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Ruby Director Debuts at Seminar 2013

Here is a photo of the new directors debuting at the Ruby Seminar. Mary Kay Inc. very cleverly changed the configuration of the arena so that we can’t really tell how this compares to previous years. Below are Ruby seminar pictures for 2006 through 2009.




  1. sunny

    Oh dear…more SCAM-inar! I know all MLM’s have their downsides but a family friend recently returned from her MLM’s national conference and the women there actually looked happy. They wore tasteful sundresses,Capri pants and Bermuda shorts for much of the trip! The ladies actually looked like they were having fun and nobody was forced or coerced into staying in a certain hotel. Although I’m sure abuses and financial mishandlings and manipulations exist in all MLMs I feel Mary Kay is one of the worst! I am so grateful that my vacation (all last week and part of this week) will be spent enjoying time with family…not stuffed into pantyhose heels and a hot red jacket and going where I’m “told” in Texas! Thank goodness I de-fogged and found a new “dream” before I got deeper in! And I agree the stage was switched on purpose!

  2. sunny

    They definetly switched the stage to avoid comparisons! It looks though that this group could fit on the stairs from previous years…each staircase and no front row maybe? A family friend is involved in another MLM and the dress code for her conference/seminar was “summer attire” not stuffy suits and heels!

  3. Scrib

    The circle configuration really gives the impression that the cluster on stage is little more than a tired, poor, huddled mass yearning to breathe free.

    Especially the “poor” part.

  4. yola

    I see quite a difference here, 2008& 2009Ruby seminar, has less people than in 2007. 2013 seminar appears even smaller, that should tell us something right there.

  5. 4:8 girl

    I wonder how many of these 2013 directors didn’t make their July production, pretending to be happy to now be one of the “big girls”? Especially with the end of the month being tomorrow. Glad to be out! 🙂

  6. Imewise

    Believe it or not- I am in that first picture, (although it’s blurry and i can’t find myself in there) To all of you new debuting sales directors RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! Directorship will not make life easier, it will intensify your workload and you will be constantly spinning your wheels to stay afloat and not be publicly shamed (aka not keeping up with production and the fear of losing your position and looking like an ass) How sad that after all that work you put into it, it can be gone so quickly. (and btw, I stepped down after a year of teeter totter production, I was not asked to step down, the month I left I was well above minimum requirements)

  7. Sheila

    It’s hard to tell in this specific picture, but in other pics on Instagram the crowd on stage is even smaller as the right half of the circle is made up of a lot less people than those on the left.

    If you picture a clock, the crowd on the left extends to the :45 or :50 mark, while the crowd on the right is lucky if they make it to the :20 mark.

  8. Eyes Wide Open

    I love your site! I have never left a comment before but have been an on again off again reader!

    I was roped into Mary Kay by my boyfriend’s sister and mother. I felt if I joined Mary Kay I would be more accepted by the family. What a joke that was. I was given credit card apps to go into debt. Thankfully, my heart never felt it was right. I did so much research before going into it and everything pointed to don’t do it. But I did it anyway.

    Needless to say, I regret it and it cost me lots of money that was never recovered. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do mary kay!!! It’s not worth it!

    Now if only I could get my boyfriend’s family to stop being so brain washed! They are both pink Cadillac lifers and while by boyfriend was a pink Cadillac baby, he now knows how Mary Kay really work and how many lives his mother and his sister continue to destroy DAILY.

    Every time I hear them rave about how cool that made in China purse is, or how happy they are to wear fake tin jewelry, or how they rave about a pink Dallas, I choose to come here and be reminded that I’m not alone in waiting to squash the life sucking virus that is Mary Kay.

    There’s probably already an article about it (and if there is link it below) but what are so good old fashion pro-active ways to combat the spread of Mary Kay and perhaps waste the time, money or resources of those in Mary Kay?

  9. laila

    ‘I dedicate myself to the Mary Kay Go-Give Spirit’, huh?

    I was raised agnostic, but recently found God and was baptized last Sunday. I’ve gotta say that I’m a little – well, okay, considerably more than a little – repelled by how closely that phrase on those big pink screens echoes some of the things that I said at my baptism. Somehow I doubt that’s coincidental, and… well, what can I say but good grief? I have absolutely no objection at all to selling make-up (though selling it The Mary Kay Way™ is another thing entirely) but selling make-up is not a spiritual calling no matter how many Bible verses you throw at the concept. It’s just not. Besides, I’m pretty sure God doesn’t judge your worth as an individual by how many overpriced bottles of Timewise foundation you have lining the shelves in your basement.

    1. Scrib

      “I’m pretty sure God doesn’t judge your worth as an individual by how many overpriced bottles of Timewise foundation you have lining the shelves in your basement.”

      Amen. God doesn’t, but some NSDs follow a god that’s verrrry different fron the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Look at this snippet of an e-mail that NSD Dacia Wiegandt send out to consultants one year, warning them of her big mean angry god that will judge the Mary Kay world at Seminar:

      “God has been waiting, very patiently, for you to take off your stuffy mental clothes and put on a robe of full-force, give me more, can’t touch this, “you SO need to meet me” attitude that will absolutely dazzle Him.

      At the end of June He will want you to account for yourself. Seminar is the place where He can nod his head and say, “you’ve done well.” Or can you see Him shaking his head in disappointment…again?”

      Manipulative charlatan.


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