Getting Rich at the Expense of Other Women

We recently talked about Gloria Mayfield Banks and her upcoming retirement from Mary Kay. She’s almost 65, the magic number at which you must retire and begin to collect your 15 year family security plan payout.

Gloria has been developing her side businesses for years, all of which take advantage of people in MLM who are desperate to know the “secret” to success. Selling products and coaching services to these MLM participants is dishonest and unethical, because everyone forgets to tell the distributors that they have almost no chance of success. They don’t tell the truth: that more than 99% of participants in MLM lose money.

Earlier this year, GMB got another plaque from Mary Kay for a commission milestone. She’s now up to $14,000,000 in commissions. Yes, that’ $14 million made from swindling thousands and thousands of women into signing up for MK and buying inventory packages. It’s disgusting.

Mary Kay is NOT a “business.” It is a gigantic scheme that takes money from the people at the bottom of the pyramid and passes it to the people at the top. “But I know someone who made money in MLM.” Yes, they essentially “made money” by stealing from others … lying about the “opportunity” and conning them into signing up and spending money on products. That’s not a business.



  1. I watched her stage presentation on YouTube. I wondered if maybe, despite her unethical career, she had some valuable advice. After all, she is at the top. It occurred to me: None of these “motivational” speeches are helpful because the speaker will never tell you the truth about success in MLMs. Gloria is not going to share her true secret. “You need to lie to and scam thousands of women if you want what I have.” The feeling of hope is what the audience member pays for. It’s intoxicating.

  2. It’s all magic. You begin wanting to earn $200.00 a week and all of a sudden there you are as an NSD. I would go to these meetings and believe that if I just listened, I’d be told exactly how it’s done. How to go from IBC to DIQ, to earning a car, to Director and eventually NSD. Problem is I just didn’t have the relentless and unprincipled ability to overlook certain things. I couldn’t hurt that minimum wage earner at a store. I couldn’t hurt that woman on welfare. I simply could not lie or pretend to even those women earning decent salaries in actual careers. It became impossible to pretend that the products were that great (When I found most of it over priced – especially the glamor products). I heard deception from my SD and at least 2 NSD’s. In the end when no one bought at my Open House or anywhere I advertised, I realized that this just wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t going to work because I just could not hurt or exploit other women period.

    • Cindy, your comment illuminated just how obvious it must be to Gloria that what she was doing was wrong and yet she kept going. For those of you who became directors, how is this rationalized? I’m just curious, no judgement implied. After all, I was pulled in too and I swindled a single mother or two. But I’m a psychology grad student now and it’s interesting to me how this stuff happens with people. I know most of the women on Pink Truth are caring, moral people or they wouldn’t be here.

      • When you make so much money scamming people you don’t realize over $80,000 is missing out of your personal checking account

        Knight had worked from October 2005 until January 2010 as an executive assistant to Gloria Mayfield Banks, an Ellicott City resident who is No. 4 in the company, according to a statement Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Colleen McGuinn read in court in January. Knight had access to Banks’ personal and business bank accounts.
        Banks’ husband, Kenneth, discovered in January 2010 that a significant sum of money had been moved from a joint account into one of his wife’s accounts. The couple realized that Knight was the only other person who could have accessed the account, McGuinn said.

        After Knight was fired, the Banks determined that a total of $87,700 had been moved into Gloria Banks’ accounts from the joint account without permission McGuinn said. That money was then spent on clothing, concert and event tickets, and items from several retail stores, among other things.
        Police searched Knight’s home in October 2010 and found many of those items, including a washer and dryer, a flat-screen television and furniture, McGuinn said. link

        • Let this sink in.
          This assistant had access to one of Gloria’ s & her husband joint bank account. The assistant was able to transfer $80,000 to Gloria’s personal account and then buy washer & dryers etc. I know this was done over a period of time.. But how irresponsible you have to be to even allow this happen in the first place.
          These weren’t business accounts. They were personal accounts this employee was permitted to access.
          Gloria shouldn’t be teaching anything.

          • Wonder just how the assistant learned how to scam on money during the time of being GMB assistant. She somehow copied the tricks of the trade? You can’t tell me a top give me 1200.00 NSD is a Pollyanna in real life. After all 87K and 14M we are discussing here- GMB top scam artist.

            I do not care for the tongue flip up in the first picture, kinda weirdly condescending , or maybe a salute to KISS or Alice Cooper?

  3. The same Gloria who didn’t realize her assistant stole over $80,000 off her until her husband looked at the account for reason. smh

    • Actually if you are a scammer, this is genius. She used the GMB account as a pass through knowing both are not paying attention. Over time makes her super sly, as she likely timed when to do the transfers, (i.e. at the times she knew they were caught up in their special world). She waited too long, IF maybe at 50k scammed out had to leave the job to take of “mother” and disappeared, they may have not know at all. She got complacent in her scam. This is my opinion based on your data – WOW. They could care less about 87K and change in general.

  4. Manipulation. Look at this gem from June of this year!

    When Gloria Mayfield Banks, our #1, speaks, WE LISTEN! She challenged us to sell $1000 TODAY!
    Purchase Satin Hands as a gift for someone just because. Spread your LOVE! ❤
    When 25 people purchase only $40, my challenge is DONE! SUPER EXCITED!!
    (link removed for obvious reasons)
    Purchase, share, inbox me NOW!!
    When you purchase today, July’s purchase has a HUGE DISCOUNT ???“

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. Sometimes I don’t think people completely understand why MLM is a scam. Not because the person is dumb, but because the rhetoric has been repeated so many times by con artists, that the public accepts it as true.

    MLM is a closed-loop system. The money that comes into that loop is redistributed amongst the same people in that loop. That means that some people have to lose for others to win. But, everyone is sold on winning to get them to join the scheme. If that person can’t find “new money” to make a commission off of, they will be the loser.

    The opportunists joining the loop of other opportunists should not be confused by being dubbed a product reseller. That actually plays a very minor role in this scheme. It really only serves as a talking point which makes the whole scheme ‘sound’ more legitimate – and appear legal. Understand, a scam must sound legitimate or it wouldn’t be a scam; it would be blatant theft. Selling the opportunity to sell the opportunity is not legal!

    Why is product reselling insignificant to the MLM scheme?

    – Mary Kay wants people to directly buy from them. They don’t profit off a consultant’s resales. MKI relies on orders from opportunists for them to profit. This is about them, not the supposed new “business owner”.

    – Psychologically, “Opportunists” will place a larger direct order with MKI. These opportunists dubbed business owners will put more money into the scam, and MKI keeps the lion’s share. This is why they are debt-free and worth billions.

    Everyone and anyone can join and buy direct from MKI. Why pay double to a supposed reseller? Plus and as mentioned, that’s not what the company prefers. This is why “training” teaches you to recruit and “build a team”…….of people who buy directly from them!

    MLM is just a sales and marketing strategy FOR THE COMPANY. MKI is a direct seller and doesn’t use stores. They dub their customers “consultants” because it sounds impressive and will likely get them bigger orders. Remove the rhetoric, and the consultant is just a customer. I’ll bet that hurts some people who thought they were special as a consultant. I don’t say that to be mean, but to point out how effective the MLM psychological strategy is.

    Yes, MKI will provide a kickback to someone willing to perpetuate their lie of a product re-selling business to lure in new “direct buyers”. GMBs commission check of 14 million is NOT from reselling product. That is all from recruiting enough new “losers” into the closed loop.

    But wait…

    “It’s not a scam, I made money.” People DO make money in scams. They are simply successful liars or con artists, or in MLM they’re called “leaders” like GMB. Remember, bank robbers and drug dealers collect money too.


    “Corporate America is a pyramid scheme too.” Here is the all important difference: Money to pay the corporate pyramid participants comes from OUTSIDE the loop of “money seekers”. The new corporate employees don’t pay into the company which would then pay the older employees. No, that would be the MLM pyramid closed-loop scheme. A legitimate corporation makes their money from non-affiliated people buying their product from genuine desire. They do not buy the product because of the attached “opportunity” to make money. It gets confusing, but in a nutshell, MLM is inherently flawed. (I’m tired now. Lol)

  6. Marrying a contractor whose business regularly takes on multi-million dollar projects such as hotels helps her image. She lets people think that Mary Kay is responsible for the lifestyle, but her husband’s money probably pays for much of it.

    She is also a master of “affinity fraud”, which is exploiting your own community to their detriment and your benefit. I wonder how many Black women she has left in her wake, poorer and less confident than they were beffore they were “empowered” by this scheme.

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