Start Your New Mary Kay Month the Pam Shaw Way!

Each new month in Mary Kay represents another spin around on the hamster wheel. Imagine being a Mary Kay director, having to start from scratch each month.

Trying to build toward the minimum wholesale production of $4,000, and figure out what gap you’ll have to fill using your own credit card. Or trying to hit another higher level so you don’t owe a copay on that not-so-free car.

Each month you reinvent the wheel, seeing who you can guilt into another order. Who you can breathe some life into. Who might have “missed” her goal last month and wants to do better this month. Who is seeking attention and might order to get that attention from you.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well it’s all part of nsd Pam Shaw’s method of planning your month. Here’s how she says to do it…

Set your NEW MONTH UP!

_____ Print your entire Unit Analysis Report from INTOUCH. Cover up names and look for ordering patterns. WHERE could your consistency program make a difference for some? Does this need a face-lift (the promo). How is your TRACKING communication to them? Are these rewards they are motivated to receive (prize and recognition) by ordering consistently? Is Booking an issue if ordering is sporadic? Are your Unit Members holding CLASSES?

_____ Project a wholesale order for each unit member looking at Unit Analysis. WHAT amount and WHY would they order THIS month? (if you have goals sheets, this isn’t a ‘guess’) What does projected BASE production total?

_____ WHO was going to place an order that fell through at the last minute? Don’t drop this! She already feels like a failure. Get her in MOTION, on the date book, and continue to work with financing.

_____ WHO are your KEY people? What are you basing this on? Have you transferred 8 or so names to your DIR FOCUS FOLDER and tracked their activity against their words for 5 weeks. I HIGHLY Recommend this. AND talk about your FOCUS FOLDER! Let your UNIT know what they would need to do to get their name on that page. This gives you opportunity to express unconditional love for everyone, but that that time is conditional based on goals. For everyone: Unit meeting, newsletter, voice com, specialty events, web site, emails, etc! For those who want to move up, 1-1 talk time, Interviews, face time, etc.

_____ WHO can move up? To what position? Do you know her goals (great to get WRITTEN GOALS from everyone at FIRST UNIT MEETING OF new month so you can follow up 1-1 and make SURE their activity matches the results they want). Is she on the date book?

_____ WHO NEW can still get ACTIVE/Qualified? Who are your NEW who need to place order 2,3 and do a POWER START OVER and/or cement GENX as standard activity? ARE You working from a NEW CON Tracking sheet so you are CRYSTAL clear here and NO ONE falls thru the cracks?

_____ Identify your RECRUITERS and the REASON they are going to recruit the # they are going to recruit. Add in your personal goal #. ARE you/they set up this week —booked, coached— to have wins and prospects from month beginning? Guests for most current meetings? Interviews in motion?

_____ Estimate NEW Recruit production based on PROJECTED # of new Recruits and your current orientation initial order average. I

_____ WHAT is the Unit W/S projection you have now— base + new Production? WHAT needs to shift in terms of scheduling or adding activity to meet the growth/production goals you have set for your UNIT CLUB, etc?

_____ WHAT communication— live, group, mailings that need to go out to WHICH groups of people as tracking and follow up support for this unit? Is it set and timed and delegated?


_____ Do you have FIVE or more qualified for max. $500 bonus? FIND THEM.

_____ Have you surpassed your 13% increase $500 bonus? [7/07-9/07]

_____ How close are you to the next $1000 bonus on VOLUME? STRETCH! Never hold back production!

_____ Do YOU and your TEAM LEADERS (or those who could GET to TL) have min. 5 ordering $200+ w/s for a 13% check?

_____ Have you (and they) sold at GENX + level to place a $600+ personal for 13%?

_____ Who do you have with good Team production but who only has 3,4 team members? Can you MOVE her to OT-DIQ… to a 13% commission check? THESE ARE THE PEOPLE TO STRETCH and keep urgency flowing so they don’t get stuck!

_____ Has your personal team grown to a new benchmark on your way to 40+? What kind of urgency are you going to apply to accomplish this?

_____ Do your I3’s have Team Members? They WILL lose them if they haven’t ordered min. $200 w/s. Your letters went out to I1, I3, T, but does a DELEGATED phone call need to be placed to those w/ recruits?

_____ As a SENIOR Director, are you aware that your BEST TIER commission is contingent on your UNIT w/s? Are you ON IT?

_____ How will you close out the month? Will you stop 24 hours early? Will you throw your hands up by the 25th? Will you plan a weekend get-away on the 29th? OR will you schedule yourself AND your attitude to WORK TO THE LAST MINUTE? THIS is where the exhilarating wins show up!


_____ Have you written, HAND WRITTEN, notes of appreciation and Congratulations to your Unit Members for their performance, effort, persistence, results?

_____ Does your unit know all the benchmark goals you were after AS a UNIT? W/S, New Recruits, STARS, # qualified, New REDS, NEW OT– DIQs? Are you updating them with results?

_____ Time to evaluate again and set it up! Be honest. Do you need more delegated help? Where can you tweak a system? Where can you tighten in actual work what you know in your mind? How can you increase more 1-1 live conversation? Is it time to join 5:00 o’clock club for a few mos.? Take charge of the changes or adjustments. Take ownership.

GET exited about the freedom to DESIGN your life, Design your Unit, Design your INCOME, Design the quality of your friendships, Continually grow and get better, START OVER! There are so many benefits to this cycle of working. I pray you choose to see it as a GIFT, as an EDGE, as a PRIVILEGE. If this overwhelms you, then highlight those areas that would make the biggest impact for your increase right now, and each month, add something in that you know is making you better. EVERY YEAR (still) I learn something or it STICKS finally…  and I think, “HOW did I get this far without doing ‘THAT’ “ (thing that I am now ready to implement). I’d rather wear out than rust out, so cheers to an energy-filled approach to THIS NEW MONTH!


  1. This makes being a director sound like a terribly stressful and exhausting job. I can’t imagine doing all these steps EVERY month. I think that all of the “GET excited” and “design your life” lines probably sound exciting and motivating when you see the speaker in real-life, but *reading* it reveals that it’s only manipulation and brainwashing.

  2. I notice that “helping IBCs get new customers” is NOT on her list.

    Continually grow and get better, START OVER! “ … yup, start over every month with the same panicked search for production.

    • I’m reading posts now about the “excitement” that’s building over finishing seminar goals. Do you feel the excitement?

      I didn’t think so.

    • The production hamster wheel! The only constants were Jan-Feb, July, and December because we knew they were going to suck. Oh, but buy some of her Focus Folders (that were outdated based on our comp plan), and you’ll start July (insert any month) off with director and success.

      One thing I do slightly miss about MK: Seeing the sleazy dresses she wears at Seminar every year. I know Robert Jones dresses her, but she looks trampy. She doesn’t have the figure to wear that revealing of dress, nor should a 59 year old woman be wearing what she does.

      • Trampy is too polite. I was embarassed for her. But, she got the reaction she was looking for: total attention. She’s going for the Madonna angle, but with a tenth of the talent.
        And her Christianity is so twisted.

  3. Pam Shawl HUGE FAILURE like Cathy Hello. MUST WORK BUSINESS like GMB and Doris Winepant!!! Pam Shawl needs to LISTEN to GMB so she can be SUCCESS like Maurice Kay would of wanted!

  4. GMB SUCCESS, I’m convinced that you are a twisted software developer living in your parents basement and trolling websites for fun. But you are hilarious!

  5. How is this enjoyable? I can’t imagine going through this every month and wondering why I still didn’t make enough money to avoid a copay on a MK car. Show “unconditional love” and give “conditional time” sounds horrible.

    • It was horrible! Plotting out your month while being told you didn’t do enough last month was exhausting both mentally and emotionally. Her stupid Focus Folders were in my hands for the longest time until I started to realize she never did a Court, NSD Allison LaMarr never got a Gold Medal, and veteran Directors weren’t moving anywhere in their businesses.

      Zero control over your paycheck!

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