The Sneaky Tactic of “Backup Recruits”

For nearly the entire existence of Mary Kay, there was a little loophole in the recruiting rules that allowed a sales director to unfairly benefit after a woman completed DIQ and became a director.

Under the old rules, anyone recruited by the DIQ’s direct recruits prior to entering DIQ would stay with the original unit. So Jill recruits 8 women and enters DIQ. Anyone recruited by those 8 women would stay in the original unit, and not go with Jill’s unit when she completes DIQ.

This is no longer an issue, because Mary Kay changed the rules this year so that anyone in the DIQ’s downline goes with her to the new unit, regardless of when they were recruited. But I’m still presenting this to show you how downright shady Mary Kay ladies can be by purposely trying to exploit the rules to their benefit and their downline’s detriment.

The piece was written by retired NSD Anita Mallory Garrett Roe, one of my favorite promoters of sneaky tactics.


I am glad you are reading this because that says you are interested in having some DIQs. Having DIQs is a system, and there is a way that you can gather some “left behind” consultants so that when your DIQ goes into qualification you can have AT LEAST 8 “left behind” consultants!!It is important to start looking at the person who is enthusiastically sharing the opportunity and make a chart on her right from the start!

Now, with the ones who are going for it, take a piece of paper and divide it in half, horizontally. On the top box, you write the name of your potential DIQ candidate. As she gathers team members, you write their names under hers in that top box.

Then, you develop a relationship with her new recruits and cause them to gather some team members themselves… every time you harvest a back up recruit that will be a “left behind” consultant in your unit, you enter that name below in your box.

Your goal is to develop a chain of at least 8 “left behind” consultants so that when your DIQ does start qualification, you will have 8 left behind with you, the same number she is taking with her.

What you have actually done is you have 8 more people in your unit than you did before she got the Big Idea of going for Directorship!

Therefore, having a DIQ never should deplete your unit. So, it is smart to really work on getting these backup recruits coming in from the very start. This way you will have a strong unit.

Also, if you have say four offsprings, then you really ought to end up with about 32 people (4X8) left behind in your unit. This is how the big units do it. It is a system.

I know you can master this. The natural human tendency is to say to yourself, “Oh good, Mary is recruiting and doing a good job with her team, I will work on something else.” But don’t miss this opportunity to gather some “left behind” unit members! If you start in on it from the start, it will be easy.

You can say things to the new team member like, “Let’s get you into your Red Jacket right away! Part of your training is for you to see your Director do 5 interviews. Make a list and we will go talk to them.”

Make calling and encouraging this new unit member a big priority. In fact, you can offer to them the program of them calling you every morning at a certain time to tell you what they did the day before. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to get her off to a great start and to teach her things she needs to know in order to be successful!!

Let me know when you have a DIQ candidate coming up and I will write her a letter!

Love and belief!



  1. “Successful” MLMer = shiesty, lying, fake friend, con artist

    Why would anyone “work hard” to be like them?!!!

  2. What a sickening way to run a business. And MK’s new rule isn’t any better, right? Because now the senior director is motivated to sabotage DIQ’s qualification so she can keep ALL of the new recruits when DIQ fails qualification. That’s what Cindylu has described, I think (I was never in MK, so these nuances are still fuzzy to me).

  3. “left behind” … a horrible book series, worse movies and as a business tactic, I’m glad they got rid of it. (maybe the first semi-honest thing MK has done)

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