1. I think the biggest difference is that they don’t have them stacked up the staircases. The stage surface area is also smaller with the change from rectanglar to circular. Since they’re all crowded on 1 level with smaller surface area, it gives the illusion that there are a lot, but in all actuality, the numbers are down.

  2. Even if the numbers were up this year, it poses very little cause for concern. Want to know why? Mary Kay’s MLM nature.

    Yes, directors are clustered on that stage right now, but two years from now, I wonder how many of them will be demoted by Corporate because they failed to meet their quotas? A small amount may stay, being content to sit at the same level of directorship for two decades while making mediocre money and manipulating women for a living, but we’ve seen enough breakdowns for directors to know that the director position is NOWHERE near as elite, financially fulfilling, or as godly as it’s painted to be. After all, it’s been proven that when it comes to what God says and what one’s NSD says, the NSD always wins out. Isn’t that right, ESSD Krystal Walker?

    As far as the position of NSD goes, perhaps one gal MIGHT make NSD, but let’s consider Mary Kay’s track record: The position of NSD was created in 1971, so it’s got a 42-year history. In that 42 years (and as of June 2013) there are approx. 203 active NSDs in the United States. If we add the recent new debuts in, we end up with approx 218 NSDs.

    218 NSDs in 42 years = roughly 5 NSD debuts PER YEAR out of hundreds of thousands of women. And if the testimony of former NSD Allison Lamarr bears any weight, these women are little more than “frustrated entrepreneurs.”

    Pay it little heed when Corporate boasts a full-looking platform, my friends. They can brag when every last woman on that stage makes consistently good money (and receives consistent promotions) and doesn’t have to manipulate women into joining a pyramid and saddling their credit cards with “optional” inventory in order to do it.

    Until then, all this “God First” company has to brag about is their annual Festival of Fools and how much deception is taught, rewarded, and worshipped there. Bravo, Mary Kay Corporate, bravo!

  3. If the numbers were really up, d’ya think they’d be holding the 1-counts-for-2 Court of Sharing promotion in August that they just announced?

    I didn’t think so either.

  4. I have never been a part of MK, and I have no interest in joining, just curious about the culture (in the same way I am interested in Scientology)

    I have a question about the different “gem” designations – Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, etc .. I see there are different seminars for these groups.

    Are these groups based on sales numbers?

    • No, it’s just a way of splitting the sales force into groups of approximately equal size.

      If one group gets too big, they move one or more NSDs and her underlings to equalize things.

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