Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. NoMo MK

    I’ll tell you what it DOESN’T look like, it doesn’t look like a room in the home of someone who makes an executive level income!!! What’s with that tv and crappy furniture?!?!

  2. Deflated Pink Bubble

    “A perfectly good example of wasted space!” That could be a really nice room and it’s being used as a store room for old Mary Kay product. Look at all the Signature stuff on there.. Lots hot pink boxes.. and White Time Wise boxes.. So much outdated product.

    I’d bet she’s really proud of this room too…

  3. Kittycatt

    “Wouldn’t you like to have a room like this in your basement?” Just think, this is the room where she probably takes all her new recruits and convinces them that this is glamorous. That all those products sitting there are a GOOD thing and something to be proud of.

  4. Mi Ki

    Hmmm. No books, no photos, no artwork, no music, no toys, no pet toys, no pets, no sporting equipment, no newspapers, no magazines, no way to sit down with even one friend, no coat, no fire, no men’s socks strewn around, no coffee cup, no crossword puzzles, no sudoku, no work boots, no tennis shoes, no handmade valentines, no signs of love.

    My caption is “The gas Emmkeh-Kozmetik seeps into the holes in the prisoner’s life and will do its work within fourteen hours.”

  5. bellaone

    “I finally kicked my son out of the basement so I could have my very own Mary Kay Room! Here dreams are built! Yes, the walls are actually mattresses (the stained side not showing, darn that son of mine, so like his father) but in this space, MY space, my dream of NSD will come true!”

  6. JOB4me2

    “When’s my next “Love Check”?

    I don’t mind saying that I don’t get this room. Basements usually don’t have a fireplace with a hearth, but who partitions their living room like that. Bookshelves on the fireplace? And what the heck are the “walls” made of? Weird.

  7. Lynn

    “Grandma, you know that antique doll collection you used to have in the basement? Well the bad news is, I sold them. But the GOOD news is what’s in there now will really make us RICH!!”

    1. mitdemherz

      The way you wrote this made me think of Jack and the Beanstalk. At least Jack and the Beanstalk panned out though. Pretty sad when fairytales are more successful than reality.

  8. Mi Ki

    It’s all so impossibly sad. Most women would shy away from spontaneously renting an empty storefront in their town and filling it with products from major brands; they’d know that “Josie’s Makeup Store” might not do well enough to carry on. And that’s on Main Street, in the middle of town!! With wonderful, enduring brands!

    How is it that so many of these same women imagine that calling some bunker beneath their homes “Josie’s Makeup Store” is going to make for *better* outcomes?

    There’s no doubt that MK plays on women’s shame, with peculiar strands of greed and arrogance braided in. But MLMs make their plays on what our values are. If they sniff that we can be made to value endless opportunism and tawdry display, they’ll jump on it. And let’s not forget that some of the very same creatures manipulating and abusing women in Mary Kay have also got tentacles in the non-MLM world.

    Our power comes in NOT valuing that tripe–in NOT making our every action, our every thought, revolve around getting or spending.

    1. MLM Radar Detector

      What’s even sadder is that MK encourages Josie to overload her basement shelves with MK makeup, but absolutely refuses to let her rent an empty storefront on the next street and display that merchandise for sale to the public.

      If this truly was “Josie’s own business” shouldn’t she be able to do that?

      1. Mi Ki

        Absolutely, MLM Radar Detector.

        It’s like we’d had a conspiracy of thieves ready to take advantage of people’s desires for home ownership–and parallel sets of thieves have now evolved, taking advantage of people’s desires for business ownership. In both cases real “ownership” is a total mirage.

  9. Flaming go

    One chair. Either the consultant doesn’t expect any customers, or this is some kind of twisted Mary Kay torture chamber. “SIGN THE AGREEMENT OR YOU”LL BE GETTING TIMEWISE IN YOUR EYES NEXT, SALLY!”

  10. morniingstar

    This is timely. Thanks to many people at PT I cleared out all MK inventory and gave it to charity last week! It is sooo exciting to have space back. Did not have too much, but still is crud in the basement. Again, ladies take your house back, if you stay in MK let corporate be YOUR distributor, as said before, let thme hold your inventory!

  11. pinksallout

    “I could have redecorated but bought inventory instead”.

    Puke. Makes me think of the many times I ‘found a way, made a way’ to order more product instead of doing something to benefit my family or home.

  12. gotheart

    Puke. Makes me think of the many times I ‘found a way, made a way’ to order more product instead of doing something to benefit my family or home.

    Me too pinksallout..

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