1. Is that a $300 sales director suit? Good God, that’s awful! At least she didn’t load it down with pins!

  2. I wear 5 bracelets to represent every 55 women that I’ve put into debt with this unbelievable opportunity! 10 bracelets = 110 women whom I have directly influenced their financial ruin! Yay me!!! All the other stuff I wear is just because I am soo important that I have to look gaudy to capture attention…

  3. I was at DIT with Lisa Allison, thoughtfully pictured above. I used to be jealous of her, she was so much more successful than me. I ran into her at almost every seminar and it was like “Oh my gosh– we are doing trip this year, are you?” And I was like “Um no'” And she was
    like” Next year!” and I was like “Uh huh.” I knew her when she had brown hair, I always thought she wanted to look like Darcy- anybody remember the Darcy theme? Years later, I am like so glad I am like not like her. And I don’t use like in every sentence like Lisa did. What did I admire about people like Lisa? How do they sleep at night?

    • Darcy, Darcy, Darcy…

      Ha! I remember both of them well, I was in Pearl Go-Give, I didn’t realize it was Lisa Allison in the picture, somehow over the years her hair turned blonde and she grew a turkey neck… Yep, I idolized her!!! I mean, come on! She is so Godly! At the very top of her website is a Bible verse about how He will give you anything you want…

      Lisa Allison, officially warping the words of God as an NSD for 5 years, and counting…

      I had a set of Darcy magnets that I ‘earned.’ My daughter loved to play with them on the fridge. I threw them all out not too long ago. She doesn’t miss them.

  4. somehow over the years her hair turned blonde and she grew a turkey neck…

    Old lady neck, old lady hands, old lady hair…

    But it only took 5 shots of bo-tox to get that face.

    • Eeep. I just clicked on the picture and it doubled in size. Nightmare.

      Those cheeks! The underlying muscles are sagging, big time. The bo-tox smooths the skin, but it can’t lift those cheek muscles back up.

      She either needs to get a facelift or buy a cheek bra.

  5. Wow, when you click through to the larger picture the amount of accessories and makeup is overwhelming. She looks mentally unbalanced.

  6. I remember when I thought this was glamorous. I remember when I would parrot the line I was taught, ” The definition of a gaudy ring is one that isn’t on your finger.” Before Mary Kay I knew what gaudy was…and I wasn’t it. After a few years of brainwashing, fake diamonds, crystals, and animal skin purses with matching shoes, LIP purses and totes, 18 karat celebrity knock off rings (ala Paris Hilton) diamond spiders and crystal frogs were the norm. It can be said with certainty that if you devote a good length of time in Mary Kay, you will not recognize yourself anymore.

    • Wow I’m nervous… I’ve done a lot and I’m a hard person to break (so I think) I’m huffing in the pink fog and I think I like it… am I crazy? Are they all SO bad? Is there a unit that really could be for the better woman in me? They aren’t cramming inventory down my throat too bad… either way I want to do my homework. I’ve got tattoos, slip a few bad words, use minimal makeup, only own a couple a dresses and might go to the bar and don’t plan on changing too much of that(just cussing pg13) am I in for a world of hurt? Or watch out MK here I come? By the way are you ‘required’ to wear all that jewelry? Ps I plan on dying my hair an unnatural color(purple) will I get kicked out? I am a god fearing woman with attitude tats and a heart, take it or leave it.

      • Alicia –

        It’s all about ordering. If you continuously order a lot, they will ‘love’ you a lot. If you only order a little, they’ll love you a little. That pretty much sums it up. MK is just an expensive hobby.

      • Give it time alicia…
        You sound like a self-thinker, that doesn’t go very far in Mary Kay. You will either question authority too much and leave, or you will gradually become part of the MKCult.
        Characteristics of a cult: total commitment, sacrifice of individuality, devotion to convert others, PRIDE for being part of the group, motivational teaching that overwhelms you with smiling faces, hugs, handshakes and positive emotions, isolation from naysayers, group trust, and especially taking license of & warping the word of God.

      • Alicia, it always starts out fun and inviting. You are being “wooed. Your style is being tolerated. Since you can only book those who would “get” you… how likely is it that after friends and family, you will secure bookings?

        When bookings drop off- you will be encouraged to recruit. That is when they will be justified in asking you to appear “normalish”…after all you are the only Mary Kay that some women will see? Where have you heard that before?

    • Me too Raisin, your comment made me laugh.

      I remember when a gaudy jewelry prize was held up to win at one of my first sales meetings. I was a brand new breast feeding mom.

      Then being prodded to “go for the win” I said I’m not a jewelry person.
      I was told by my SD, (a memorized comeback) You’re not a jewelry person because you don’t have any! I was so embarrassed.

      • gotheart… i was told that exact same thing, word-for-word! unbe-freaking-lievable.

        do MK wackos ever say anything that’s not a bloody script?!?! ugh…

        • pinky, no they only use scripts!
          So when I quit, I QUIT MARY KAY AND I AM A WINNER!( In reference to “winners never quit and quitters never win.”) I don’t get to say that nearly enough, got off track, well not really.

          When I quit Mk I am tellin’ ya I couldn’t even have a decent conversation with anyone! I was so scriptifried! I was brainwashed for 27 years, with all the scripts! (sorry if I pound the “27 years” into the ground too much, those of you that know.)

          Short story.
          So I get a job as a cashier and I am like dumbmafried cause I had difficulty talking to customers, no scripts! So I am like crying while checking people out. I felt so stupid! In order to get a grip. I used the “Approved” light from the customers credit card, tellin’ my self I was doing a good job see you’ve been approved. I got a lot of “approval” with that self therapy! I was pretty torn up from being duped.

          I spoke in scripts for years. I did what ever it took to provide for my family.
          I was more than willing for the scam to work. Total scam.

          Now I pretty much say what I think. I THINK. Not what I am told to think. So wonderful. I do at times go over board but I am finding balance.


      • And that’s when you respond, “And if it has to look like that, then I don’t want any.”

  7. Five! I sweated bullets in this hideous outfit for a 2-hour skin care class and had a $5 sale!!

  8. At the risk of being pelted with many many tomatoes, I love how she looks. Yup, I is old! I love the Joan Rivers look. Lots of embellishments, lots of jewelry, and the hair! Seriously, I love it all.

    I have no idea what the ‘5’ stands for.

    • The 5 stands for 5 years of being a National Director. She’s fun, she’s not pushy about product, she’s a wonderful cancer survivor who changed her hair color after all her beautiful dark hair all fell out. I notice that none of the critics here have THEIR pictures up there for us all to critique. I love Lisa to pieces; I’ve known her almost 10 years – she’s graciously let me go and come back several times over those years. I personally am GLAD to be back and a part of her wonderful team, and unit, and area. She’s the best Director and National Sales Director I’ve ever known. God Bless you Lisa!!!

      • Cancer survivor or not, she looks like an idiot … a small girl playing dress-up. And she’s dishonest. She lies to recruit women into MK and I have no tolerance for that, no matter what someone’s health history is.

        And yes, she “graciously” “let” you come back because every time you order, she profits.

      • Tell me, does becoming a cancer patient and then survivor, make it OK to scam women out of their money?

        What I think is the most disgusting is that it is usually the lower demographic of women who are preyed upon, and those have the least money to lose.

        If you lie and manipulate someone, which ultimately leads to that person’s financial ruin, for your financial gain, then you are a piece of shit, cancer survivor or not.

  9. *sings* “I’ve gotta pop some tags because I only have $5 in my pockets. I- I’m hunting, looking for a new victim. This is not so awesome”

    Possibly she’s also looking for husband #5 since the other 4 weren’t supportive of her increasing debt….um…er…I mean “her rewarding career opportunity”.

  10. It takes just FIVE xanax a day to deal with my debt, shame and the fact that I no longer have any friends afer suckering them into the MK scheme.

  11. No wonder there husband run away never come back never look back . If got the money put Mary Kay that good . No money do not want be debt with Mary Kay than get real job with real pay check pay taxes or real job take taxes out the check for your SSDI that do it or stay with debt of Mary Kay.

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