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  1. Gooberoon

    “Are you a find a way, make it happen girl? I don’t care if you have to get SS#’s from dead relatives, make it happen!!”

    “Oh Suzi, I BEE-lieve in YOU!”

  2. MLM Radar Detector

    One name, one call, one party…. 10 guests, $300 sales, 5 referrals.

    Two names, two calls, two parties…. 20 guests, $600 sales, 10 referrals.

    Three names, three calls, three parties…. 30 guests, $900 sales, 15 referrals.

    See how easy this is? You can do it too!

  3. Bethiepoo

    Observe the wild 10-point Pinkxecutive in her natural habitat. Notice her tired-looking eyes from staring at sales figures, her fake smile from having to smile during every blasted phone conversation, her planner at the ready for facial scheduling and every opportunity listed for recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. All that is impressive, yes, but most impressive of all is her perfectly arranged rack. Sheer perfection, I must say.

  4. D

    I am writing as to my predicament my significant other has been selling this stuff for three+ years she quit her job so sell this stuff with the promise of great return if I would back her til it got going me being the caretaker I am fought my reluctant attitude and gave her 35’000 to start her business and help her pay bills till it got off the ground immediatly the credit carsd were maxed out to buy inventory i paid them off to the tune of 15,000 and went on about our business the next month credit card statement on my personal account was maxed out again and our joint savings account had withdrawals of 4000 to 6000 a month for her so called bills every time i asked where the money went she would tell me our bills and then i would see all the bills utility and mortgage come out of my personal debit account evry time i ask where the money goes i get excuses and none of your business answers I am at the point where all my savings and my personal accounts are drained and my credit card is maxed out again with charges for 1700 or more a month directly to mary kay and even charged my card for her plane tickets to mary kay convention when we have any time together she is always on her phone texting or emailing saying its just business and if i dont like it I am free to leave. This is the worst obsessive behavior I can imagine I was disabled due to a car accident and had a insurance settlement that helped me to catch up on some of the medical bills and to give me some financial security but that has been drained away by the behavior that mary kay has instilled in her i have kept up with the household bills but the steady drain of my finances has me down to selling off of all my personal belongings and will have to go back to work even with my disability (back and neck fusion and total shoulder replacement) the only option I have is too leave this destructive relationship and start over I am not a quiter but at what point do I leave because this mary kay thing is the most important thing in her life ( she says I will go before mary kay goes) I am at the end of my wits trying figure out a solution she tells me that all her mary kay buddies say that if I can’t accept her life with this thing that she should dump me and find someone who is more supportive of her business if her business is so great why am I the one out tens of thousands of dollars (almost 60 thousand a year since this started not counting the household bills that I pay 100% of I see a lot of comments both from disgruntled spouses and former MK consultants where do I turn for help with this problem or do I just quit give up and consider my relationship a total mary kay failure any help or advice would be appreciated

    1. MLM Radar Detector

      That’s heartbreaking.

      1. Cut off her access to your bank accounts. Today. Change the account numbers, cancel her cards, open new accounts in your name only… Do something to protect yourself, because she’s not going to stop squeezing you until there’s nothing left.

      2. Are you married? If not, see a lawyer ASAP. Someone who is not your wife should not have the right to just help herself to your money. You may be able to sue her to get your money back.

      3. If you are married, see a lawyer anyway and find out what you can do to protect yourself financially. Filing for separation or divorce is one possibility, but the lawyer may give you other options. You’ll find out what your state’s laws are, what you are responsible for paying, and what she is responsible for paying.

      4. Collect all the bank account paperwork showing all the money you gave her, or she took, from your accounts, and (if you know) whether it was used for mortgage, household expenses, or Mary Kay.

      But first, cut off her access to your money. Do that TODAY.

      Anyone who spends that much on Mary Kay has a boatload of unsold Mary Kay inventory in her possession. There is absolutely no reason for you to sell off your personal property to pay debts, when what SHOULD be sold (or returned to Mary Kay for refund) is that Mary Kay inventory.

      If I were you, and she was taking my money without permission, I would have absolutely no qualms about taking that entire Mary Kay inventory (which she bought with my money) and listing it for sale myself on eBay or CraigsList.

  5. Some Random Anon

    My first thought was, “Betty White portrays Mary Kay in a hot new biopic!” and I felt kind of bad about that because Betty White is obviously a much better woman than Mary Kay, but when I thought about it, it could be a chance to portray Mary Kay as the callous asshole she probably was. Now I’m sad that couldn’t be a real movie. :/

    1. Irvina

      The sad part about it is that they preach to have GOd first in this busines which is a lie, Betty White is an icon lady that i have so much respect for as she a blont person.

  6. fauxmccoy

    “I ordered the ‘pink princess’ phone’ … now where the hell is it?”

    (note to anybody — i have tried to register on the forum, but am not receiving any confirmation email and nothing in spam folder — please help)

  7. lovenigma

    I have to defend MK at this point…. honestly the woman started her cosmetic career with the idea of helping women to succeed for at that time in history women were under appreciated and not acknowledged in any way. She took her experience of “top sales person” for a company that awarded her a “man’s prize” for her efforts and started a company in her own home to try and change this for other women willing to put forth the effort and be rewarded. Over the years her dream grew and GREW…. beyond her control… bring in the major hitters that see an opportunity and the MLM scheme takes off. Yes, she was involved up to the very end… but people recognize, she was then being force fed the “ultimate dream” that everyone else was receiving – she is getting nothing but praise and adoration from thousands upon thousands of women that have become “kbots” – she sees their enthusiasm at Seminar, experiences their “worship” of her company and dream…. she feels her efforts have paid off. I worked side by side with this woman and experienced her humbleness and gratitude first hand. I also witnessed this woman’s graciousness and sincerity towards her sales force…. she was an extraordinary person and deserves respect. Mind you…. I’m not saying the MLM or the corporate machine behind it all…. I’m saying her. I worked in the R&D side of things – never a consultant – and like 98% of the rest of the company – we dreaded Seminar too. P.S. I’m right in the midst of this year’s Seminar – I work for one of the hotels that house these thousands upon thousands of women – we ALL dread it….. and just yesterday for the first Awards night ceremony I witnessed one of the attendees going to Awards dressed as tinkerbell – wings included!!!!

    1. TRACY

      Lovenigma – Mary Kay may have started with the right intentions, but she ended up with the worst of intentions. Through the years she became a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She KNEW that 99% or more of the sales force was losing money, but still touted her company as a great opportunity. She knew EXACTLY what it meant to be an MLM… that nearly everyone loses so that a few people at the top can get rich. The people at the top sell the dream to keep the victims coming.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      “the woman started her cosmetic career with the idea of helping women to succeed”
      No, she started it because she wanted to be at the top of a company.

      She is the root cause for many of the bad practices in Mary Kay – the phony contests, the cheap prizes, the backstabbing status wars, the whole phony tear-jerking I-story crap.

      She lied, and the company lied with her. She was not the brave little single mum, struggling to support three kids selling housewares … she had seven husbands, not three.

      She married the district manager of Stanley Home products … married her boss. But that’s left out of the Mary Kay story – because marrying your boss and living next top the country club isn’t inspirational enough.

      Heck, she wasn’t even the poor little child caring for an invalid dad with an absent mum … her dad is listed in the US census as being a salesman.

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