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Mary Kay Free Training

We’ve often heard Mary Kay sales directors refer to the free training as something akin to an MBA. This is a taste of what the training is like. This video is described as: This is for “Talent Night” at Fall Advance Mary Kay Retreat, Pasco, Washington, Oct. 2nd, 2009. Is this what you had in mind when they told you there would be free training available to you? And you should know that it is NOT free. There is a fee to attend almost all of the events and meetings.


  1. I am so embarrassed for them. It looks like a very very bad talent show! Do they not know how ridiculous they look? What does this silly spectacle have to do with learning anything?

  2. To be fair, most company retreats I have attended had an element of fun or diversionary material associated with them. But I didn’t have to pay to attend these events.

    • Yes which the company pays you to attend, pays for you or will reimburse expenses and fees. These events costs hundreds to attend including hotel, food, etc. All out of your own pocket.

      Not including the other mini events like the sleepovers regular meetings and events they want you attend but charge you for claiming its free (chance to win a swimming afternoon at your directors house?) Nothing is free in Mary Kay. Leaving the pink cult is the only thing that is and it is the best thing to do.

      (Sorry for bad grammar on cell phone and its early)

  3. Wow… I do feel really bad for these woman… I had to deal with random things like that at my “training” events…

    • You’re paying the bill, they’re choosing the entertainment. They have absolutely zero reasons to do anything worthwhile.

      If they were the ones paying for the entertainment and paying for you to attend, you would never see this kind of crapola.

      • Therein lies the problem… And they wonder why they have low production and have to do the charge card run around every month.

        Maybe if they put some effort into providing worthwhile education in sales, marketing, finance and business the downline consultants would have something to work with…

        But then that’s wishful thinking… they would rather be Sophomoric instead of Serious and Studious… MBA ala Mary Kay

  4. I though MK had a no alcohol policy. But clearly these women are drunk off their behinds. No sober person would ever do this. This is beyond description. Oh. My. Lord.

  5. How embarrassing! Just add that to the long list of MK train wrecks. It was so terrible I could not avert my eyes. I had to watch the whole thing in shock and disbelief!

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