Mary Kay Leadership Conference 2021

Have a look at the plans for Leadership Conference 2021, the “directors only” rah-rah event that is held early every year. Obviously it’s going to be a virtual event this time. I like the $200 cash to use toward a meal before the day 3 party.


  1. enorth

    AGAIN with earrings. Even the directors are rolling their eyes. Closets are overflowing with handbags and jewelry from MK, waiting to be re-gifted to consultants or sold on Facebook during “closet cleanouts.”

    I am, however, impressed that the word “pivot” was not used.

      1. Heather

        Best – I did the same. After I completely broke away from MK, I gave away almost everything else – the bags, jewelry, the suits (the decent ones I gave to a women’s organization).

  2. Cindylu

    Charging $200.00 for a virtual conference is absurd. I imagine they’ll have to wear their suits, nylons etc. At least some directors gave actual gifts. My director gave paper coupons which no one ever redeemed. Cheap and useless. It’s no wonder My SD’s turnover rate was extensive.

  3. Charles S

    My name is Charles and I love the annual Mary Kay conference in Dallas.

    I always book a hotel at the event and go cougar hunting.

    As soon as Mark Kay consultants arrive, the wedding rings come off and the drinking starts. Many are trying to escape boring home lives with a little adventure.

    I’m 29 years old and bring lots of condoms and Viagra and party straight for 3 or 4 days with these horny under-sexed women looking for action.

    Easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

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