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Mary Kay’s Motto is “God First…”

mary-kay-godWritten by The Scribbler

It’s a line that’s quick to be fired off at church, particularly post-service when recruiters are scrambling to grab sharp women and cart them off to the Golden Corral for their unit’s weekly “Onion Rings and Opportunities” event. “Mary Kay puts God first,” you may have heard them gush. “How many companies can make that claim?”

Well, Chik-fil-A, for one, but that’s not the point. As I’ve explained in previous articles, when God is mentioned in Mary Kay, it is the God of the Bible that is implied, in accordance with the faith that Mary Kay Ash practiced. But is God really first in Mary Kay – or is that throne reserved for someone else?

Check out these quotes and hang onto your chairs, cowgirls; there’s a new Messiah in town.

  1. “What if Mary Kay visited us at our next sales meeting – WOW! Something to think about, isn’t it? I like to pretend she’s with me whenever I am representing our company. What would she see – how would I be dressed – what would she hear me saying?” (“Mary Kay is Watching!” training document)
  2. “She called me her “Mary Kay daughter.” Once she took my hand, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing no matter how hard I tried.” (NSD Gillian Ortega “A Moment in Time With Mary Kay,” Applause, Jun 2006)
  3. “I read the daily MK quote in my datebook; it said something like “You might be the only Mary Kay someone will ever meet.” Immediately, I thought, isn’t that a Christian phrase, like “You might be the only Jesus someone will ever meet?” (Former IBC)
  4. Referring to the act of IBCs signing a written promise to Mary Kay Ash: “Keep it close to remind you of the commitment you made to keeping her dream alive.” (Lessons in Golden Rule Thinking: Signing “My Promise to Mary Kay Ash.”)
  5. Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Stephanie Valure’s thoughts regarding an MK retreat: “The whole first night I sat there, starry-eyed and stunned… that was the night Mary Kay truly came into my heart.” (“Dimensions of Caring” Applause Mar 2006)

Friends, while Mary Kay Ash overcame many challenges in her lifetime, she is not divine; none of us are. When mere mortals (and the companies they spearheaded) are hailed as redeemers, however, confusion and contradiction become the soul’s bedfellows. These deceivers slip into your home, silently entwine their fingers around your neck, and squeeze until the light that once shone bright in your eyes flickers and fades to black.

While it’s claimed that “God is first…” in Mary Kay, be absolutely certain you know which god that is.



  1. Just look at how her own children and NSD’s turned out. So much for this being remotely God first. Great way to lure and exploit thousands of women. Lies, greed, and hiding that this is a pyramid scheme. If MK was truly Christian, then the company would give women a real chance at success. Real ways to advertise. Products that don’t change just so the MK heirs can profit. Products that aren’t over priced. Rules, rules about how the IBC’s must run their mlm. This company controls every aspect of the business with a focus on maximizing their profits no matter what. The sales force pays for everything. The over priced inventory, all training, the seminars, the mailing costs, the non existent store front, the uniform, the web site and business cards, the so called free pink car, the costs for classes and open houses etc. In return the IBC and directors do not get insurance or a retirement plan. The sales force must compete against dozens of other MK distributors a few miles apart. The IBC etc must work during most holidays, most evenings and weekends. This is NOT a family friendly business. It is a soul sucking entity that has allowed directors to do whatever it took to keep this pink nightmare going.

    • You’re quite right. Her son, Richard, is known around Dallas to be an egotistical womanizer. Her grandson, Ryan, is living in an elaborately decorated home without ever working in corporate America. (Have you seen pictures of his daughter’s nursery?!)

      While I don’t mind business owners becoming wealthy because of their hard work, her family has no clue what it takes to build a MK business. They don’t see the weeknights away from family, the lugging of bags into appointments in the rain or heat, or the frustration of dealing with people who disappoint you. They’re too far removed from actually leading the company to understand where their sales force is coming from.

      Using “God” in every other sentence and quoting scripture when they’re cheating their way onto trips and into cars was one of the many reasons I gave for resigning. It’s sickening!

  2. So many things don’t line up with the Word of God. The quotes above are down right creepy, many of them just replace God with MK. The Bible warns us to about the love of money and praise of man, yet that is what MK uses to entice people. The Bible commands people to look out for the interest of others above their own. If you are urging a woman to buy a huge inventory package you know she will not be able to sell – who are you putting first? A lot of these MLM companies use people as a means to an end (get their money). Also if you lie (even by omission) you are putting yourself before others or God. Pretending at friendship or showing a false interest in a person to get them to buy is a form of deceit. Hiding spending from the husband, showing a paycheck to potential recruits without talking about expenses or the actual time it took to earn it, writing off a woman’s legitimate concerns about the company, etc. put MK first, not God.

  3. When you awake from the pink fog, you are reminded that on the way INTO the fog, your buzzers were actually going off. You knew you were uncomfortable with false ploys to get guests to meeting…right? You knew you were uncomfortable with saying “the scripts”, and hiding information from targets. You knew you had an ulterior motive with everything, and they convinced you it was because too much information just confuses a potential target…(they would have never used the word target!) All these deceptions get a pass, in the name of introducing them to MK for their own good. As if we knew what their own good was. Our good was their good…that’s clear to me now.

    When you wake up, and out…you remember that you really did know going in, that you were losing yourself.


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