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Does God Help Women Get Pink Cadillacs?

We can pray to God about anything. But what does he listen to? And does he intervene?

We are well aware of the religious abuse heaped upon women in Mary Kay and their spouses. Everyone is told to take God as their business partner. The company even uses a motto of “God first, family second, career third” as a marketing tool, but in practice it is Mary Kay first, everything else be damned.

So when women are praying for excessive amounts of inventory orders so they can qualify for the pink Cadillac, what happens?

Earlier this week we talked about Chelsea Claytor’s pleas for orders (with the real truth that she needs recruits with big inventory package purchases, not individual small sales to customers). At 2:45 in the video, she starts talking about how God is going to make $40,000 in production happen for the Cadillac, and that God already “told” her that he’d work it out for her.

A troll criticized us:

You guys are absolutely PATHETIC. Did God tell you that he listens to all prayers in the world EXCEPT anything having to do with MK? 

So what do you think? Is God pitching in when women are trying to recruit in Mary Kay? Or does he have better things to worry about?


  1. Colleen

    Does anyone else find it distasteful that instead of praying for peace, good health for those that are ill, or a solution to homelessness these women are asking for a gaudy car?

  2. Neverpink

    My question is… why would God answer the prayers of an MLMer when he could be solving world hunger, creating world peace, stopping the abuse of children and the elderly, etc? If God is answering your Caddy prayers instead of a myriad other, more useful things, I would wonder about said god’s priorities!

  3. I have no qualms with God indeed blessing those with business pursuits, yes, even MK. So I will answer with “maybe”.

    What I disagree with, on the whole, is the mentality the MK business is a holy work, as some of these women make it out to be.

    Sure, maybe God will give businesses a nudge now and then, but I believe this to be potential blessings from the rest of life. You’re trying to br a godly person, God blesses you, and it happens to be via your Mary Kay business. Ok, I’ll accept that.

    What I generally can’t accept is that God is your partner is your creepy business psuedo-ministry.

    In short, maybe, but likely not at the level these women make it out to be.

  4. PeachyNotPink

    God is not Santa Claus. Stop asking him to give you cars.

    Reminds me of the first verse of the Janis Joplin song “Mercedes-Benz”

    Oh lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz?
    My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends.
    Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
    So lord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz?

    (Mercedes Benz lyrics © Strong Arm Music, WIXEN MUSIC PUBLISHING OBO STRONG ARM MUSIC)

  5. Celeste Carrington

    Thank you Pink Truth Warriors for opening the eyes of brainwashed MK followers. I am so glad I dropped MK. Hopefully the kaybots will wake up, get out of the pink fantasy & reclaim their lives. We don’t put people down on here. We are here because we were once in the same situation. It hurts to be betrayed. We speak from experience because we’ve been there.

  6. GetMLMoutOfChurch

    A big problem with linking God’s blessing with material well-being is that God never promises material well-being. Worldly prosperity is not promised by God. God forbid you have a church member who is poor or in bad health looking at these materialistic social media posts thinking, “I’m poor and struggling, God must not love me!” How can these women publicly pray for worldly riches without undermining the true promise of salvation??

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