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Caption This Mary Kay Photo



  1. Jessica

    Mary Kay: Have products, will pimp.
    Please buy some of this stuff so we can afford my husband’s surgery. The credit cards are already maxed out.

  2. Tigger

    That IS a doctor’s office, isn’t it? Oh, my word. I got so sick of having to push my products EVERYWHERE. It became so embarrassing. Could sense those who knew me turing away when I approached. Very hard to take.

    Really feeling sorry for this woman, In her other life, she looks like she is a great gal.

    In today’s world where doctors have life 12 seconds per patient, she’s gonna have to talk really fast.

    1. LaVonne Carter

      This picture is so sad. Reducing yourself to peddling your MK wares at a hospital.

      That being said, here is my caption:

      “James dear, after your catheter is inserted let the nurse know we have some Satin Hands!”

  3. MLM Radar

    Her surroundings are perfect. LOLOL.

    Large-mouth trash can, lined, with lid… CHECK!

    Hazardous material spill clean-up kit… CHECK!

    Rubber glove dispenser… CHECK!

    Emergency response team call button… CHECK!

    Curtain to hide carnage from view… CHECK!

    OK, everyone. Bring in the Mary Kay lady!

  4. AesSedai

    This makes me so sad. Bless her heart, sitting in a hospital room all day in heels and hose and makeup, toting that stupid, heavy bag around all day, with her attention split. I just hurt for them, and for the peace and control over their lives they don’t even realize they are missing.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    CAPTION: Mary Kay ladies, ignoring personal and professional boundaries everywhere they go.

    Hospitals are to alleviate suffering, not enable it.

  6. Caption:
    Pimpin’ and Pushin’ the Pink Poison!

    Your husband is going in for surgery.
    Instead of wasting time with lotions and potions,
    how about some prayer time or inspirational reading?
    As my favorite Jewish friend say, “It’s like chicken soup. It couldn’t hurt.”
    antique rose

  7. Scrib

    Wow! I’ve never seen a more clearer example of “God First, Family Second, Career Third” in action in my ENTIRE LIFE.

    Seriously, this is so grossly and awkwardly inappropriate. 🙁

  8. Deflated Pink Bubble

    “Life threatening surgery? I won’t let that little thing take time from my Mary Kay business!”

    SICK. Really SICK. That’s the pink kool aide for ya. Keep drinking that crap and you’ll have no morals at all. Just like this woman. Ugh..

    If she were my friend or family member and she showed up in my hospital room like that, I’d throw her butt out and never speak to her again.

    The nerve of some people.

    1. DLPSOY

      Is this photo really taken in a Hospital ROOM?

      I thought it was taken in a BATHROOM????

      IMO, bathrooms are the most appropriate MARY KAY hawking spaces.

  9. Gooberoon

    “Excuse me dr., but they said that I would be enjoying my stay here in the hospital in one of those padded rooms…there must be some sort of mistake?”

    I’m sorry, but I never did anything like this or taught anyone in my former unit to do so…she looks certifiably insane! Would you approach this woman or take her seriously if she approached you?? I think NOT!

  10. RT

    I remember the first MK CD that I listened to and that IBC said that she worked on baskets as her husband was in surgery. I thought that sounded sort of nuts. I then rationalized that she have been trying it keep herself busy, but I agree, this is when MK goes too far.

  11. RT

    Caption: I know that I can sell this stuff in a hospital, where people are thinking about Mary Kay products as they lie in their beds! If I don’t sell ALL of these products, then it is MY failure.

  12. Amanda

    If she had a regular job with insurance, she wouldn’t have to “sell, sell, sell” for her procedure or stay.

    Thinking of- when this Obamacare comes into play and they have to pay for insurance, how much more expensive will the products become to the costumes and MK sellers to keep them afloat?

  13. Debra

    OMG. I went to her Facebook page to look through her pictures. Its awful. My God the pressure they must face on a daily basis. One of the contests was to sell $24 every hour for 24 hours. Then there was the “Mascarathon” Sell Mascara and Mascara remover to 10 people. Ugh I am sick to my stomach. These are women bringing down other women one mascara at a time!

  14. Debra

    Pulled from Donna’s Public Facebook Page- Notice the “You want to keep helping me to earn one!!” Double exclamation point, not a question but a statement. – Donna doesn’t want to earn one herself she wants her team to earn her one. Nice.

    Even Facebook seems to be celebrating Mary Kay’s introduction of the black Ford Mustang as a career car.
    4 people like this.

    Maryellen Hilpert you need one Donna!
    March 20, 2012 at 7:28pm

    Donna Himpler Sutton Amanda this must be telling us to hurry up!!
    March 20, 2012 at 7:31pm via mobile

    Donna Himpler Sutton I sure do Maryellen!! You want to keep helping me to earn one!! Plus Mary Kay pays 85% of the insurance!!!
    March 20, 2012 at 7:33pm via mobile

    Amanda Killian Booth Yes girl. We are on it!!!!
    March 20, 2012 at 8:19pm

  15. princess lea

    , is there any reason why we cant get together after this little procedure for some pampering??? You will just love the new blah blah blah. And Im in a challenge to facial 50 of the sharpest women I know, and I though of you (cant imagine why)! Isnt that exciting? I cant wait to earn my plastic beaded stretchy bracelet…

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