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dave-ramsey-sucksI have always been a big Dave Ramsey fan, and believed that his financial advice for consumers is first rate. But today Dave Ramsey got it wrong in a big way. On his blog, he published an article about making money in multi-level marketing.

The article failed to acknowledge the fact that over and over again, it has been proven that 99% of people involved in MLMs lose money. Front and center in the article was this lie:

Truthfully, if you have a go-getter personality, and you can follow some basic business and personal etiquette, you can make a lot of money in an MLM. The trick is to avoid all the potential pitfalls along the way.

Truthfully? No, there is no truth in what was said. Being a go-getter and having etiquette doesn’t make you any money. Even fantastic business skills won’t make you any money in MLM. What makes you money is the ability to lie about the opportunity in order to very quickly recruit lots of new victims.

The article goes on:

MLMs can be awesome if you understand how they work, but they can also be a financial and personal disaster if you jump right in without thinking.

Again, this totally misstates the reality of multi-level marketing. “Understanding how they work” does not give you any advantage.

The article goes on with many more falsehoods. All MLMs pitch you on getting rich quick. Mary Kay, for example, is notorious for pitching the ability to make a full-time executive level income with part-time hours. They don’t come right out and say you’ll get rich “quick,” but the inference is there nonetheless.

Ramsey goes on to suggest that using common sense business practices will save you from disaster in MLM. And he says you shouldn’t pressure friends and family to get involved. Except that’s the only way you will move up in MLM. And you will be taught that you are doing a disservice to your loved ones if you don’t introduce them to this opportunity.

Dave Ramsey’s bottom line is that MLMs are legitimate businesses. He is 100% wrong. They’re pyramid schemes disguised as legitimate businesses. And they swindle consumers out of billions of dollars each year.

Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for adding legitimacy to one of the greatest consumer cons in the history of the world. DAVE RAMSEY SUCKS.


  1. Dave says you can make a lot of money in MLM.

    (But when you don’t, and you experience a financial crisis, you can buy his books and pay to attend his seminars.)

    Maybe he’ll start an MLM.

    • Oooohhhh. You may have hit on something. Get yourself in financial trouble doing MLMs the “wrong” way, and the Guru who endorsed them will help you recover too.

      It sounds like Dave Ramsey is getting a nice endorsement check from the Direct Selling Association. That’s the only other reason I can think for him to suspend his grasp of financial truth.

      • Just goes to show you that just because someone’s at the top of their game, it doesn’t mean that everything that comes out of their mouth is widsom. Ramsey’s a good guy, and the advice he gives has been terrific, but a financial guru who works to help people get out of debt has absolutely NO place telling people that joining rackets where one cannot get promoted unless they recruit is a viable and stable means of supporting one’s family. NO, NO, NO.

        Not only that, but taking a pro-MLM stance does not help Ramsey’s Christian angle, because if Ramsey knew about the filthy, manipulative, blashphemous tactics that MLMers are required to do in order to move up, he’d completely soil his “Financial Peace”-logo-printed Underoos and retract his article because many of those tactics are VERY far from being Christian.

  2. This makes me super angry because I found Dave Ramsey’s program BECAUSE of my involvement with Mary Kay that forced me to file Bankruptcy. Dave Ramsey’s program helped me rebuild smart. THIS is not smart. MLM is the stupidest thing anyone can do financially.

    • Maybe everyone should lay off of Dave. I’m sure in his SUPER busy schedule he, HIMSELF, didn’t actually write this article/blog post. It may have been one of his team members.

      • No, we should not lay off him. It is on his site, and is written as if HE wrote it. He must assume responsibility for all asshattery posted under his name. A busy schedule is no excuse for posting false and damaging material.

        • How is the information that he posted false and damaging? Maybe you had a bad experience, but it doesn’t mean all are bad. If you eat a bad burger, does it mean all burgers are bad, or all restaurants are bad, or that all cows are bad? I am having a little bit of success in what I am doing. And if its bringing some extra money right now, I am willing to work hard at it so that I can have much more money and freedom in the future.

          “Bottom line: MLMs are legitimate businesses. But know exactly what you are getting into. Look out for all the red flags listed above and have some class. Obnoxious multilevel marketers give legitimate business people—including other MLMers—a bad name. Don’t do that.”

          Here’s an article that shows 95% of new businesses fail. Not MLM businesses. Does that mean people should stop trying to set up new businesses?

          • Oopsie! You didn’t read far enough. That statistic is only for businesses that don’t meet projections. Look at the stat for businesses that lose money: 40%. In MLM, that figure is above 99%. That’s a huge difference, and is further proof that MLM is a pyramid scheme designed only to take money from people.

            MLMs are not legitimate businesses, and that’s my whole point. Dave (or his staffer) was talking out of his ass. MLM is no more a business than going to Las Vegas and playing roulette is a business. The only difference is that in roulette, you have better odds of profiting.

      • I totally agree, Tracy. It doesn’t matter if he wrote it himself or not, he owns the site, therefore approved the published piece to his blog. Are you saying YOU wrote it, Andrew?

        Andrew, Everything published on the blog section of (front page) is approved by Tracy and fact checked before it goes up. If its on Dave Ramsey’s site, he approved it, therefore he owns it and the ramifications for posting an article chock full of lies and half truths that he didn’t bother to research and that he SHOULD have researched before allowing it to be posted.

      • If it goes out on his blog, under his name, it’s immaterial who wrote it. He “branded” it, his aura is giving it a glow of legitimacy. He must assume responsibility for all asshattery posted under his name. (thanks Tracy)

  3. Wow, is he in bed with the DSA now? This is nothing short of appallingly irresponsible. Thumbs down Dave.

  4. The comments are now disabled. Why not just delete the post since obviously his people were concerned about the comments?

    • Methinks Dave didn’t like me giving a lot of facts. He responded to me directly on FB, saying that the study that shows 99% lose money only included 11 companies, and there were many more MLMs that are good.

      I pointed out that the reason the study only included 11 companies is because those are the only ones that release any numbers!!!! And that of those 11, almost all of them would be considered “good” by the general public.

      I’m not sure why he is so hell-bent on supporting MLM. But there’s got to be more to this story. Either he has MLMs as advertisers (ex. Herbalife does a lot of advertising disguised as “income at home”… wonder if they advertise with him too.), or he’s got a staffer writing this stuff and the staffer is involved in MLM.

    • Maybe because of the amount of people praising their MLMs and bragging about their income with no proof and not saying which ones they belong to?

      We can only wish.

    • Yeah, FB isn’t exactly on my good side right now. I posted this simple response to an MLMer’s diatribe:

      “It’d be peachy if you could actually make any money selling the product, but in MLM, you don’t get the bigger money unless you dupe your friends, family, and strangers into the game. Some people prefer to make money honestly. Others prefer to hawk an MLM.”

      I got a notification from Facebook telling me that the post had been removed because I “violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”


      • Scrib, more than likely it’s because a bunch of MLM’ers reported your post. If enough people report they’ll take the post down or even suspend you for a time without really explaining why.

        • Heh, they’re mad that for once, someone’s proclaiming the reality and truth about their racket and they’re unable to pull an automatic delete and block like so many Mary Kay leaders tend to do when challenged. 😀

  5. “If anyone is encouraging you to be dishonest, run far away. A legitimate company won’t ask you to lie, require you to go into debt, or fill up your garage with needless inventory.”

    Mary Kay’s leaders promote all three as necessary for success. Oh yeah, and make God your business partner, too.

    • In fairness, it does appear he’s talking about MK here:

      Don’t compromise your integrity.
      In an effort to sell sell sell, some multilevel marketers lose sight of truth. A “hierarchy leader” in an MLM once told a room full of women to buy tons of inventory using their credit cards and not tell their husbands about it. Are you kidding?

      • “In an effort to sell sell sell, some multilevel marketers lose sight of truth.”

        Yeah? Sounds like a variant of the “bad apple” defense, doesn’t it? Tell me. Mr. Ramsey, what happens when the “some” that “lost sight of truth” are not only the ones planted atop the pink pyramid, but who are teaching their followers to do as they do so they can rule as they rule?

        Corporate can’t claim the whole BS of “Oh, they’re independent contractors and we don’t control them,” either. Those NSDs are splashed across official company literature, heard in official Mary Kay training CDs, and upheld as where every consultant needs to be in their Mary Kay careers.

        What “God First” company rewards those to teach others how to lie and manipulate others? Mary Kay Cosmetics, folks!

    • You beat me to it, I was listening to one of his podcasts from maybe 2-3 weeks ago and someone called him asking if MLM’s were good and I could hardly believe the stuff he said.

  6. I listened to Dave for years on his radio show and have been through Financial Peace University. He has done wonderful things for people, and his program is top notch.

    However, one time when I was listening to his show, he recommended the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and I thought, “Catchy title; I’ll have to check it out”. But then I heard that the book recommends MLMs (but he calls it network marketing) and says they are a great way to build your wealth. Dave had been on such a pedestal in my eyes, and then he just fell right off when I learned that. To the best of my knowledge, Dave has never been in a MLM, but I’d bet he’s heard all the garbage that his top-o’-the-pyramid friends are telling him about MLMs. Surprisingly, I read that the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad never had a Network Marketing Business either. Hmmm……

    • Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the scummiest books I have ever laid eyes upon. I got SO mad when an MLMer in my family started telling me how STUPID my own father was for working at a J.O.B. all his life, and how he, the MLMer, was going to be filthy rich the easy way.

      My father retired with enough money saved and invested to live a long, comfortable retirement and take care of my mother for the rest of her life, no matter what may happen to them.

      The “Rich Dad Poor Dad” MLMer who sneered at my father filed bankruptcy, and is now living at a subsistence level.

      Here is a very thorough review of the book:

      • Oh, FREAKING Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A week ago, I was stranded on a train during a diesel spill. (It ultimately took us almost five hours to make a 90-minute trip, but that’s another story for another time.) I ended up seated near a guy who couldn’t have been much older than 21, giving a whole spiel about “passive income” to a young woman who was probably his age but looked like she was about 16. Specifically, he was talking about his friend “Kevin,” who supposedly made a killing with passive income, so much of it that he could pay cash for sportscars and give, like $25,000 to friends who had fallen on hard times. All from passive income! And he didn’t have to work for it! He could spend his days paragliding or snowboarding while the income rolled in! And Kevin’s dad was a CEO who wasn’t impressed with this passive income business, but Kevin has the last laugh! Because his dad has to work 60-80 hours a week for his money! Not like Kevin, who is rich from his passive income!

        It’s a good thing that I took an oath to uphold and maintain the dignity of my profession. Because if I hadn’t, I just might have stood up and shouted “I’M F—–G SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT F—–G KEVIN AND HIS F—–G PASSIVE INCOME RACKET. DO NOT MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AND PULL YOUR UNDERPANTS OVER YOUR FOREHEAD.”

        Scummy is the perfect adjective to describe RDPD. The false claims are bad enough. But the contempt for the non-wealthy that oozes from every page is horrible.

    • Because my dad had a real JOB I had health insurance till I was 23 and went to school for a fraction of what it costs for most to go now because he worked at the university… I’ll take his real JOB any day of the week.

  7. “If anyone is encouraging you to be dishonest, run far away. A legitimate company won’t ask you to lie, require you to go into debt, or fill up your garage with needless inventory.”

    Of course a legitimate company won’t ask you to do these things. But in MLM, part of the problem is the INDEPENDENT leaders of the INDEPENDENT distributors and consultants. The company, in the meantime, APPEARS legitimate, honest and clean, while happily having its pockets filled and looking the other way.

  8. It’s not only that MLMs suck, but, the businesses that have been spawned in recent years to make you “successful” in your choosen MLM that makes me sick to my stomach. Look at all the charasmatic grifters that have come out of the woodwork making millions of dollars in books, dvds, seminars, and various trainings. This Ramsey tool is jumping on the bandwagon. He sees the profit in exploating people who are already walking willingly into the flame like moths.

  9. I’m giving Dave the benefit of the doubt: that he doesn’t realize how completely clueless he is about MLMs, rather than being in cahoots with any of them.

    He has said before that he has friends who are successful at MLM. I’m guessing these friends haven’t told him the dirty details: that even if they buy their own inventory debt free, they’re still making commissions off of the massive debts of their downlines. That to stay in the loop, these downlines must purchase more inventory than they can reasonably be expected to sell. That people in the downline are denied the chance to advertise, to open a storefront, or even just to know how many competitors they have in their local area.

    These are not questions you’d think to ask, unless you’ve done MLM yourself or you’ve spent time on a website like Pink Truth.

    I don’t believe Dave is dishonest. I just believe he needs a dose of factual information.The article on his website is much too superficial. There are hard questions that potential recruits should be asking about annual purchase requirements, local competition, and retail sales figures, but that article doesn’t begin to touch those questions.

    • A can accept that. This is what is so frustrating. There are questions BEGGING to be asked, points NEEDING to be elaborated upon, yet the superficial is blindly accepted at face value.

      He’s Dave Ramsey, a supposed expert. Why isn’t he DIGGING DEEPER?

    • But that’s what’s so frustrating about this article! As someone who is giving people financial advice and training on how they can become debt-free you’d think he’d have done the research before this piece was published. So many people trust Dave (my parents have gone through his training and have paid off all their debt including their home) and the advice he gives. Now that he’s given his ‘blessing’ to MLMs there are going to be even more people that try/continue with it and will blame themselves when they fail! This is inexcusable!

  10. I agree that his stance on this particular subject is wrong but I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • I’m more than happy to throw the baby out with the bathwater when the man advises against bankruptcy after having filed it himself. He actively discourages drowning people to swim harder instead of taking the life preserver available to them. I’ve seen him tell people with thousands and thousands of dollars in horrific, high-interest debt to use his snowball method as they die a little each day, eating mac n’ cheese and working 3 jobs. How is that good for their kids who never see them because they work so much and eat the shitty, cheap food? He wants people to live like this for 5-10 years! How is it better? It’s not. And him advising against it, when he himself has done it, is just not ok with me. Not to mention the money he rakes in with his seminars and books. $100 to $200 for his courses? $150 for a 1-day seminar? No. I think the spirit of much of his advice is great. But I also think a lot of it is super shitty. That is very much my personal opinion of him and not a critique of you at all, Kinzie. =)

      • Really BMW. People didn’t magically wake up one day & have to file bankruptcy for no reason. Why do my tax dollars(via county court fees, reduction in loans etc)have to help those who were irresponsible and spent wayyy more then they made. It is about changing a thought pattern. Becoming educated. The only way to do that is to make it hard by NOT filing bankruptcy & being responsible & working your hiney off til you can pay your debt off. I have a family member who is filing bankruptcy for the 3rd time in their life. How has that been benefical to them all these years, repeating the same pattern over and over? Had someone told them nope, don’t file bankruptcy, figure your way out, I GUARANTEE, they would not be in the same predicament today.

        • You obviously know nothing about how difficult it is to even qualify for bankruptcy these days. For the record, some people have catastrophic medical issues that insurance refuses to cover. Sorry that some people didn’t save a $120,000 nest egg to cover their baby dying, or being hit by an uninsured motorist. And then they have the joy of the hospital garnishing their wages which kills their income even more.

          And, guess what? They pay taxes too, so they are entitled to use the courts the same as you are.

        • I worked my tail off to deal with the debt i attained while working ‘mary kay’ full circle. You know nothing of what it took for me to finally cave and file those legal papers. I was just a few ‘finance charges’ and ‘over limit fees’ away from the mental hospital from the harassing phone calls from creditors i could not pay with 2 minimum wage jobs each and daycare costs. Bankruptcy saved my sanity, and my life. Through that Bankruptcy and the financial education i was REQUIRED to take, some reworking of my thought processes, BUDGETING, and piecing my life back together with the tips from Dave Ramsey i did work my way out of financial distress.

          Bad Finances is a symptom of a bigger problem, and yes i agree that education is a great tool and i wish more people would educate them selves on how money and debt work. Bankruptcy isn’t THE answer, but for some it at least is AN answer.

  11. Thing is, he is merely appealing to the largest-selling crowd. Every MLM’er will buy his books if he talks about MLM, so that’s, like, guaranteed sales to a HUGE (and growing every year) crowd.. even if 99% are not in their MLM next year, he still profits.

    You sold your soul for sales Dave Ramsey.. hope it was worth it.

    Two thumbs dowwwwnnnnnn

  12. As I posted on Facebook …

    Here’s the numbers:
    From the DSA’s own statistics for 2011, found at this web page:

    Direct sales $29.87 billion
    Salesforce 15.6 million sellers

    29.87 BILLION DOLLARS sounds like a big fat juicy chunka money, one worth going for, but you are fighting it out with 15.6 MILLION sellers for your share. And when you do the math, it’s not much.

    $29,870,000,000 / 15,600,000 = $1,914.74

    Yes, under $2,000 in sales average per participant (assuming everything sells at full price). If someone makes a lot more money from sales, it’s because someone else made less in sales.

    The real money is in recruiting, because if you can convince the schmo under you to buy, you get commissions at little risk to you.

    Dave even admitted it “More than that, you are in the business of recruiting , motivating, training, and leading a high-turnover sales team.

    High turnover in any business is a sign that you are doing something wrong – unless the goal is to recruit them, suck the money out of them and go on to the next one.

    • Seriously! If the opp is so wonderful (and the “opportunity of the land in the land of opportunity” – GAG!), why is there such high turnover?????

    • When he says “high-turnover sales team” people think they hear what they expect to hear – that the sales team has a high turnover of PRODUCT. Gee, high sales, product steadily marching out the door, high profits, I want some of that.

      It’s not until later, upon careful reflection, that they realize the phrase means that the team members themselves are what steadily marches out the door, because the product is NOT turning over.

  13. Dave Ramey’s general philosophy is good (live under your means) Though it’s common sense (and he admits this) I was a big fan until two things happened.

    1. He teaches in Baby step one to save $1,000 to cover emergencies while paying down debts. I did this. It took one car repair bill for my emergency fund to be knocked out. At that point I was very vulnerable financially. If I had had another emergency (car repair bill) before I could rebuild my emergency fund, I’d been screwed.

    2. He says that you don’t need a credit card to rent a car. You don’t, but you need to present a whole lot of paperwork instead. What a pain in the a**

    I’ll leave it at that (because I have more examples) The man ain’t Jesus. There are some good ideas, but he’s not the “savior” many make him out to be.

  14. I stumbled upon this as I clicked on some of the links in this post and comments.

    Law 27 in “The 48 Laws of Power”

    Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following – “People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking. Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power.”

    Law 32 Play to People’s Fantasies – “The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.”

    Exactly what happens in MK and all MLMs.

    I read the rest of the laws. Frightening. Outright, unapologetic, self-serving deception at its worst, straight from hell. I had to stop reading.

    • Law 32 Play to People’s Fantasies – “The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.”

      Can you say “Donald Trump”? haha. This is great stuff. Well, great to learn from, not to do. Where are the rest of the 48 Laws of Power and what Machiavelli promotes them?

      • Verity –

        Just another scumbag who has worked the system. They complain about welfare mothers, good Lord! I think Dave Ramsey is all about Dave Ramsey and increasing his pocketbook. I’ve always been skeptical on some levels, because his advice is just common sense. The MLM article, wow how could he put that out there with a straight face! I noticed on his page mostly adverts for his books, other people’s books, seminars, etc. I guess if you steer people to MLM’s, you created a debt market for yourself down the road. I can hear it now, “Nobody put a gun to your head” …

    • Again?

      I guess the “made a million, lost a million, made another million” self-styled genius is back on the losing side.

      And he talks about the stock market taking wild swings? That’s nothing compared to the wild ride he’s taking.

    • Ooohhhh. I should have read the article first. This happened six months ago. Kiyosaki himself didn’t file bankruptcy. He’s still sitting on a pile of money higher than Yertle the Turtle’s tower of turtles.

      What he did was refuse to pay the promoter who made him rich. He owed them $24 million through one of his LLCs, and put the LLC in bankruptcy rather than pay his debts.

      Scumbag x 10. Again.

      • He owed them $24 million through one of his LLCs, and put the LLC in bankruptcy rather than pay his debts.

        Which is the main purpose of an LLC – it protects the money you made with the LLC and took out as salary from the debts of the LLC.

        Unless you have a really good lawyer.

        • Looks like what Kiyosaki, the RDPD author, did was to steer his debts to one LLC and his income to a different LLC, then file bankruptcy to wipe out the debts.

          I can’t find any mention on Google about whether the bankruptcy case was discharged or dismissed, although I did find other financial scumbags crowing about the “wisdom” of Kiyosaki’s move as if the bankruptcy discharge was a certainty.

          What I did find in the free public records was a court hearing docket suggesting that the Chapter 7 Bankrtuptcy Trustee wasn’t about to roll over and let him get away with it. I don’t think the case has been discharged or dismissed yet; I found no mention of either.

          Perhaps someone on PT has PACER access and can look into the Rich Global LLC bankruptcy case for an update. (If you don’t know, PACER is Public Access to Court Electronic Records. Anyone can look at most court cases, but you have to set up a user account and pay a fee.)

  15. Tracy,
    I’m glad you took on Dave. I live down the road from the Financial Peace HQ and let me tell you – he’s revered and considered untouchable around here.

    No one dares to question or cross him for fear of his nasty temper and public outing of them and then gets his acolytes to come to his defense.

    I’m glad you aren’t afraid. We need more brave voices. Keep at it! The fact that they no longer allow comments tells me you hit a nerve. Dave will never, ever admit he’s wrong about anything.

    Perhaps being debt-free means he’s now perfect.

  16. Did you see this gem in the comments:

    “On a side note: Dave has a monthly column in their Melaleuca Leadership magazine that is very good. “

  17. “Truthfully, if you have a go-getter personality, and you can follow some basic business and personal etiquette, you can make a lot of money in an MLM. The trick is to avoid all the potential pitfalls along the way.”

    This is impossible because the “pitfall” IS the MLM.

  18. I lost respect for him when he advised several callers to not do anything when a creditor sues. He basically said take the judgement and settle later. IMO this is horrible advice, you have to defend yourself.

    Before judgement they are willing to settle and take payments. After judgement they are not as willing to settle because they can garnish wages, bank accounts etc.

    He has a lot of great advice along with a lot of hot air

  19. It looks like all of you on this blog lost money in an MLM opportunity which is less than 100 people. Don’t you all have better things to do with your time than trash someone that has helped more people financially than anyone on the planet. If you didn’t have a good experience in an MLM then get over it and move on with your life. Shame on you for having bad judgement. I bet most of you haven’t had success in whatever you’re doing because of your crappy blame it on someone else attitudes. Leave Dave alone and focus on your own reasons for not succeeding and turn it around and go and succeed. This will only happen if you change your crappy blame it on someone else attitudes. Wishing you all success!

    • Hi MLM Lover – I run this site and I didn’t lose money in Mary Kay…. but I’m the exception. 99% of people lose money in MLM:

      We’re not going to “move on” because MLM is not a business:

      MLM is a grand scheme, and you apparently are part of it. It’s not judgment we lack. Although we DID believe the lies that were told to us when we got involved.

      And thanks for worrying about my success. I have a very successful REAL business as a forensic accountant. Thanks for visiting, and do come back when you’re ready to face the truth about MLM.

    • Oh, I’ve had success in my career and life all outside of MK. Graduated with a college degree with Honors, immediately moved into leadership role as new grad, etc. While in MK, I did actually achieve some levels of what most consider “success” in that I had stage walks, taught and spoke to crowds, drove Cadillacs, and earned diamonds. But, the ethics of MK the company are rotten, and the business model is severely outdated.

      For example, Directors, to my knowledge, haven’t had a raise in their commission structure in about a decade. A DECADE of no raise. Still no benefits because they’re “independent contractors”. Still paying exorbant co-pays on their cars that aren’t prorated according to the production they actually did that quarter ($900/month for 3 months for a Cadillac!).

      I don’t disagree with all that Dave Ramsey teaches because it does boil down to taking responsibility for one’s actions. If you’ve never been in MK and most definitely if you’ve not been a Director, you don’t know a thing about the unique faults of MK versus other companies. No matter what you think, it’s not all bad because WE made bad decisions or didn’t do the work. When you’ve been lied to, when you’ve seen God abused and used to manipulate people, and when you are representing products that are outdated and harder and harder to sell, it’s NOT your fault. There are others to blame.

      Please, go back to cold calling and bothering the snot out of people with your claims of getting rich or losing 150 punds in 6 days. I’m enjoying my freedom and life away from that!

  20. Another baseless, unsubstantiated, non critical thinking, with absolutely no documented evidence to back up their claim, piece of empty, repetitive, and frankly boring pro mlm rhetoric. As Forest Gump once said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  21. Total droid. Not even any originality in all that mindless mental vomit.

    “Don’t you all have better things to do with your time than trash someone that has helped more people financially than anyone on the planet.”


    Show us YOUR success; post your Schedule C.

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