Caption This Mary Kay Photo

A group of Mary Kay national sales directors… Tell us your caption in the comments section below.




  1. MLM Radar

    Pammy spends soooo much money on botox and facial surgery, then completely ruins the effect by wearing scandalously revealing clothing… that reveals her old lady neck, old lady shoulders, old lady chest, old lady arms, old lady hands, old lady belly, old lady thighs, old lady legs, old lady knees…

    Pammy! Newsflash! If you can’t botox it, cover it up!

  2. pinkymcstinky

    yeah, yeah… dude looks like a lady! *

    *lady being here defined as ‘washed-up skid row hooker with a dime-store makeover’

    (profuse apologies to areosmith for sullying a classic…)

  3. cbbgreat

    1. I feel stupid so I won’t look at the camera
    2. I feel like I’ve been duped but if this is what the “big girl’s” girlfriend time means then I’ll go along with it
    3. I dare you to mock me because I am the Pammy and I am making money off all these people
    4. I’ll be cute just to make the best of the situation and hey, Pammy is doing it so it must be fun
    5. I will regret this
    6. and 7. I don’t get it
    8. take the picture now damn it before the future blackmail moment disappears

    1. onelessSD

      brilliant! Kinda like the “butt sisters”…… “I would have had 5 new leads from the waitresses- bbbuuuuuttttttt…… they saw this little skit and skidaddled!”

    1. enorth

      We had to ORDER a minimum of $600 in inventory to “earn the privilege” of wearing the prestigious Mary Kay Moustache. Once we bought…er…um… “earned” the privilege of wearing it, we had to BUY the moustache from MK Corporate. We are not allowed to purchase a mustache from another source.

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