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The Pink Cadillac is Not About Sales

Mary Kay sales directors can earn the use of a pink Cadillac if their unit does $102,000 wholesale production ($204,000 suggested retail value) in 6 months or less. (That’s $17,000 wholesale per month needed to get and maintain the Cadillac.) It has nothing to do with sales. All that matters is the products consultants order from the company.

Sales director Chelsea Claytor is going for the pink Cadillac again. She has been all over social media with “Crown the Caddy,” saying that THIS time is finally going to be the time that she will do it. But she’s got one month and she’s $40,000 away.

This video promoting finishing the Cadillac makes it seem as if the goal is sales of products. IT’S NOT. What she needs is a bunch of recruits who will all come in with orders of a few thousand dollars each. Make no mistake, Chelsea doesn’t want people to take those catalogs or buy a couple products to get her to a sales goal. It’s because she’s hoping to recruit you.

(And please note that God doesn’t care about your pink Cadillac. He hasn’t told you he’d work it out for you. And yes, we see your engagement ring.)


  1. BestDecision

    When you’re $40,000 away from a car that has to be maintained afterwards, it’s self-sabotage to push to finish it. If you’re not consistently doing around $17-20,000/month, you don’t have a big or strong enough unit to support a Cadillac.

    And just so naysayers don’t miss it, the abuse of God is an infestation in MK. Maybe God is trying to tell you you shouldn’t be in a Cadillac if you still have $40,000 to go??

    1. TRACY

      Exactly! I wonder how much she’s willing to put on her own credit card to finish it. They always say “you’ll sell the products” but we know you don’t. You build and build and build that inventory from topping off production here and there.

      If she buys a bunch to “finish” Cadillac, she’s screwed. In the next 6 months, she won’t have enough production so she’ll be making co-pays. Her $2000 or $2500 commission checks are going to be eaten into with the copays, and she’ll die a slow death. All in the name of appearances.

    2. Char

      It is absolutely repugnant for her to think God would want her to drive a pink Cadillac when there are starving children. I hope this statement resonates with some so-called MK Christians, and they find her words and what MK represents deplorable and misguided.

      1. readr

        After I listened to the video I realized the God part might not even be an MK thing.

        I’ve heard people talk this way in totally non-MK contexts too, pretty much using blessed to mean lucky and being all God this and God that about *anything* (instead of talking about hope, fate, circumstances, etc. more abstractly). Like us saying “goodbye,” “by the way” (if interpreted by a listener as “by The Way”), “for god’s sake,,” etc. but more so?

        Totally not letting MK off the hook here! Just wondering if *this* aspect of the video is a particularly MK thing this time or just the way she talks?

        1. MLM Radar

          The god part is the false Health and Wealth Gospel preached by the likes of Joel Olsteen, Jim Bakker, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar and The Secret. Their false gospel shoehorns very neatly with multi-level marketing: believe and the universe will shower you with good fortune.

  2. cindylu

    This really is sad sad sad 🙁 (-< Wouldn't she be better off renting a Cadillac occasionally? Wouldn't buying a car be cheaper in the end? I can only imagine how immersed in all this fake hype she has become. The love bombing and phoney accolades for make believe profit. As to convincing herself that MK is divinely inspired then that's even more troubling. Focusing on spending thousands of dollars for a pink Cadillac is not remotely faith based.

    1. TRACY

      Of course she would. But she’s been convinced of the marketing value of the Cadillac and the opportunity to move up and make big bucks. I’m sure she believes she is going to become a NSD. The Cadillac is one step to that, and the faster she can move, the more momentum she develops, the more likely she can move up. Because if you slow down, people drop out, go inactive, etc faster than you can replace them. But to some extent, quick activity creates excitement and spurs them to create more activity. They’ll be more likely to recruit and get inventory purchases from recruits (and also put in extra production themselves to top things off) … until they realize they can’t make any money and they drop out. But in the meantime, all this activity from all these red jacket types is very valuable.

  3. Juliet

    In the link on this page for “God, Please Give Me An Escalade. Amen.”, the spouse of a cadillac kbot is worshiping the vehicle and mkay, and here is one remark that offended me and I so wish I could ask the [expletive] my question: his remark: AND SURROUNDS US WITH ANGELS LIKE ALL OF YOU.

    The Angels Like Them who you and your wife and all her minions will shun instantly when they bottom out? The hypocrisy of that statement alone makes my stomach honestly sick.

  4. MLM Radar

    I was driving through Orlando Florida yesterday and saw a Mary Kay pink Cadillac with a Florida plate. Any idea who that may be?

    No, it wasn’t on the road to or from a theme park. She’s probably lives in the area.

  5. Roo2

    $40,000 could go to such better use that products that will just end up in a landfill after they are never used or sold. What a sad mentality that anyone owes her that. As if God had nothing else to do but hear prayers about a Cadillac.

  6. KayNotMary

    If she’s begging that hard to clear that big of a gap in such a short amount of time, what she’s doing isn’t anywhere close to sustainable. Have fun being stuck with a lease you can’t afford.

    Looking at her page she’s been in for almost five years, makes fun of people with jobs, went through at least one round of some kind of credit counseling, and is engaged to a deputy sheriff. I hope he has his own separate bank account.

    Not impressed with that tacky ass engagement ring and I couldn’t help but point and laugh at the cheap “diamond” chip bauble she’ll be awarded for her court of “sales.”

  7. enorth

    June is the biggest Beg-a-Thon month of the MK year.
    Everyone is begging for something: a pink car, a “diamond” ring, a bee pin, Top Director trip, Queen’s Court. And let’s not forget the four-night cruise in the middle of hurricane season.

  8. No

    You guys are absolutely PATHETIC. Did God tell you that he listens to all prayers in the world EXCEPT anything having to do with MK?

    Also you sound so jealous commenting on her ring! If your ring is so much better, show us a picture! Do you judge women based on the ring that the love of their life gave to them to represent committing their life to one another? How big of you!

    Also are you actually trying to fault her for collecting sales? Or God forbid RECRUIT??! Omg how dare she try to grow her team?

    News flash. There are millions of people all doing the same thing to grow their MLM’s.

    Think you’re so much better? Last I checked YOU have dedicated your life to recruiting people to your way of thinking. You’ve created the thing that you yourself hate…a Cult! Only yours is based in hate and you make no money! Other than the ads on your site! which you SOLD. LOL.

    So congrats! This was a poorly written, uneducated post rooted in judgment, hate and gossip! YOURE DEFINITELY LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! ?

    1. TRACY

      Why so angry?

      Yes, millions are trying to recruit to MLMs, and they’re all losers. MLM is not a business. It’s a scam, and nearly everyone loses money. You may not have noticed, but this site is opposed to MLMs.

      I make plenty of money in a legitimate business. And I provide this site as a public service. The ads help cover the cost of web hosting, which I happily pay out of my own pocket.

      Thanks for stopping by. I”m sorry you object to our objection of the scam behind the pink Cadillac. (For those who have a hard time keeping up, the scam is that it’s not about sales, it’s about recruiting people into this loser opportunity.)

    2. MLM Radar

      You should pay closer attention to your bible. Start with Matthew 7:21-23.

      God listens to the prayers of those who do His will. I don’t remember ever seeing anything in the bible where God says you should used “fake it ’til you make it” tactics to recruit peole into a scam business opportunity.

    3. KayNotMary

      Jealous? Of some clunky rock I don’t even want? Lol. I don’t wear jewelry, it gets in the way. If a guy wants to show his love for me there are better ways than wasting money on something I’ll never wear.

      Even my worst life is better than your best life because I’m not a sucker trying to pimp an MLM.

    4. TRACY

      And listen… I am trying really, really hard to not make fun of her engagement ring. This isn’t the forum for ring shaming. But it’s fair to point out that she’s waving it around in that video purposely.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        That’s the “just got the ring” version of jazz hands, I guess. Where every move they make runs that ring past your face just in case you didn’t notice.

    5. BestDecision

      God has way more things to keep up with and care about than $40,000 in production, dear. And I drove Cadillacs and can say they’re fun and all but not worth $900 monthly payments you make when you’re that short on production. Her unit is averaging about $12,000/month prior to this video—nowhere near the $17,000 it takes to maintain a Cadillac. That’ll equate to a $900 deduction from her commission check for the next 3 months after her first quarter with one.

      And by the way, the quarter you’re waiting for your Cadillac to be delivered counts as a quarter you have to maintain it. It is very possible to already have a payment to make as you pick the thing up.

      And, honey, while you’re hoping to have a $1,000 week for a mere $400 gross profit, I’ll be over here making WAY more money, not wearing skirts, not having to be “on” when I step outside my house, and actually enjoy every minute of the weekend and weeknights without meetings, skin care classes, or hoping my guest shows up.


      1. TRACY

        And that $12,000 includes a DIQ or 2. So unless she can find others who want to go DIQ and bump her production, she’s going to be in a world of hurt as those DIQs spin off and take their production with them.

        1. TRACY

          Yes. It’s a graduated scale for the co-payment. You have to pay $900 per month if your production for the quarter is less than $32,000 (or $10,666 per month). If your production is above that, the co-pay goes down.

    6. Lazy Gardens

      God’s word on greed …

      Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”
      Luke 12:15 | NIV

      So praying for a Cadillac and people to exploit to get said Cadillac is probably not the sort of prayer your God wants to hear.

    7. Mountaineer95

      News flash: There are millions of people all doing the same thing to grow their MLMs.

      This is true…but how many times do we have to tell you that just be use MLMs exist, you don’t need to take part in them? You are just sad and petty based on your comments here. Go buy your way up a few ranks and then come back and contest our figures. Where’s your schedule C?

  9. Tess

    I don’t attend MK Parties because everyone knows it’s all about recruiting. I’ve even seen MK ladies get upset when a customer only wanted to purchase a few cosmetic items. They want to go for the big money – recruiting you so you will buy 5K of inventory. Selling a lipstick isn’t their goal. I’ve seen them be downright cruel and rude to women who were only interested in buying some cosmetics.

  10. Miranda

    I actually know Chelsea and yeah…pretty much all this is true. She’s got good intentions and is a very smart woman but she seems very out of touch since joining Mary Kay. She definitely just put in a big order to get the Cadilac because I remember her saying something to the effect of “I don’t even know what I ordered”/”now I have to sell all this inventory I ordered”. Also her IG has recently been deactivated and I’ve noticed less MK posts on her Facebook so I’m not sure of her current status but I can’t imagine it’s going well.

    1. TRACY

      Yikes. She certainly does not give off the smart vibe on social media.

      She did admit to a big “slump” after the Cadillac, so I’m sure her numbers are terrible. She didn’t have the base production to hold down a Cadillac to begin with. Then if she hasn’t been working, you can only imagine how bad the numbers are. If she didn’t make her numbers for 3rd quarter, her cash compensation would be cut and that will impact her ability to pay for that Cadillac she leased.

      All that being said, she says she *just* bought her first house within the last week, so maybe it’s all fabulous?

  11. Laquisha

    I met a lady in Texas five years ago. She called me told me that I could sign up for 100 bucks. Ha ha. My dad had some issues and I put off getting active. Mind you, I first told her I was not interested however she called me with her director on a three-way call and they were very pushy and I relented. Which by the way is completely on me. I asked many questions such as, would I have to make a monthly quota to continue to buy products at half price? The answer was no. Since I did not do as she expected, she has become frustrated. I get emails that accuse me of not keeping my word? Well I will tell you this. This individual has not kept hers. Steer clear of Mary K. They are opportunist, they care nothing about you, And all they care about is making their quota so they can realize their dreams. Everything that these women are telling you is true. I spent 15 years in the service And have been around plenty of manipulators.. This is the biggest scam ever. MK will end up losing its reputation and quickly. If these people keep contacting me I will ensure that it happens. I wonder how many low income women have given up their stimulus check to these vouchers. Everything I have read on the site is in perfect alignment with the manipulation tactics Experience by the women that tried to recruit me. I got out of it with 30 bucks in $100 kit. Thank God I sat back and watched how they behave. They are shameless. Mary K is well aware of these tactics and they promote them. You cannot convince me otherwise.

    1. BestDecision

      Call 1-800-272-9333 and ask them to end your Consultant number. This American thanks you for your service and continues to be appalled that people are being taken advantage of. I, too, wonder how many stimulus checks have gone to $30 hopes and $600 packages. But, you are right on all accounts to be frustrated, and I can guarantee, as a former Director and Cadillac driver myself, they have everything to gain by pursuing you. They’ll use your service against you and tug at your heart. They’ll lie about their net income. (Try asking them what their NET profit was last year. You’ll get a dear in headlights look.). They’ll lie, especially Directors, about how much time they actually spend on MK.

      Bottom line is they their kryptonite is questions and intelligence. They thrive on blind followers who don’t care enough to ask direct questions and demand documents.

      God bless you. ??

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