Older Woman With No Money Joins Mary Kay: What to Do?

This group email was sent out by a Mary Kay director:

Wouldn’t you think after 32 years in Mary Kay I would have the answer?  That’s one of the intriguing things about this company there is always more to learn.  I remember Mary Kay saying, “No one has all the answers, not even me.”

Just sponsored a lovely, very sharp woman of 55 who has absolutely no money or credit for inventory.  She is married to a man who recently broke his back.  No insurance,  $300,000 house, drives a new Caddy and has a Collector Classic Car.

Dresses like a million, Looks like a NSD, Great personality – Oh and did I mention, she is a high “D”

After joining, she spent the rest of the week out looking for a job because as she said, she doesn’t have any cash.

Two things:

  • I do not hold meetings, so I am looking for a unit with a lot of action happening, in the Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa area that will give her what she needs.

  • Most importantly, what suggestions would you recommend to someone in her position?  All advice is always welcome.

So ladies of Pink Truth…. What advice would you give this woman? (And cross your fingers that an older, new recruit in the Tampa area decides to a little internet surfing before going any further in Mary Kay….)


  1. raisinberry

    Well geez, this is easy. Make a list of all the people she knows who have skin. Using the “perfect start script”, contact all of them, and ask if she can borrow their face for a “practice facial”. Casually suggest that you can give them $25 in free product for sharing their appointment with 2 or more non Mary Kay users…” for their opinion”. Then when she makes some sales, she can use their money, to place an order for product, and give the hostess her free $25. She can do this for about 30 or so appointments before she can clear enough to make a profit, about 4 or 5 months from now. What’s the problem?

  2. Tia

    Why doesn’t she just sell what the director sponsored her for? And place orders online! After all, the stuff just flies off the shelves! Lol

    I’ve never heard of a director that doesn’t hold meetings. Doesn’t her team *need* that rah rah rah morale?

    Gosh I hope she gets out of there fast

  3. MLM Radar

    This director just can’t catch a hint, can she? What part of “I have no money FOR INVENTORY” does she not understand? She obviously stopped listening after the first four words. She thinks the woman is flat broke. Hello?

    Her mark has enough money to live on… For a while… She’s not selling the caddy or the 300k house. But she’s on a tight budget. No money FOR INVENTORY. She probably figured 50% off was a smart move, and that’s the reason she joined.

    What part of “I’m looking for a job – somewhere other than Mary Kay” does this director NOT understand?

  4. Still Breaking The Basic

    Madame Director doesn’t give a damn about her new consultant. All she cares about is the commission on a large initial order.

    And getting her to sit on it for 13 months so it can’t be returned for credit and the director’s chargeback.

    1. raisinberry

      Well, who can know her motive? She “might” want to have this lady become successful since she’s …(drum roll)…NSD material. Ain’t nothing about Mary Kay that’s altruistic. This chick wants to maximize a potential Trifecta winner, and doesn’t want to blow the window of opportunity. Afterall, if somebody YOU’VE recruited becomes awesome, guess where that lands YOU?

  5. PinkPhoenix

    It seems to me that this Director is intimidated by the new recruit. I mean, the recruit owns a nice home, already drives a Caddy, has a great personality, dresses like a million….so where could MK possibly ‘fill a void’? The recruit was already out looking for a job because she needed money.

    I’m with MLM Radar on this one, recruit just joined for the discount.

  6. princess lea

    What kind of director doesn’t hold meetings? She must not want to be very successful. Everybody knows that your business wont grow if you are not in womens’ faces constantly. And if her unit isnt big enough to justify holding meetings, well, she has to spend money to make money! She sounds like thats all shes considering anyhow, based on her description of the new recruit. She only described how rich this new lady appears. Nothing about her reason for joining. What’s her “why?” Pffft! Ive got no advice other than they both need to get out before they go bankrupt. Save money by shopping on ebay. Thats every director’s fear anyway is losing customers and recruits through competition.

  7. BestDecision

    Funny–in the couple of years since I sold my product back, I’ve had promotions and raises in my job in Corporate America, but, in the last 8 years of being a Director, I stayed at the same place and actually made less money after taxes and expenses. Plus, I now am contributing and matched for my 401K, putting in to Social Security, and have full health, dental, and vision benefits from my employer.

    So, who’s actually ahead of the game now?

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