Caption This Mary Kay Photo

This photo is compliments of a Mary Kay sales director. Feel free to debunk the lie of “what I actually do,” or just make a funny caption for it.



    1. onelessSD

      i agree- if hanging out with friends – enriching their lives is what she really does… then why are the pictures different?! They should be seeing it the same way.

      but they don’t see it the same way because they see her as an overly made up woman playing ‘dress up’ in some tacky suit… peddling makeup. Mary Kay= delusional life.

  1. oldminks

    such a lie what about the frontloading and the stalking/warm chatting plus the loads of inventory on the consultants shelves that are so full the products are practically falling over

  2. A Reader

    What I really do: Plaster a big smile on my face and hang out with like-minded chicks as we all “fake it till we make it” together.

    (And no, dear, society doesn’t see you as the sharp-lookingsuccessful executive with the pink Cadillac. They see you as the peddlar of a lackluster cosmetics line with an outdated business model, dependent on pity purchases from friends and family.)

    1. raisinberry

      THAT was the final nail….My beloved CPA, (and I still do love him to death) decided to address what the Mk “business” was actually providing me.

      After nearly 14 years, he said, ” You know, you are the only MLM-ER that I actually saw making money at this.” I said, No we’re not MLM, were dual marketing. He laughes…ok. raisin, who makes money off you? How many levels are above you? Who gets paid on your efforts?”
      ok…my senior, and my National.

      He says, ” so two ‘levels’??? As in MULTI-LEVEL?”

      As for the making money at this….its exactly what Tracy has shown…Grand Prix = 23,000 before expenses. So he was happy that I made 14K!! LOL. Whooppee!

      Its all so ridiculous. Such pretense..such self importance. For what?
      The professional pink one-ups-manship club. I look back now and think what an utter waste of time…and what pretense!

      1. Oney Jones


        You’re admitting that as a Grand Prix level Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay you cleared $14,000 profit (after paying all your business-related expenses) in that particular year. This includes profits from your personal sales too, correct?

        $14,000 for the whole year? Did you figure out what that amounts to per hour? I’m guessing you worked more than 20 hours a week as a sales director.

        As a former director (Grand Am level) I know I worked more than 20 hours a week and I didn’t clear anywhere close to $14,000.

      2. Pink Newbie

        My CPA (recommended to me by my director) kept telling me MLM success stories in order to motivate me to stay in the Mary Kay. What really got me is that, with a 6-figure income from my day job, he made me feel like a loser for quitting MK. I had to tell him point-blank: “Listen, MK is not for me. Are we going to have a problem over that? Please tell me now.” He changed his tune right quick.

  3. CaliforniaGal

    Well, well, the many faces of Mary Kay. If Mary Kay was honest about what they do, that would be one thing. It’s not about makeup, it’s about deceiving women into signing up and ordering a lot of stuff no one wants to buy. It’s too bad, to. Mary Kay is overpriced at the consultant level. No wonder no one wants to pay full price.

  4. enorth

    So, society sees you as a foolish woman with too much makeup who drives a huge, ugly pink dinosaur-of-a-car that eats expensive gasoline like there’s no tomorrow and pollutes the environment and they point at you and laugh as you drive by. Got it.

  5. Jen G.

    No matter how hard I tried, I always felt silly and embarrassed when handing out MK business cards or telling people what I did.

    They always looked down on me. The sales I made were either out of pity or from teenagers who didn’t know better.

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