Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Caption This Mary Kay Photo

This, my friends, is a Mary Kay business meeting involving both a national sales director and a sales director. No wonder there is so much success in Mary Kay Cosmetics!



  1. Grrtingoutofdebt

    Linda Toupin saying….”Now, say.. I’m not a chicken, I’m not a chicken, I’m not a chicken three times a day in the mirror” Okay, ladies that is your training for the night, please leave your $ 20.00 at the door and don’t forget to tell the world how awesome I am on Facebook.

        1. Freefrmpink

          I still can’t believe I fell for this bull for 18 year! What a waste. I lean on Romans 8:28 to keep me grounded. I’m having an angry moment right now. I still have a crazy chicken in my garage. When I return home that’s one of the first things I want to burn.

  2. Tigger

    Boy, do I feel stupid for not realizing that ‘THIS’ was what they meant by having a ‘slammin’ hair cut. Mine was a regular ‘do.’ No wonder I never got anywhere in this biz.

  3. er

    I have been to one Mary Kay event in my life, in Dallas (of course!). I was 14 and they had just launched a perfume called What A Girl Wants (yes, Christina Aguilera’s song). My friend’s mom was selling it and invited me and my sister to go because we were “young and hip!”… after a boring two hours of hearing about the new products and how great MK was they invited all the teen girls invited to get up and sing along to, you guessed it, What A Girl Wants. In front of a room full of Texas soccer moms… I’ve blocked that memory out for years until this pic! Ugh.

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