The Lie of $500 Sold at a 30 Minute Class

mary-kay-skincare-classWhere do I begin with this email to one Mary Kay national area? I believe that she may have had 12 women there. (Rare, but possible) I believe she may have sold $500. ($41 a person is not unheard of.) But there’s no way it only took 30 minutes! The only way she could do that is to spend about 6 minutes on the class, and two minutes each with the guests.

I don’t mind when Mary Kay NSDs actually do some work and show their consultants how it’s done. I just wish they’d be honest in recounting the work they’ve done so as to set up realistic expectations for the consultants.

Here’s how the nsd describes her class:

I know I forward emails to you regarding training but rarely write a personal note. My heart is leading me, as your Mary Kay leader, to write to you today.

Although things may seem out of control with the economy, elections etc. I want you to know that I pray for you ALL ( no matter how “active” you are) every day knowing that God is the one truly in control and all is well.

You all started your business for different reasons and I respect that but I believe deep down you wanted more! I am so grateful to this business and my career for so many reasons.

I just did a skin care class last night , which I don’t do as often as I used to since I am a National, and had a TOTAL blast and realized that no matter what is going on women love an excuse to get together.

The hostess basically booked herself to have a “girls night out” and invite her friends. I gave her my card when I was at the park and she was excited.

Ladies, I sold over $500, and half the people paid cash! Women ARE buying skin care and color and always will. It is a low ticket item that makes them feel great!!

If you do not have bookings now it is because you are not opening your mouth!!

Open your mouth and watch you business grow. Everyone can use extra pampering or cash now and you can have fun doing it. There were 12 women there so I just had them try the product on one hand and compare the two afterwards. It only took 30 minutes including sharing the marketing plan and they bought. I have at least 4 team member prospects that want to have fun and make money too!! I believe  the best investment right now is my Mary Kay product that I am doubling my money on, especially if it is skin care because people reorder that more often!

Ladies, HAVE FUN and put a smile on your face because there is hope!! I love that our Company is debt free and we are privately owned so we don’t have to answer to “shareholders”. Our Corporate staff does everything with the highest integrity, I know them personally, and our future is so bright!!

Don’t go to your appointments with dollar signs in your eyes. Ask yourself, “how can I make this lady feel special and pamper her”. Work your business with a servants heart and send out positive so you get that in return tenfold.

I am so proud to have YOU in my Area and I am here to serve YOU if you need anything.

Love and BIG Belief,



  1. BestDecision

    She didn’t actually hold a class! She just did TimeWise on the top of 1 hand. So, her table presentation probably was 30 minutes, but she still had to individually close all 12 that took much longer.

    See, if Consultants and Directors don’t read and use critical thinking skills, it’s easy to fall for how “easy” MK is. And it’s also a way so many, like myself, analyzed how I was holding my own appointments and self-doubting why mine took so much longer.

    A proper class for 12 people, which I would’ve done more of a trunk show than at a table, would’ve taken me 3 solid hours from arrival through 1-on-1 closes.

  2. Char

    “Ladies, I sold over $500, and half the people paid cash! Women ARE buying skin care and color and always will.”

    Yet she then went on to brag about potentially recruiting those customers to create self competition for selling product….

    “It only took 30 minutes including sharing the marketing plan and they bought. I have at least 4 team member prospects that want to have fun and make money too!!”

    Ladies, MLM is not a product sales business. The products only serve to mask the MLM con game. The email is full of lies and contradictions. She’s good at that, and that’s why she’s on the higher side of the pyramid scheme. These people make me sick!

  3. coralrose

    She talks about “pampering” and having fun. Puh-Leaze.
    How much fun is it to put some cleanser and moisturizer on the back of one hand and sit through a sales presentation?!
    Those guests certainly didn’t feel pampered.

    1. JanRD

      Been to a few MK events back in the day and pampered is not a word I would use to describe any of them. Sitting at someone’s kitchen or dining table to remove my makeup and replace it with an inferior product. Uh – no.

  4. Lily in NYC

    I’ll say it: I think the entire story is complete BS and there was no party. She made it up to have something to say to people who complain that it’s impossible to keep parties booked or to get anyone to buy more than a pity purchase.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      We were discouraged to do roll up bag sets because the consultant was actually losing money on these. I had such a hard time wrapping my head around the sets and deals, probably because I knew deeeeeep down I would lose money if I sold one and the whole thing just didn’t make sense.

      There was an SD who was #1 for court of sales because she pushed roll up bags to her unit. SHE did well of course, since all of her unit sales were from the minions ordering to keep up with those roll up bag demands but it didn’t shake out too well for an IBC when it was all said and done. All the directors of course followed her lead since she was #1 then it fizzled when people started asking questions and complaining they weren’t making that 50%. Hahaha

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