Jamie Taylor’s Secret to MLM

Why did director Jamie Taylor (still not an NSD) “succeed” at Mary Kay, but you did not?

She breaks it down in this video from October. You can skip to 0:50 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. It’s simple.

Some of you thought it was going to come easily and people were just going to buy from you without any effort.

And others figured out what they needed to learn and they did “the process.” They didn’t treat it as a hobby. They really wanted to do it. Plus if you want to be a leader, you have to lead yourself and serve others.

So there you go. You didn’t try hard enough. It’s not because 99% of people fail in MLM. It’s not the scammy system that is fraudulently referred to as a “business opportunity.” It’s your fault.



  1. But these products fly off the shelves and you only need three hours a week to drive a free car on executive income

  2. This attitude is rampant among staunch MLM-ers. I read an article by a victim of Plexus who lamented being taken in by the false promises and her own desperation in these trying times. After months of working her tail off, she was out $900, poorer but wiser.

    You should have seen the comments! There were a couple of sympathetic ones, but most were like:

    “It was your fault.”
    “You did it wrong.”
    “You shouldn’t have bought so much inventory.” (Yeah? And who convinced her she needed to?)

    One comment was a long diatribe about how people who wash out in MLM never blame themselves, which is the opposite of reality. That one really set me off, but I didn’t engage. I mean, what’s the point in arguing with a brick wall?

  3. This is such hogwash. If you have to burn the candle at both ends, then just say so. Instead they weave some tangled web about: Faith Family Career; A Free Car (Bahaha till there are co-pays; Free Training (Except you pay for Monday night meetings and Conferences including Seminar.) In MK you’re able to make executive income apart from the many directors who barely get by. We’re told not to compromise our principles but also to find a way or make a way. The slyness or “Nudge, Nudge Wink Wink” are somehow okay. We’re told not to compromise our principles. Yet there are those Directors boasting about a high check from years ago. MK tells us we’re their greatest asset and yet they rarely truly support their sales force. (They often change the products causing financial strife, rarely really advertise in real magazines or ads. Thousands of women are in debt and marriages crumble. The contradictions (Speaking from both sides of their mouths is paramount). For example: This is a numbers game, they use schemes (fake contests, pretend facials etc) to lure women in. We’re told to be Honest. In reality though is MK honest? Is duel marketing even real when they are an mm? We aren’t supposed to limit ourselves. Meanwhile MK constantly moves the goal post. Any profits we make goes right back into: New Products, Advertising, Seminar, Conferences, Co-Pays on cars, Decorations for open houses, Business cards, tapes, books, motivational speakers etc. Worst is that they shame their supposed greatest asset when they try to let the company know about unethical aspects of the business. The real Secret is MK doesn’t care period about their sales force. What they care about above Faith or Family or Honesty is “Profit Period” for themselves.

  4. It’s all “full time pay for part time work” and “being home with your kids while earning a living” until you really get it…

    Then it’s “you didn’t want to do the work… you didn’t fully commit… you weren’t willing to sacrifice.”

    It’s free cars and no quotas until you want the car and then “of COURSE there are requirements because they couldn’t just GIVE you a car.”

    • And putting kids in daycare or giving away pets so they can chase success. I’ve seen it, and it’s disgusting!

    • I went to a few of her Unit meetings when I lived in Nashville (a few months before I finally got up the nerve to quit MK after 9.5 years). They were some of the worst meetings I’ve been to. The training was terrible.

  5. I felt many brain cells trying to pack up and leave when I turned this video on. In order to save needed cells, I turned it off and went back to my trashy romance novel. At least with a smutty novel, I can use my imagination, and I’m only out the few bucks I spent on Amazon for it. She uses her imagination in an alternate reality that scams women for money and does not contain hot-blooded Scotsmen in kilts.

  6. What a complete and total mean girl. I’m sure lots of self deprecating and low self esteem women fall for her bullshit niceness. It has to be nice, she’s smiling! It’s that faux “real talk” where she convinces you she cares by having those hard conversations. You know, the type where she invited you to place all the blame on yourself.

    Also, easy on the filter—it’s not professional and certainly doesn’t build trust with those you’re selling skin care too.

  7. Just saw a video where the FESD said she heard an NSD say “the company is screaming for Nationals.”

    There’s room at the top.

  8. I feel like she’s just babbling while she is actually preoccupied with watching herself talk, probably thinking she looks cute, in that insufferable filter. Because all I heard was a lot of “um, like, you know, blah blah blahhhh” accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions.
    Barf ??

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