Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Every year, Gloria Mayfield Banks has a dress custom made for Mary Kay’s Seminar. Here is this year’s monstrosity!



  1. DeflatedPinkBubble

    THAT is a custom made dress? It looks like she just grabbed the drapes off the window of the local bordello.

    By far, the ugliest dress she’s worn yet.

  2. MLM Radar

    I dunno. Compared with her previous offerings, I liked this one. It ‘s certainly better than some of the gowns worn by other NSDs this year.

    But maybe it’s just because I like turquoise.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    Keep in mind that the dress was purchased from the proceeds of all the lies. It’s FUGLY from an ethical standpoint.

    Fashionwise …
    Compared to the saloon girl gone bad thing she wore made from the lace curtain and the feather boa … this is not bad.

    “Mullet” skirts are in style, and at least this one isn’t displaying kneecaps and fugly shoes.

        1. gotheart

          Let me tell you how this really goes down.
          Her #1 Idol Worshiping SD, is required to officiate a gift for Pam donation of a no less than $$$ contribution. If a SD doesn’t give the required donation, she is not allowed to sign the gift card, is gossiped about, shunned. Ignored by friendly Pam at events then on. Wicked exclusion.

          A SD in Pam’s area experienced this. She was so broke she ask me if she could borrow money to take to Seminar. When she paid me back she told me about her heartache in tears. She was a lovely lady with four cut kids and a good man. Just clueless like the res of us.

        2. MLM Radar

          Ever read the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?

          Whenever I see a Pam Shaw portrait that’s what I think about. Physical beauty artifically prolonged far beyond nature, masking a heart of total corruption.

        3. Tigger

          Lady Z;

          While I appreciate the link, am I the only one bothered that mature women can’t dress like mature women? Grow up, already. No one is interested in seeing your stomach, legs, etc. Geez, it’s boring already.

          Newsflash to women everywhere – your nakedness is so old now. Put some clothes on. Get some integrity.

          1. DeflatedPinkBubble

            Now now… we all know that if they get any integrity, they’d have to get out of the Mary Kay Scam… I mean business. So no integrity means a 50 something year old woman is going to dress like a 20 something year old woman.

  4. Rhonda

    Wow! What a band of angry women here. Amazing.
    Hope you all don’t wake up years from now and wonder where your life has gone. Give it up already! People are out there living their lives, imperfect as they are, and you all spend your precious time talking and sneering?
    So the people in Mary Kay aren’t perfect, are you? So you had a bad experience, then everyone is evil? So the consultant thing didn’t work out for you, everyone should join your pity party?

    Forget Pink truth and find your truth. You deserve to leave your own marks in the sands of time not trail behind someone’s success.

    1. TRACY

      Rhonda – And you spend YOUR “precious time” reading our website? GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

      Yes, Mary Kay is evil. It is a company in which ALMOST EVERYONE is GUARANTEED to lose money. That’s not a business. It is a scam. So we are here trying to educate women so they don’t get involved.

      And yes, sometimes we like to poke fun at the bad fashion choices in Mary Kay. If you don’t like it, don’t look. I have to wonder how you ended up on this site anyway???

    2. meruncc14

      I’m sorry that you feel this way. If you don’t like this site, why are you on here looking at the articles? Those of us who were in MK use this site to heal from their experience and to get on with their lives.

    3. Crystalline

      Yes Rhonda, we use this website to heal from the MK cult that most of us were exposed to. A lot of us worked our rear ends off to end up with nothing but credit card debt. A lot of us were sold on the dream that if we became directors, we would be flying high. Well, I became one, and it was the worst experience of my life. By the way, shouldn’t you be warm stalking some people at Walmart or luring people in with some pretty fishbowls????

    4. princess lea

      Angry? I’m not angry! I might be a snarky, sarcastic, critical of poor fashion, doubtful of flamboyant claims to riches and fame, extremely entertained at the expense of women dressed like hell while they claim to be rich and famous self-thinker, but I’m most definitely not angry. Yes, I’m especially entertained. I came to PT for the healing and support after leaving MK, but I keep coming back to see pictures of ‘successful’ business women dressed like Hee Haw.

      I’ve found my Truth, and He told me to get out of Mary Kay and don’t look back! He used the terrible ugly MK in my life to work for good, and thankfully He shut the door before this poor excuse for a business did any more damage to my family and our finances.

  5. gotheart

    Rhonda I was in MKC for 27 years, SD, drove pink, 300,000. club, courts of R and S.

    “Hope you all don’t wake up years from now and wonder where your life has gone.”

    This is exactly what I thought when I realized I was duped into the scam. If you don’t wake up you’ll be living off of a 600. social security check when you wake up!

    Get out now!

  6. Sapphire

    I both like and dislike this dress.

    It’s great for a much younger woman going to her Prom or First Real Formal in College or Cotillion and the theme most probably would be “Argentina Nights” – But for a woman in her 50’s… No Way Jose

    So I caption this picture

    No Way Jose or Cha-Cha Cheap.

    and the dreass may be expensive but on her it looks cheap and very inappropriate

  7. Susan

    Anybody notice how Gloria’s earrings look just like Pammy’s earrings? You know–the ones her directors were required to pony up the money for? Makes me wonder if Pam dropped a hint the size of a anvil on her directors’ heads regarding which jewelry she would be “humble” and full of “gratitude” to receive.

  8. IMO

    Someday….when the pink fog around your head dissipates and the pink koolaid drains from your system….you’ll be back here as “one of us”….and we will welcome you with open arms. Namaste.

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