Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Mary Kay national sales director Gillian Ortega and Cruella de Vil. Can you tell who is who? Leave your caption in the comments below.



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    1. MLM Radar

      That link above is the Maleficent picture. Check the color palette.

      It never occurred to me that Maleficent used Mary Kay makeup, but that could explain a lot of things about her.

  2. Chessie

    I agree with 99.9% of the info this website puts out. But I think this picture lowers the standards to a “mean girl” expression. People do need to have the accurate information about the “marketing plan” of MK, but let’s not sink to this level.

    1. oshunanat

      I would agree, except that she’s priding herself on being a professional and looks anything but. That’s not to say that there aren’t pros at MAC or at MUFE that have on a ton of make-up too, but the difference is that there make-up is applied properly and in a flattering way.

      Ortega? Not so much.

      The thing is, if she kept the eyeshadow to the lid and wore something more neutral from the crease to the browline and cut the amount of eyeliner in half and filled in her brows a bit less, she could actually look really nice. As it is, for someone marketing herself as someone capable of teaching other women to apply make-up she looks a fool.

      Comparing this picture to Cruella just highlights the difference between a bunch of make-up applied well (Cruella) and poorly (her)

      1. Susan


        You hit the nail on the head. Ortega isn’t in Mary Kay so that she can teach other women how to apply makeup. She (and other NSDs) are in MK to sell an opportunity, front – load inventory to fresh meat and have a “lifestyle”. Ortega’s lack of cosmetic application skills drives that fact home.

  3. justwow

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      1. Jessica

        All of the NSDs are egomaniacs. But Gillian Ortega is the worst of them all.So many of her videos on youtube are of her opening her gifts in front of consultants and rubbing their face in it. I get sick when I watch the video where she makes (“allows”) one of her minions to open her package for a directors trip. As if it’s not bad enough that the consultant went into debt placing orders so Ortega could go on the trip. Now she has to open her mail as well?

        1. TRACY

          I found the hair video funny. EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW HOW I MAKE MY HAIR SO AMAZING!!! Listen… if you’re using a bump-it or anything close to it, your hair is not amazing and NO ONE should copy it.

          1. Jessica

            Copy my hairdo! You’ll be sugar sharp and won’t have to re-do your hair for three days! You too can look like a reject Texas high school homecoming queen!

            You know who else teases her hair every three days? My grandma.

            No thanks.

            1. sonotpink

              I just can’t believe any modern professional woman would wear her hair that way on a daily basis. for a wedding or special occassion, yes. But not to work everyday. And how in heck does it last for three days? Does the woman not shower or sleep?

            2. 15yearspink

              (1) What decade was this pic made??!! I haven’t seen eyes like that since, what, the late ’80s?

              (2) Jessica, you just slandered “reject Texas high school homecoming queens” everywhere. And our numbers are legion. Sniff, sniff

        2. PinkfanbutnoMKfan

          That woman was so egotistical I could barely stomach it. And all those women clamoring around the car like it was the best thing in the world to see.

          My old director earned her Cadillac because she had convinced probably 5 to 6 women to order $3600 + wholesale. she had 3 red jackets (when I was in that I recall) one of whom went into DIQ because her family signed up to sell just to her qualified in time. I don’ think she made it and she dropped out. I see her old office assistant has gone into DIQ multiple times and is unable to finish.

          When I remember seeing the car I did think it was pretty cool and the SD did ask me to take pictures… now I look back and laugh at how dumb it was to fan over a gas guzzling vehicle.

    1. Scrib

      “I had a professional video made as my gift back to you…”

      TRANSLATION: Thanks for ordering when you probably didn’t have to, but did anyway in an effort to get me to stop haranguing you! While you’ll never drive the car you helped me “win,” be sure to enter next month’s contest where you can have a chance to ride to the grocery store with me in the back seat! And as a special “thank-you,” I got my son to throw something together in between his onomatopoeia-stuffed internet coaching monologues.

      Love, Gillian. BOOM

  4. Scrib

    Once again, I’m laughing because of what recruiters are told to say to potential MK recruits who object with “Why should I join MK? I don’t wear makeup!”

    “Would you be surprised to learn that many of our most successful consultants and Directors don’t really wear a lot of makeup — but they are committed to good skin care?”

    NSD Ortega appears to be really, REALLY committed to good skin care.

  5. Nichole

    Since mk eyeshadow isn’t that pigmented, do you think she tells her downline to just use a whole pan on each eye (rather than admitting that she uses a different brand altogether)?

  6. NeverPink

    I also had to laugh on the FB comments, that one person posted that she can’t wait to take Gillian’s car for a test drive. Who thinks that will ever happen? ha ha

  7. Siri

    It says on her website that she has ‘won’ ten cars; I assume that means she’s driving the most recent one, and the rest she’s either sold or given tofamily members. When you win something, it’s yours to keep, right? No? Run that by us again, Gillian?

  8. NeverPink

    I also had to laugh that at one part of the video, when Vince Jr, Gillian’s son, is standing near his mom, they are talking about two women that basically helped watch Vince when he was younger so that Gillian could run her MK business. How ironic IS THAT? I thought MK made it possible to be a SAH mom but they admit on her video, that she had to have other women help raise her son because she was gone so much doing her MK business. I laughed out loud. Did anyone else catch that?

    1. Scrib

      Yep, I did!

      “We always talk about how you guys sacrifice at the beginning to get to the place where you want to be, right? So Wanda and Teneille, they hooked me up for Mom when I was growing up so she could go out and work her business…” ~Vincent Ortega Jr.

      MK is all about “God First, Family Second, Career Third?” NOPE

  9. jolie

    Yes i caught that, I thought career was third?….Ive watched a ton of youtubes videos on MK, Gillians take the cake, What an empty, decetiful narcisstic family!

  10. notapartyfan

    She even looks worse in the video (it that’s possible). Good grief. She’s made up like a clown! That is not an exaggeration, if you haven’t already, check out the video. Makes me wonder what the sales people thought. They had to get a huge chuckle out of that get-up. Yeah, I know they don’t care if you have 3 heads as long as they’re selling cars, but really – there had to be some major snickering and cellphone snapshots going on that day. I’m just so taken back by what she looks like I couldn’t possibly focus on anything she has to say.

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