me somethin’, mister!!!”

  3. flaming go

    Awww…look! Justin Bieber just got his first credit card. Gonna go use it to finish the rest of his ‘Justine’ look.

    Seriously… that haircut doesn’t look good on guys… much less MK ladies.

    1. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

      I think it is a Pixie cut? Not many people can pull it off. I have tried several times to get a pixie cut, and I was given several wigs to put on to see if I could, but sadly I cannot get a Pixie cut.
      But her stylist saw “dollar signs in her eyes” and gave her a pixie cut, and she is one of many people that it does not look right on!


    OMG! Now I can order for my team and keep pretending that I’m a successful business woman! Plus I can finish paying for this ugly @$$ Purple Joker Suit they make me wear!
    (forgive the language but that is the only way I can describe it. They could at least tone down the color or something.)

  5. Deflated Pink Bubble

    I maxed it out to get this cool purple suit.. What do you mean they are changing it to black? I can’t afford to get another one in black? All I have room for on this card is a 12 inch subway sandwich and a half a muffin! That’s 3 meals right?

  6. MLM Radar Detector

    I just saw one of these live and in person! A real Mary Kay lady wearing a fluorescent purple jacket with ticky-tacky black and silver beads.

    Think this outfit is outlandish in the picture? In a business office building this looks like a clown suit.

  7. Jennie

    My mother in law claims to make a “ton of money, provide family vacations, college educations and multiple new homes”. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I didn’t think filing for bankruptcy multiple times and having creditors calling your daughter in law looking for you are characteristics of a solid career. BTW my husband and I pay his student loans. Even though I must admit I tried MK for a year and realized I don’t need cheap fake pearls, bee pins and an ugly ass red jacket to feel like a successful women.

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