1. Do as I say, not as I do.

    For the money, NARS IS better than MK. Orgasm is probably the best blush shade available, and I personally love NARS foundations.

    • I totally agree that NARS or Bobbi Brown (what Pam was using) are both much better products than MK. 🙂

      • Once I left the pink fog, I discovered a wonderful variety of great products out there, especially from Ulta. The rewards program at Ulta is how I’ve purchased a number of NARS items, including foundation (which retails for $40-something a bottle and wears SUPER well), lip colors, blush, and eyeshadow palettes. Is NARS the only thing I use? Nope!!! Unlike MK where EVERYTHING IN THE LINE was pushed on you, I have a winde variety of skincare and cosmetics brands in my cabinet.

        • Ulta has the best rewards program out there. I love Bobbi Brown’s colors. I was like a freed bird getting to finally try other brands after I returned my inventory. I had so much fun and still do!

      • Isn’t it great to not be chained to one brand anymore? The TimeWise foundations were the final straw for me. I hated them. Yet, I had to fake excitement for them to sell my unit on them. Their pigment is among the worst and cheapest I’ve ever worn, including Cover Girl in high school. Bobbi Brown has the highest quality pigments I’ve yet to find and haven’t had a single disappointment in any of their color products.

        Color memories that’ll churn your stomach:
        Pink Ice
        Cherries Jubilee
        Downtown Brown
        Mocha Freeze
        Mauve Elegance
        Cotton Candy (eye shadows)

        • Cherries Jubilee looked REALLY good on me! Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow is a personal favorite (just wish they were cruelty-free). My go-to red lip color now is ColourPop’s Snow White. It’s perfect!

  2. Don’t break up the set. That was rarely achievable. Talk about abuse right from the beginning. The huge numbers of glamour products in MK is just a gimmick to keep consultants constantly buying MK Merchandise.

    • I walked away from so many sales because my Director taught us to never break the Basic. Horrible salesmanship!

    • Yes! When Mary Kay The Lady was in charge, the line was purposefully kept small. Boy, once she was out of the picture, that went by the wayside. The enormity of the line is proof that the “show” or “party” (are they back to that?) model doesn’t work; no one could haul all that to an appointment. It’s also one more way for them to keep selling (and selling and selling) to consultants. Too.Many.Products.

  3. Also want to point out. Michelle Cunningham (LOL) wow. One girl can be all these “generic”

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