“Executive Income” While Driving a Cadillac

Sales director Ali Zornes:

Also Ali Zornes:

So let me get this straight. Last month you were bragging about how Mary Kay “allows” you (a 20 year old with no college degree) to drive a luxury car and earn an executive income.

This month, you can’t afford to pay your vet bill, so you’re having a sale that essentially will leave you with no profit. You’re going to sell a ton of products to your customers, profit nothing, and hurt your future sales because customers will have stocked up.

Also, you have the audacity to repeat the lie that you make 50% profit on your sales.



  1. I feel bad for her dog and she probably does need to pay high vet bills. Didn’t Ally recently have a Closet sale? And I believe that Chelsaea Claytor recently had a big sale and /or closet sale. That means they are bleeding Copays for those Cadillacs. Once they get into selling at a discount to make numbers it’s a downward slide just like a gambling addiction.

    • Oh yeah, they’re trying to unload all the inventory they bought to make/keep Cadillac. But the product “sells itself” so why the need to knock 40% off? If their recruits see these posts and don’t question the mixed messages, they’ll just keep believing everything they’re told.

      • Step 1: get your recruit to order a “full store” so she can make 50% on all her sales. Collect your commission and bonuses.

        Step 2: Offer all your own inventory for 40% off so you can break even after paying for “full retail price” taxes and shipping.

        Step 3: Good luck with Step 2. EBay sells for less.

        Step 4: Eat a massive chargeback and car copay when your recruit returns her inventory, after she figures out she can’t make 50% because you’re undercutting her.

        There are reasons why Directors don’t do much retail selling, even though MK demands they make a lot of personal “qualifying” inventory purchases. Wiping out your recruits’ incentive to purchase inventory is high on that list.

  2. I was never in MK, but I thought announcing these big sales on social media was a huge no-no.
    Everything at 40%? She’ll be hurting her sister consultants. Why buy from my regular consultant when I can buy a ton from Ali at 40% off?! That’s not the Mary Kay Way.

    • We were often recommended by directors to do sales, birthday discounts, give products for “interviews”, gifts for teachers, etc… This takes away from the profit among other things. These things were pushed. Discounts on discontinued products. Should I go on? I don’t know who pays full price anymore.

  3. I feel bad for the mental trauma of seeing a beloved pet in distress like this. Many of us pet owners know the cost of skyrocketing vet bills when something unexpected happens. You don’t want to make the decision to put your pet down and want to do everything you can to save them. But then spending $thousands is also a struggle.

    I understand her decision to get rid of stock. We all know that directors buy excessive amounts of stock with no intention of selling it – that they buy it to get into the car or to keep their directorship. Most 20-year olds don’t have the executive function to connect the dots between reality (she doesn’t make an executive income) and the dream (drive a free car! You make 50% profit!)) she’s been trained to spew on social media.

    I agree with pointing out her lack of awareness that her claims of executive income do not align with begging people to buy her discounted stock to pay for the pet bills. Maybe if she comes here and sees her situation (as sorry as I am about her sick beloved pet) it will open her eyes to the disconnect between dream and reality.

    • Yep. Begging for people to buy heavily discounted products proves you’re lying about executive income. I wish not recruits could connect the dots on this

  4. It’s an actual chant with these bots. Across the spectrum of IBCs, Directors, NSDs it’s always the same: cars, diamonds, trips, prizes, cars diamonds, trips, prizes, in that exact order. Over and over, wash, rinse, repeat, as though they use it to psych themselves up and don’t actually believe a word they’re saying. I’m so glad I’m not a sharp, slammin’ woman.

  5. What would be the point of recruiting anyone for 50% discount when you are selling at 40% off? In the world of go fund me for pet expenses it really speaks to the relationships of this director that in order to get sales she is taking such a steep discount. I would imagine 60% of retail would still most certainly be selling those products at a huge loss. But perhaps, her unit, customers, warm market must be tired of product pitches regardless of the reason.

  6. “wait for the inevitable 40% sale”

    Exactly. The only ones paying full retail-prices are Nana and Aunt Sophie.

  7. Serious question?
    I wonder how much it costs to fill up a Z-palette?
    The original idea for a Z palette was to take your favorite shades of blush, shadows etc and combine them in one. And then meant getting out the heat gun.
    I know. I know. Lots of brands sell single shadows. but look how small MK’s are.. I beg you sell for over $12 a pop.

    • You misunderstand.

      The original idea for a Z palette was to promote something gimmick-y that a lot of consultants would buy in bulk. Of course they also had to purchase all the inserts in bulk, so they could offer all the different combinations.

      Like all new MK innovations the Z palette had a planned (short) life. Saturate the consultant market, then quietly replace it with something else.

      MK corporate causes in again! Ka-Ching!

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