Mary Kay Sales Directors Earn $5k to $25k Per Month (No They Don’t!)

Did you know that the average Mary Kay sales director makes $5,000 to $25,000 per month? NO THEY DON’T. This figure is a complete fabrication, and it’s just another false earnings claim made by a Mary Kay representative. Mary Kay sales director Jessica Cline has a page on her website devoted to learning more about the “opportunity.”

She says that by “building a team” you can “receive a love check from the company profit.” And how much will you make? Jessica says (see below for a screenshot):

  • If you work part time, you can make $5,000 to $25,000 per year.
  • If you want to be in leadership and be a sales director, you’ll work 20-20 hours a week (I assume she means 20 to 40 or 20 to 50?) and the AVERAGE sales director will bring home $5,000 to $25,000 per month.  “Bring home” typically means “after expenses.”
  • And if you’re a national sales director, you’ll make $25,000 to $100,000 per month.

All of these numbers are obviously fabricated:

The lies roll off the tongues of the recruiters so easily. And women will sign up, investing their hard earned money into this sham business, not realizing that the numbers are fabricated. But of course, if Mary Kay recruiters told the pathetic truth about the income that’s actually made, no one would sign up.



    • It’s doubtful that she’ll even know this was written. Even if she did, the Mary Kay way is to not respond. I didn’t write this in the hope that she’d respond. Rather, I just like to expose the lies and leave it at that. There is no defending these lies anyway.

  1. The NSD number is particularly confounding as every month Applause shows the commission checks for about the top 30 NSDs in each Seminar and only about the top 5 in each for a total of about 20, consistently get a commission check in the neighborhood of $25K, and even the “great” GMB seems to top out at about 75k each month, which is well below the 100k. Now, if you count all the parallel schemes, selling motivational and educational materials, that many NSDs con their people into buying, a few may approach these numbers, but not directly from their MK business. And if if they do, it is clearly only a very few. These outright lies, contradicted by MKs own publications will come back to haunt them when/if the Rogers v, Herbalife RICO lawsuit is successful.

  2. “if you count all the parallel schemes, selling motivational and educational materials”

    Plus speaking engagements, selling their services as business coaches, etc. I think a lot of them have gone into getting “certified” as motivational speakers and coaches. Roya Mattis’ LinkedIn shows her as a business coach and personal coach.

    Check out Deb Erickson’s (I Can Institute) website….you’ll see MK names.
    …”Deb Erickson is a business mindset coach helping women in the sales and network marketing industry catapult their mindsets and businesses to new heights. Unlike any other business coaching available, Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to look at business success from the inside out. Using inner brain training techniques combined with outer skill-based business training, she helps women maximize their natural gifts and talents, elevate their inner strength, and power up their confidence resulting in unprecedented growth.”

    Deb must be making a fortune just from MK women.

    One of Deb’s clients is MK Director Julie Danskin, who has been in MK 30+ years.
    “I’m Julie Danskin – speaker, mentor & navigator for entrepreneurs.
    I have been a leader in my company and owner of my own successful in-home business for over 30 years and now I am passing on my wisdom to others through public speaking and strategic resources. I also offer an entrepreneurial path for women who want to create a life of liberty in their own lives.”

    Julie is a certified I Can Institute Coach. I could not find out from her website how much she charges for her coaching. And the “entrepreneurial path” must be MK. I have come across several MK people recently who are doing the same/similar thing.

    The point here is that the MK “opportunity” is, apparently, not enough to bring in a decent income. Gotta have side gigs.

  3. I think that it is interesting that as a flight attendant I make more than 90% of the national sales directors the Mary Kay!! Plus since I have a JOB I get all sorts of other benefits like healthcare and dental care and eye care and oh yeah I get to travel free anywhere in the world that I want it sure beats the things that Mary Kay offers!!

  4. Yup. Where in all of this empowering women and catapulting mind sets is there any training on how to actually run a business, manage inventory levels based on real sales, and run a proper P&L. Oh, there isn’t any? Just more smoke and mirrors. Go figure.

  5. At the bottom of Deb Erickson’s website, learn how you can become an Affiliate.
    “Earn a Steady, Passive Income”
    “Empower women and make easy money”
    “Simple and profitable”
    “Create abundance for others”
    “Change lives and earn”

  6. Omg I went to one of their parties yesterday and the ladies were nice and sweet..then they were giving a speech talking about women leaving your job mary kay is the best blah blah.. Then they try to get me to sign up and I they were talking nice to convince me..but I got a bad feeling like bad energy from the ladies…then today I block the lady on facebook and she made a fake profile saying blah blah u didn’t have to block me…I was like omg they are crazy..and yes to that lady I can block you if I want its called free will

    • Typical. Have you barely try the products and then try to recruit you. Shouldn’t it be a long-term, brand loyal customer that gets recruited? This is one of the reasons MK started to weaken. Way too many recruiting people that didn’t know the products, didn’t love the brand, and didn’t know how to sell something they weren’t even using.

  7. If those numbers were real, every household in America – including all the ghettos and poor folks – would be overflowing with so many MK products they’d still be common at every yard sale.

  8. Here’s a fact: A Director grossing $5K/month would have unit production of $20K. If she’s not easily in a Cadillac, she’s not making anywhere close to that.

  9. “a love check from the company” should be enough to warn anybody, who knew better than to vote for Trump, that MK is a complete scam.

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