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How NSD Dacia Wiegandt Travels

Mary Kay NSD Dacia Wiegandt threw a tantrum yesterday because her Louis Vuitton bag was stolen off the baggage claim carousel in Atlanta. She was required to gate check her bag because there was no room in the overhead bins for it. She felt entitled to have her bag in the main cabin. I’m not sure how she thought that was going to happen if the bins were already full, but according to this complaint she submitted online, this is not Samsonite luggage, people!!!!

Dacia wants to be reimbursed by Delta for the bag and the belongings she carelessly left in it when she gate checked it, and detailed it in the Instagram story below:

Louis Vuitton carry on $3,798.59
Apple iPad $1,200
St. Johns Jacket $500
Gold Bracelet $350
Makeup $200 (it’s MK, it’s worth about $15, Dacia)
3 Kendra Scott earrings $300
Henri Bondelle Bracelet $120
2 bauble bar earrings $80
8 designer bracelets $320
Black spanks skirt $100 (it’s Spanx, Dacia, and that’s hilarious)
Printouts for business meeting $30 (It doesn’t cost that much to print your MK handouts! And it’s not a business!!!)
Other various clothes she lists

She totals it up to over $9,200. And if they don’t pay her, she is going to “blast this on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should this not be handled correctly. She has 26,000 followers!

Tips for Dacia: If you’re going to travel with a bag that MUST be with you, then buy a first class ticket so you’re assured of overhead bin space. If you’re too cheap to do that (despite the millions you’ve made off your MK victims), at least upgrade your economy ticket to get a better boarding group and get there early so you board with them. (How much you wanna bet she got there at the last second?) If you have to gate check your bag due to the CHOICES you’ve made…. take your small valuable items out and keep them with you. And buy travel insurance if you travel with items that are so important to you.


  1. enorth

    As a fairly frequent traveler, including international flights, I feel badly for her. However, one can never assume that overhead space will be available. And that ostentatious luggage practically screams, “Steal me!”

    Unfortunately, it’s the society we live in.

    1. Char

      Notice how all MLMers take photos of Rolex’s, fancy cars, and boats. I’m not opposed to having something nice, but this is page one of the MLM scam book. Conversely, people who have a set of LV usually have a private plane and think nothing of it. Real, upper class money. The adage that comes to mind here:

      “It’s for people who have to buy their silver.”

      And, what really sucks! Think of all the poor women she scammed into MK to be able to buy a $3000 carry-on. Women who probably struggle to put food on the table and feed their kids.

      1. enorth

        Smart travelers don’t flaunt their belongings or wealth. It makes them a target for criminals.
        In the case of a MK NSD, however, it’s all about “looking rich” and getting attention.

        1. Char

          I have a story about that. On an international trip, I helped an American man who looked lost, dropped his OLD suitcase which popped open, and clothes went flying. I helped put them back in and guided him toward our train, as we were both going to a smaller town without an airport. We sat opposite each other for the ride.

          He also had an older sweater on with an NFL logo. To make conversation, I asked if he liked that team. He said, “Actually, I own them.” He really did, asked for my name and address, and sent me a formal thank you and tickets for my kindness.

          He said he usually used a driver, but for some reason he took the train that day. He was so nice and humble, and I’ll never forget the experience.

          1. Crazypinkcrayon

            My dad went to an expensive private high school that sends a quarterly magizine. The amount of LL Bean type clothes worn in the alumni association meeting was astounding and these are buy a building level donors. So she’s totally a cake it til you make it kind of gal.

          2. lulutoo

            The book “The Millionaire Next Door” is excellent–and eye opening. (by Thomas Stanley and recently reissued by his daughter and titled “The New Millionaire Next Door.” I recommend it highly.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Hmmm…. do Kaybots use the same script for every situation?

    Her bag was lost because Delta “just didn’t work hard enough”

    If the flight attendant truly “bee-lieved” there was overhead space, the bag wouldn’t have had to be checked.

    OK, that was snarky, but her sense of privilege and entitlement are truly ridiculous.

  3. coralrose

    Hmm, She threatens to blast this FB, Twitter, and IG if not handled correctly. But, she *already* blasted this on IG, before even giving Delta time to make things right. Not very “Go give” or “Golden Rule” of her, is it?
    I kind of love this post, because it highlights how all MK leaders use platitudes all the time about being women of excellence, character, and godly, but their behavior doesn’t refect that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she uses this in a recruiting event “Delta lost my LV bag with all of my designer clothes, and jewelry, and make-up, Can you believe it?! But here I am in front of you, with a smile on my face, and a positive attitude, because Mary Kay taught me to overcome adversity, and roll with the punches, and how to be a Woman of Excellence.”

      1. TRACY

        Agreed. But this post to Instagram illustrates so well the entitled, bad behavior that is rampant in the upper ranks of MK.

        Here’s a hint to the NSDs: No one outside of the MK world knows who you are or cares who you are. All they know is that you wear too much makeup and you act entitled.

  4. enorth

    Do you know who I am? I have 26,000 followers on Instagram! I will BLAST THIS!

    (Has Delta’s stock price tumbled? Did the Board call an emergency meeting?)

    1. TRACY

      I actually hope that based on her entitled little tantrum, they decline to do anything. It’s not their fault anyway. None of it. They don’t guarantee overhead bin space to anyone, and certainly not those who board closer to takeoff. They don’t guarantee the security of your luggage. THey certainly aren’t responsible for you leaving valuable belongings in your luggage.

      Again, that’s what travel insurance is for.

      1. JanRD


        Lazy, you and I and many others should remember the theme song from “The Beverly Hillbillies,” to which these verses are set. (Corny, but fun to write!)

        Come and listen to my story ’bout an NSD
        Who traveled to Atlanta in such luxury
        The overhead compartments were completely out of room
        So she began to sputter and fume

        “I never check this bag,” she told the Delta crew
        Because it’s Louis Vuitton and they all said, “Who?”
        But Delta had its way and then the bag was checked
        She had no choice but to show some respect

        Arriving in Atlanta at the carousel
        It was quite apparent that things hadn’t gone well
        The bag was missing and it was full of loot
        An Apple pad, designer clothes, and jewelry to boot

        So then the NSD took to social media
        To spread the word about the evils of Delta
        This story isn’t over yet, so wait and see
        If Delta’s sympathetic to this NSD

  5. Peaches

    Ostentation is for someone who can really afford it. If you ask me, she can’t. Why else would or should she “pitch a bitch” about a bag, clothing or jewelry, unless it was a hardship to lose it. At best, it probably is a Very Large Inconvenience as well a pain in the ass. As a rule of thumb, carry your jewelry (and medication) in your purse (make it as large as excepted by the airline), Come EARLY to the airport to get a “lower numbered” boarding pass (or upgrade your seat aka purchase price) and by no means be obnoxious. It’s in poor taste. And of course, being obnoxious is the Mary Kay Way.

    Give me an “f”-ing break. She practically robbed her unsuspecting victims of their savings and hard earned cash and credit to get where she is today. I say pay back is a Bitch (just like she is). Goody, Goody Gumdrops. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

    1. Neverpink

      This! If you’re traveling as much as she’s presenting, you already know all the things you need to do to travel safely and efficiently. I can’t imagine posing with a coffee and your expensive luggage is among those things. She sounds so entitled, like Delta should know who she is. Puh-lease.

      She probably got to the gate late and expected to be accommodated and is throwing a fit about that in addition to her lost luggage. I highly doubt they just ripped the bag from her hands and checked it in without her permission like she claims they did. They didn’t “hold a gun to her head” like MK ladies like to say. 😉

      She should have taken everything important out of the bag for her carry-on. She’s traveling with expensive, obviously designer items. Those just scream “STEAL ME”.

  6. JanRD

    Ditto to all of the above. Great comments and Amen to each one!

    Guess none of us will be flying Delta now that they are SO inconsiderate to check a bag for free when there is no overhead space remaining. I have volunteered to check a bag many times, but then I must be a peasant because I buy bags from TJ Maxx and don’t travel with expensive jewelry unless I’m wearing it. (BTW, my definition of expensive is anything over $100 – lol.) Oh, wait a minute. That means I CAN fly Delta if they offer the best price for an upcoming trip across the country.

      1. Juliet

        lololol JanRD – I am tardy to the party about Dacia losing her luggage, but your comment is worth arriving late for!! Sent up a gofund me lololol, it is soooo possible

  7. MLM Radar

    $3,800 for a carry-on bag????? There are no words….

    I’m betting that she quoted a “full retail” price for a brand new bag, but she didn’t really pay anywhere near that much.

    She should be required to produce receipts for the bag and everything in it. Even then, I’m sure the airline’s insurance has limits on how much it will pay.

    Hey Dacia! You just got a nice tax write-off! Think of all the tax money you’ll save!

  8. Former Consultant

    Ok people, feel free to call me crazy, but whenever I fly, there is this option for me to purchase travel insurance. I don’t know why, but my “spidey sense” always goes off and what happens? I purchase the travel insurance. Oh, but why? Because it makes perfect sense to do do. You can never assume that you will have a smooth flight or that your luggage won’t get re routed, etc., so what is the harm in spending a few extra dollars on something that could protect you should something like this happen? I haven’t had to use the insurance, but I know it is there if I need it. I get my luggage safely, and go on about my travels. And this might sound a little bizarre, but why not just follow the rules? I know that some rules are meant to be broken, but if you just do what the airline asks, you probably wouldn’t end up in this situation. It reminds me of the scene in ‘MEET THE PARENTS’
    If my luggage were to be stolen, I think I would go to the airline counter, explain the situation and politely ask if there is a way that they can get security to pull the footage near where it happened (if that is possible). Sure, I might be a little upset, but I wouldn’t take it out on the people who are trying to help me. I would think an airport as busy as ATL would have security cameras, especially by the baggage claim, but then again, I wouldn’t know, as I am not a frequent traveler, but I would just imagine they would.
    Also, I don’t care if you think you are entitled. Even if you are, it is not necessary to have such a defeatist attitude. I would have love to have been there to give her a piece of my mind- would have shut her up right away.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Yes, they have security cameras all the way.

      I have had my luggage go astray or not make my flight, one time the tag was correct but it had a man’s clothing in it (bored and vengeful baggage handler swapping tags and took a while to correct because they shuffled multiple tags) and was not my suitcase.

  9. Neverpink

    I just went to Dacia’s website. The sheer amount of photos of herself grosses me out big time. For those of you who have met her, is she as big of a narcissist as she appears to be?

    1. BestDecision

      She absolutely is. I was on a conference call with her and another NSD, and she actually hesitated before finally caving to send the document she referenced to the other MSD so it could be shared. At that very moment, I saw right through her, but then I really got a whiff of it when I met her. Her makeup is cake, she has bad skin, and she doesn’t sound intelligent when she speaks.

  10. Former Consultant

    But Lazy, I don’t think you would be the kind of person to “raise holy hell” over your luggage. I have a feeling that you would be handling it in a calm, rational manner, like most people. People like Dacia need to be hit over the head with a dose of reality.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      RULE ONE of being a professional (at anything) … do not make it unnecessarily difficult for other professionals.

      That is not saying that I have never thrown a public hissy-fit when it was warranted, but … for the usual situation I am the voice of sweet reason.

  11. Roo2

    Omg, first of all why would she not take her IPad out of the checked bag. This does not even sound honest. I would question the authenticity of that Louis Vuitton as well. She stays buying knock offs. What a tacky fraudulent post. I enjoy creeping her on IG and she said that she even secured an upgrade because she knew the flight attendant.

  12. Roo2

    Okay $40 in makeup? Seems like she is way undervaluing her Mary bag. With the alleged IPad in it. Also, right before the flight she talked about getting a free upgrade due to knowing the flight attendant

  13. Coffee Queen

    I lost my luggage at Air Canada … they provided me with $150 to go get essentials while I was travelling, they couriered my luggage when they found it to the hotel i was staying at.

    Another time, they busted my bag … I took pics, they replaced my bag, no problem.

    In those 2 cases, I was polite, understanding, (and did not blast them on social media. I think that niceness gets you more than yelling and screaming. Besides you are flying, lost luggage is a given, stolen luggage happens, in my small carryon, i always have extra underwear and my toothbrush, just in case.

    1. TRACY

      But also let’s be clear…. Delta didn’t lose her luggage. It got to the baggage claim belt, per their records. It was stolen off the belt. Not Delta’s fault.

  14. Susan Hubbard

    People like her are the reason flights get a slight delay and people who board later don’t have space for their bags that fit properly in the overhead. They have to go sideways and don’t even leave depth for a smaller bag to go in front of it. Its a bag that should have been checked in and I wish airlines would enforce people who sneak in those bags 🙁

    Every flight I have been on the last few years is like that and I end up doing the free check in with my smaller suitcase. I mean I win, and don’t have to pay the $25-50 and I don’t have to drag my bag around. But once Im on the plane, I always see the struggle of people trying to get their stuff to fit 🙁

  15. DonewithMK666

    Well I work for an airline so first of all if Delta even decides to honor her claim because as you mentioned earlier it was not their fault if it was stolen off the baggage belt, the most that they will give her which is the standard across the board for all airlines is $1500. That is the most that any airline gives for any bag that is lost stolen or destroyed during a flight but they may decide not to give anything! I will also say having worked in the baggage office that a nice positive attitude goes a long way. If you walk into the office and start screaming and yelling trust me the agent in there is not excited to help you find your bag or even inclined to want to try! Personally I hope Delta loses her claim that she filed and says “oh well!!!!!”

  16. Claudia Banks

    The post is no longer on her Instagram page. I wonder if she clued in that first, posting all her possessions on social media is tacky and second, her threatening approach is laughable at best, 26K followers give me a break. As it’s been said above, she’s known to NO ONE outside of MK.

  17. Char

    I know the picture of Dacia standing with her LV was meant to impress her consultants. But I must ask, how would consultants feel if Bernie Madoff was posing in the pic next to the same luggage? How about Charles Ponzi? Still impressed?

    Mary Kay is MLM, and that is a con game using multiple levels to recruit victims who recruit victims – using a product as its lure. Being an MLMer means being a participant in the scheme, and the seemingly successful ones are the worst offenders. The more successful an MLMer, the better the con woman.

  18. TRACY

    Oh look… and now she thinks she can prevent the airline from “taking her bag from her.” Honey, if there’s no room in the overhead for your bag, then your bag isn’t getting on the plane. If that means you stay behind too, they don’t really care.

    1. MSgt B

      Boy she has a terrible attitude. Reminds me of Victoria olsteen! I see she has that jean jacket on again. Someone needs to tell her that only goes with matching jeans. Air Marshall up!

  19. Lazy Gardens

    That is a smaller bag, but if the cabin crew says “nope” and you refuse, you quickly run into the reason there are air marshals and airport security.

  20. Pinkfreesince2015

    What is with her stupid infomercials? She sounds like an old lady version of Farrah from teen mom. Building a second income because your “love checks” are swindling?

  21. Kimisan

    That bag looks too large to be a carry-on, which is likely what she was told at the gate, long before take-off. And why did she include a picture of herself with the luggage rather than just the luggage? I’m sorry it was stolen, but I seriously doubt the situation went down the way she claims it did.

  22. KayNotMary

    She’s so stupid.

    I never travel with anything I can’t afford to or is too important for me to lose. Expensive stuff including jewelry stays home and I only bring my cheapo backup laptop and offload everything from my phone I don’t need. Always assume you’ll be in some disaster where you could lose literally everything. I also use plain luggage that is securely locked. That’s basic traveling 101.

  23. GtownGirl

    I fell onto this page because I was researching the Mary Kay opportunity. From
    what I could collect- your blog is meant to share/educate readers. My opinion has little weight, however, I will state; This particular post & the derogatory comments (whore & others) seem offensive, & a display of bully behavior behind a computer. You portray this woman as a monster- are the ppl bashing on her any better??

    1. TRACY

      No, I’m not bullying Dacia. I’m pointing out that she’s an entitled brat whose behavior related to this situation with Delta is ridiculous. Maybe the truth hurts?

    2. BestDecision

      Have you met Dacia like I have? I don’t see bullying on here, but I do see people calling her out on her own behavior. More like she’s trying to bully Delta.

    3. Char

      “Bullying” is picking on the innocent. Someone who lies for a living, flaunts those ill gotten gains, and then displays entitled behavior as a con artist in disguise, is fair game to me.

      Public shaming of criminals and abusers is a very valuable tool.

    4. Nanette

      @Gtowngirl I hope you take what you see here to heart because the reality is that these Directors don’t care one whit about you unless you’re useful to them, and that translates into being a warm body that buys inventory. When you drill down, that is ALL you are to these people in this “opportunity”

  24. Joan W. (tealrun52)

    I haven’t checked out Pink Truth in a while and figured I’d catch up on how MK is doing during the pandemic. This is incredibly ridiculous that, as a business woman that she wouldn’t KNOW to be sure IF she’s going to travel with a luxury bag to make sure it’s a PERSONAL item that will fit under the seat in front of her. And to not remove all of her valuables is negligent on her part! It’s also pretty fascinating to see her “jumping ship” and promoting other products. When I saw her Insta, I thought that maybe MK had changed their stance on promoting other products (I’m fortunately incredibly out of the MK loop), but nope! Which can only mean she is “retiring” or about to be fired. Can’t wait to see the ending of this one…

    And… Is there a reason I can’t at least read the discussion board yet? I keep getting a strange message…

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