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Director Debuts at Seminar

It’s so exciting to debut as a new director at Mary Kay’s annual seminar! You get to walk across the stage and line up with all the other new directors. This new director lineup has been interesting over the years. It has been fun to see the number of new directors drop. Below is a sampling of some of those pictures. It’s been a while since we’ve done this…. Mary Kay stopped releasing “official” photos of the new directors on stage about 10 years ago.


  1. BestDecision

    I’m still amazed when people pan their camera around the room and show the new seating. Seminar has WAY less in attendance, and it reminds me of a very full Career Conference in size. I think they’re in the room the Cadillac dining area used to be in. Like we were always taught, “People will disappoint you, but the numbers never lie!”

      1. Neverpink

        I wonder if their cognitive dissonance even allows them to wonder about that in the first place. They’ve been brainwashed and then keep re-brainwashing themselves with “positive affirmations” and scripts. It’s… really sad. 🙁

      2. BestDecision

        I know they can see the difference, but you & I both know we wouldn’t dare verbalize it.

        The bottom line on Directorship: Put in the work with no guarantee it’ll pay you. If you bought a tool from Home Depot and it didn’t do what it said it would do, wouldn’t you be upset and return it? Book all the parties you want, hold all the unit meetings you ca, and there’s NO guarantee you’ll make a penny from them.

  2. MLM Radar

    Camera tricks: no overhead views on the screens or from the audience. Older pictures had the people on stage standing up to six deep, and on cascading levels. Here they’re standing side by side, all on one level, and perhaps three deep at most. Also, each of the remaining four divisions is augmented with 1/4 of the old Pearl division.

    The stage seems to be full, but you can do a lot with clever choreography.

  3. PrettyInPunk

    Question for those who have been in. Can you only debut once in your lifetime at seminar? Or if you debut, lose your SD and then get it back in a new year can you re-debut?

    1. TRACY

      I believe you DO get to do the new sales director stage walk even if it is your second or third time becoming a director. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. KayNotMary

    So, how are the four regions divided up? Is it by geography (southeast, midwest, etc)? Where did the former pearl region used to be? Who goes to what seminar?

    1. TRACY

      Not geographic. Back in the beginning NSDs were assigned to a division, so the division you’re in depends on which downline you’re in. Pearl people were divided between the other 4 divisions by assigning NSDs to them.

      1. BestDecision

        Re-entry. That’s what we called it when we came home from Seminar and back into our real world. I vividly remember sitting in the airport and on our plane analyzing the notes I’d taken at Seminar and then slowly morphing into what I was told I needed to be to move up.

        Sometimes, everything I was already doing got scrapped. My unit meetings were changed, how I wore my makeup, my accessories, how I talked to people…so many changes because I wasn’t what I needed to be. My new Consultant orientation had to go, my newsletter didn’t have the right recognition in it, I needed an ADDITIONAL voice messaging system, how I closed interviews was adjusted…all of it.

        And then the reality of re-entry beat me down further. We were told we’d come home to the same customers, unit members, and homes, so it felt like being told to climb Mt. Everest when you’ve never hiked before. July production already sucked, and the quarter would be ending in just weeks.

        As Seminar has now come to a close, it sickens me to think how many women are coming away defeated, analyzed, and weaker than when they left. They’ve listened to Beyoncé exclaim that they “run the world”, but their re-entry proves the hype of Seminar, the egos of those around them, and the statistically proven odds of success are more powerful than they would like.

        And these are the days I especially don’t miss.

  5. Ruby Slippers

    It’s amazing how everything is so “condensed” now….the Seminar seating, the stage, the packing boxes product comes in….25 years ago the arena was packed. It was like a stampede. Now you can go anywhere in the convention center and have virtually no crowd. Maybe people are finally coming to their senses…I did.

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