1. She hasn’t been obedient to God??? Lady. Buy your own car for less $$$ and less stress. Better yet, get out!

  2. Let’s just leave God out of it shall we? Consider this His message to tell you to stop preying upon women.

  3. Get ready for your $900 monthly payments. If you’re that far away, that’s equal to 3 months of maintenance production. Take the $2,700 it’ll cost you in commissions July-September and instead go buy yourself something fabulous.

  4. I’ve never been in MK, I’ve known people who sell it super casually, but I find it absolutely abhorrent to imply that God’s Will is for you to get a cadillac of all things! How about putting that money into helping children or fixing up a park or something. Nah, gotta get that tacky car.

    Borderline blasphemous. Why is Christianity so deeply engrained in MK anyway? It seems so backwards- God loves you for who you are… BUT YOU NEED MAKEUP. I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing that so many women (and men) are up to their neck in credit card debt. Very saddening.

    It all reminds me of Jim Bakker. God wants you to have stuff! Abundance! Nah, lady. Keep religion of any sort out of your ‘business’. I’d say the same no matter what religion it is. It just doesn’t belong in business unless it’s specifically advertised as a Christian store or something.

    Anyone who was in MK in the past- do they say upfront that there are a lot of religious ties- especially Christianity? Ugh it just makes me so mad. Then I’d imagine people down the line feel like God doesn’t approve their work ethic.

    I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, but it just makes the rest of us reformed, liberal Christians look bad. Never use your religion as advertisement. Ugh, I just can’t believe this is how it is in that ‘company’! I remember watching a Conan remote segment, and he went to Mary Kay. Usually all the places chant his name, but there they were all yelling “MARY KAY! MARY KAY!”. So, so weird.

  5. Also… am I the only one that would feel sort of embarrassed driving a pink barbie car around? I just don’t see the appeal of that at all. And they don’t even officially own it. What a farce.

    • No Ma’am you are not the only one, I’d feel like a grown woman driving around in my little pink flowery power wheels car from my childhood 😛 LOL

  6. So many people confuse the voice of God with either their own internal thoughts and associating it with God because that internal desire is so strong. Or, it could be whispers from spirits tempting you. C.S. Lewis’s book, The Screwtape Letters is a fictional account of what might be happening in the spirit realm.

    Either way, we know that the message of the gospels of Jesus is one of sacrifice, not financial abundance gained from the debt of others.

    • Yeah, I figured it’s the internal thoughts – like, I’m confident I’ll get X, therefore God will give me X.

  7. Also I was super curious what this warm chat thing was about, so I youtubed it. There were huge canvas prints of MKA on her wall. Like big family portrait size. At what point does one consider this a cult?! Also the video literally showed her lying to every single person telling them they’ve won a prize. And posted it online! And I don’t mean to offend anyone who still uses the product, but it seems so cheaply made and doesn’t agree with my skin. I can’t believe all the MLM’s basically just go unchecked. This site really opened my eyes, and I’m grateful for that majorly.

    I was on a monorail in Disney World. It was like 10 or 11pm. I asked my friend for an advil (long day as expected- I get migraines). A lady heard us and turned and starts talking about oils or pills or something and gave a business card because we’re “so young- start now, fix the toxic problems in your body” etc etc. People are even stressed on vacation trying to do this warm chatter deal!

    I recycled that as soon as we got off the monorail. I refuse to even entertain the idea of such nonsense. In retrospect, I wonder what would have happened if I reported it. Technically it’s all Disney property. And If it really worked it would be readily available and I wouldn’t need a middle man. I was at three parks in one day, I needed that freaking Advil badly- not a clove of garlic or magical crystals or some ‘miracle product’.

    I can definitely see how many get involved though. She was so friendly and sweet but luckily I’d been reading here for a while and know the drill. Also- leave vacationers alone! Let us enjoy the moment!! Not listen to a sales pitch! We both left and just rolled our eyes.

    Anyway, people still in the fog need to head over to sephora. It’s like a makeup utopia compared to whatever they’re trying to sell.The true makeup lovers would have a blast. lol I’m not even a big beauty fan, but I could still wander that place forever.

    I wonder how many eyes were opened once they were either dragged or decided to just pop in and look at Ulta or some place similar.

    • A woman actually grabbed my hand on the street and put some crap MLM product (Nerium I think?) on me before I could even give her permission. Warm chatting becoming straight up physical assault?

      • Anyone ever heard of Young Living (Young Life?) oils? I used to work in the lab at Johns Hopkins. I came back from overseas with an awful sinus thing. A coworker was so kind and brought me a bag of some sort of cream for my chest and feet- (lie)- they claims the pores are better there or something? Then she started talking to me a lot. Hopkins is a rough place in general for employees, so I was thrilled that I had a friend and someone who wanted to talk to me.

        One week for continuing ed was about ‘essential oils’. Turns out it was her pitching her stuff. We made salt for the bath and smelled tiny jars of gross scents. And we got CE credit for that hour! It’s crazy nobody looked into it. When we went in I said to another person “do not buy anything or express interest. the starter kit is like $100”. Sure enough, all these people got their hopes up and were adamant they wanted to buy ONE scent. “Well you really need the starter kit to mix properly and create the best oil combo….” One of my friends was having a lot of anxiety taking over a lead position, and, sadly, she was SO convinced the ‘anxiety and calm’ or whatever would help her.

        The hardest part was thinking I was developing a really great friendship. Of course after I didn’t buy anything, that was that.

      • That is pure craziness! Do people in department stores literally grab you? Ridiculous, I’m sorry you encountered that. I also hate how they even admit it’s lies. Like pick someone that you like on them, then lie and say you’re making a model portfolio. Or a facial. How are MLM’s still legal in 2019? I forget the website, but it said “Women Are Dropping Their Side Hustle- Quitting Lularoe”. I doubt it was ever a side hustle. Just stress and money down the drain. It’s all on ebay now anyway.

  8. “I’m so blessed that I will never have another car payment for as long as i live thanks to Mary Kay’s career cars! “

    Oh, my sweet summer child…

  9. I find it comical all these women scrambling to make $50k to qualify for the Cadillac and saying things like what can you do to help? Order! When the real truth is the person that has to order is her or the sucker that buys a mascara and gets told how they must be business savvy. Buying a $15 lip gloss is not going to move that 50k goal tick much.

  10. Merging religion with profiteering isn’t anything new. Add to that, all the methods of persuasion and the modeling from charismatic leaders and the naive and trusting get sucked in. I was both. To me, the real problem is lack of thinking. The warning signs of inconsistency are everywhere. What is really a “head shaker” is thinking the enormous shortfalls in production are just God setting up a “miracle”. During one of my car qualification periods (and when easy credit was a thing), a pre-approved credit card came in the mail, to which my Senior exclaimed, “See? God provided the miracle!” Hm.

    Right. God wants me to put 3,000 on a card, in order to buy into a wholesale production scam that locks me into being responsible to produce 4500.00 each and every month, and exhaust all manner of manipulating my team with emotional guilt and/or trinkets, because it is clear as shiz, NOBODY cares if we sold anything! And everybody pretends winning cars are a sign of sales excellence!

    Got that right! It’s a sales job on the sales FORCE.

    • “A pre-approved credit card came in the mail, to which my Senior exclaimed, ‘See? God provided the miracle!’”

      100% pure, Grade A, top of the line mystical manipulation.

      Brainwashing 101.

  11. Now her post says she’ll “slip into a deep dark depression” if she doesn’t finish Cadillac. She’s a 20 year old college student and $45,000 away from finishing, begging people to buy something from her.

    Ali, if your happiness revolves around that car, I’m telling you from experience you won’t find it there. It’s sickening you’re using a major, life-ending disease as bait for people to spend more money for you. $45K wholesale is almost 3 months of maintenance Cadillac production. You’ve got 24 days left to pull it it, but WHY TRY? You obviously don’t have the unit size, sales, or momentum to do it. You are, however, doing solid Premier Club production. Do that! Clear that minimum wholesale with a lot of cushion so you’ll not have to make a payment!

    • I do find it interesting that she’s all in with MK as her “thing” forever (the whole never have a car payment again thing)… yet she’s getting this nursing degree. Don’t get me wrong: I’m HAPPY she’s getting a degree and will have a real career. But the shilling for MK in the meantime is gross.

      • And she may keep hitting up her colleagues after she earns the degree. Just hope she doesn’t forfeit her credentials in pursuit of the pink dream.

    • I totally agree with you, Best. She doesn’t quite sound like Nurse material to me if her life and happiness are hinging on a pink car. Hope she doesn’t go into mental health nursing, she won’t be much help!

  12. Introducing the Mary Kay “PINK” Cadillac 50th Anniversary Special Upgraded Car Horn Sound:

    “Oink, Oink, Snorffff….Oink, Oink, Snorffff”

  13. Wow. I work in sales and the number 1 rule is – never be needy with clients. Neediness is repelling. You don’t NEED that sale. You don’t NEED that Cadillac (ick). You WANT it. You don’t NEED it.

    Neediness. Nope. Really sad, too.

  14. I think she’s deleted all the Cadillac stuff off her facebook page. Her last post that I can see was from 2018. 🙁

  15. Just call her ‘Janis Joplin’–as in, “Oh, Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benzzzz”….

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