Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. MLM Radar Detector

    Gaakkk! My first thought was, Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

    Here,’s the latest in Mary Kay equipment, to prowl crowded shopping malls – FAST – trolling for recruits.

    It needs a trailer hitch for the inventory wagon.

    1. Dazzling Diva Dana

      Oh that is HYSTERICAL! Scenerio:
      *Beep, beep… kindly get out of my way… I see a ‘sharp woman’ over in the Bingo parlor at the Old Age Home…*

  2. The newest “free car” offer for IBCs! It will only cost you $100,000.00 + all available credit, every friendship you’ve ever had, and your dignity…! But it’s worth it, because it’s free, right? And gosh darn it, it’s so dang cute! You know you want to earn the right to use this beauty of a vehicle! Come on down, ladies. You, too, will be the envy of the neighborhood!

  3. Shooterchic

    ok I have to admit it…minus the MK thing it is kind or cute. I dont think I would use it, but I could imagine a bunch of older women loving the bright color. At least its more interesting then the drab gray and black ones.

  4. DivaDove

    If I saw this thing coming, I’d run like hell.
    According to the photo, it’s a Segway.
    A Segway only has two wheels.
    Figures that the MK version would be a fakity fake, just like the MK version of everything else.

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