Another Fictitious Earnings Plan

This is a plan for increasing your Mary Kay income to $7,500 a month within the next six months. I don’t think I even have to tell you how silly some of these assumptions are. It’s just another plan that can never be achieved for over 99% of women in Mary Kay:

Dear Directors,

Director xxx xxxxxx wants to have income of $7500 per month by 6 months from now, so that her husband can have the option of changing his job and having more family time. I offered to figure a plan, and here’s what I came up with:

Key: begin now selling $1000 per week and bringing 10 new people per month into the unit

Sell $1000 per week (3 classes @ $200 + calling 16 reorder customers per week, selling to 8 of them @ $50 each) = $2000

90 unit members produce $9000 whls x 13% = $1170

10 new unit members produce $10000 whls x 13% = $1300

Production bonus on $19000 total whls = $1900

Your personal team does $6000 of the above whls x 13% = $780

You have 2 qualified new personal team members = $200 bonus

You have 5 new qualified in the unit (includes your 2) = $500 bonus


THIS IS A GREAT WORK PACE/INCOME BUILDING PACE FOR ANYONE AT ANY LEVEL OF THE BUSINESS. Focus on 3 classes per week, and bringing in at least 5 personal new recruits per month, with at least 2 of them being qualified with a $600+ order.

What kind of freedom and peace can this give to your family? Who can you help with this money? Is it worth it? What are you waiting for?

Bee-lieving in you,

I would love to know how many times the writer of this email achieved these numbers in her Mary Kay career. My guess is NEVER.


  1. Formykids

    In almost 10 yrs, 8 as a director, and 2 as a Cadillac driver, my soon to be ex MKbot wife, achieved these numbers exactly twice during the 3 month push to earn her Cadillac, which she very shortly thereafter was charged a copay on, topping out at $900 per month for the last 6 months of driving that Pink Con Car. Oh, and btw, she works 50-70 hrs per week…….so it hasn’t been for lack of effort or belief.

  2. BestDecision

    $1,000 weeks EVERY week just doesn’t happen. This example also assumes you start with a working unit of at least 90 unit members, which is also WAY more than the average unit. Once again, theories don’t equal reality!

  3. Lazy Gardens

    That is truly “Tooth Fairy” economics.

    The assumption that you CAN sell $1,000 a week and recruit 10 a month has to be proven to be possible for the majority of the consultants, otherwise it’s pure pixie poop.

  4. Formykids

    In my wife’s national area there are approximately 8 or 9 Caddy drivers, and according to her NSDs monthly newsletter, only one of them is maintaining Cadillac production, which means all of the rest have copays. You can so easily figure out this con game just by reading and scrutinizing the things published by MK corp and from the NSDs and SDs…..just use your calculator.

    1. JanRD

      A calculator isn’t even required to conclude that endless recruiting produces market saturation. (This is also demonstrated by checking one’s zip code on the MK website and seeing all the names that pop up.) Thanks for setting the record straight on those Caddy copays. I see them around town and don’t believe enough product is being sold (aka ordered) to sustain the “free” use of the vehicle.

  5. RiaJaize

    If it were that easy to “sell $1000 per week,” wouldn’t lots of people already be doing that?

    And the whole business model is weird. Standard businesses don’t try to recruit their customers. Me, I write books. I sell my books. I don’t then contact my readers to ask if they want to write books under me. Recruiting makes no sense outside of MLM.

  6. pinkpeace

    Well, DANG! Why didn’t I know about this plan when I was a director?

    To think that if I’d only sold $1000 every week, and recruited 10 new women a month, all my problems would have been solved!

    Obviously, this is a completely workable and realistic plan. Guess my deserve level was too low – or maybe I wasn’t bee-lieving hard enough.

  7. Morningstar

    Pontification at it’s finest. Yet the person who wrote this is in her own dream world wishing this is achievable . This is what MK is all about. So glad we can see through this glaring untruth

  8. Morningstar

    Pontification at it’s finest. Yet the person who wrote this is in her own dream world wishing this is achievable . This is what MK is all about. So glad we can see through this glaring untruth

  9. Changeyourthinking

    Even if all the stars align and these numbers are possible and sustainable, that’s a gross income of 90,000/yr. In order to recruit all those women, they’ll flash their commission checks around without ever mentioning how much of that went to business expenses and taxes. So the whole premise of recruiting is built on a lie. And their paycheck is dependent on people investing money into the company that they have less than 1% chance of ever recovering. And this is enriching women’s lives. 🙂

  10. MLM Radar

    Her 90 unit members produce $9,000 wholesale per month.

    Do the math. Even a kaybot could do this math.

    $9,000 / 90 = $100. While she’s “selling” $4,000+ per month, her 90 unit members are all averaging only $100 per month.

    There’s something very wrong with that picture.

    1. MLM Radar

      Those aren’t gift taxes, and that car is no gift. Gift taxes are something you pay if you give more than $14,000 a year to another person, such as your adult son.

      What you get from Mary Kay is an IRS Form 1099 saying that you received Non-cash Compensation worth whatever value Mary Kay wants to put on that car. You pay income tax on that “value.”

      But that overstated value is seldom challenged. Too many pink-minded car drivers like to look at that form and say, “Mary Kay gave me a car worth $$$!” They don’t stop to think that they could have gotten their own car lease and insurance for a lot less.

      If you want to know what the car is REALLY worth, the cash compensation alternative is a good place to start.

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