Recruiting a Widow to Mary Kay

The tactics used by Mary Kay ladies to recruit women into the scam know no bounds. Here we have a MK director who is trying to recruit a newly widowed woman who is “having a hard time making ends meet.” The director sent her a packet of information after a Zoom meeting, and the woman politely responded (after receiving the materials) that her friends weren’t interested so she didn’t think she could make money selling Mary Kay.

The responses by the other directors in the Director Tips Group on Facebook are sad and some of them are disgusting. The idea that the director is going to manipulate this newly widowed woman into MK with manipulative tactics is terrible. Things such as…

  • Suggesting that her friends who aren’t interested in Mary Kay products are “controlling what she does”
  • Knowing she needs to make money to “make ends meet” and still pushing this loser of an opportunity
  • Using the death of her husband (“this new season of life”) as a hook to draw her in
  • Saying that her very polite, to-the-point response was “fairly snotty”
  • The suggestion to keep bothering her about MK when she has very clearly said no
  • She’s “exhibiting fear and low self-esteem”???? How offensive to say that. She’s actually being assertive in a polite manner.
  • It’s also offensive to suggest she is “allowing others to determine the course in their life” when all she has done is ask her friends their interest level. (And rightly so, if they’re not interested, she’s going to have a rough go of it. Even if the WERE interested, her friends still aren’t enough for her to turn a profit.)
  • How laughable is it that someone suggested “if you give it a try and it’s not for you, just quit”??? Yeah, how often do they let you just quit? They twist your arm to stay in, especially if they’re afraid you’re going to return your inventory.
  • So many people don’t know what Mary Kay has done for so many women. True. They don’t know the millions of women who have suffered massive financial losses because of MK.




  1. “Friends controlling what she does”

    Funny, coming from someone in MK. Wear this, wear that, don’t drink at functions, share a room, order to win something, order to help with car (not a car to benefit YOU), husband unaware plan…..

  2. The widow’s mistake was giving a reason for saying no. The explanation about why she doesn’t want to join opens the door for manipulation. She should have just said, “I’ve decided not to do this for personal reasons.” “Can I ask why?” “No.” She doesn’t owe an explanation for declining. We are taught that we have to justify our position. The objection scripts are all based on manipulating their justification for saying no. The widow will continue to be harassed by MK as long as she leaves the door cracked open.

  3. Sounds like the widow has a great and supportive group of friends. The only kind of true friends to have are ones that will call you out when you’re wrong and steer you away from predatory pyramid schemes and anything else that’s not in your best interest ESPECIALLY at a time like this when she’s so vulnerable. I don’t know how anyone could shame this woman for doing what’s best for her, but then again if you’re a bloodsucking bottom feeder like the consultants in those comments, you do things like that. ?

  4. Someone who has worked in marketing her entire career does actual market research before committing to try to sell a particular product, and that is somehow being “snotty” and “letting others control what she does”? And what do you people think you’re doing with your elitist attitudes and canned responses, if not being fairly snotty and trying to control what she does?

    And the lies!

    Lie number 1: “Only 3% of those making over $100k per year are women, and 70% of those women are in MK.” What? (And this is the one saying to persuade with “facts.” Ironic.) The real statistic is: of the women making over $100k per year in MLM, 70 to 80% are women. Hardly the same thing. I’ll bet there are more women making >$100k per year at Apple than in all of Mary Kay.

    Lie number 2: The government went to MK and begged them to make sanitizer when there was a shortage early in the pandemic. It was the other way around: MK asked the qov’t if they could keep their factories open if they started making sanitizer.

    Lie number 3: Selling to friends and family is “not our business model.” Really? Then you’d better let Corporate know; they seem to disagree with you. [I suppose it is true, in a way: the business model isn’t selling, it’s recruitting.]

    Lie number 4: In 46 years, no one ever quit and sent their unsold product back? Come on.

    What really turned my stomach was the “she’s probably either a [sic] S or C personality” comment. Manipulate much?

    Kristin is right, though, you can’t get these types to leave you alone if you tell them why you’re saying “no.” They’ll use it as an excuse to keep coming back at you with some bullcrap refutation of your objections in an effort to wear you down. One of the best responses I heard to shut up a particularly pushy MLM-er was: “But I just don’t WANT to!” Hard to argue with that.

    Another good one is, “I have decided not to pursue this. Please respect my decision.”

  5. This is BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS!!! It’s bad enough that MK’s business model is so predatory to begin with, but to go after a newly widowed woman who’s having difficulty making ends meet is UNCONSCIONABLE!!! Years ago I was a paralegal in a law firm whose practice was concentrated in probate & estate planning. One of the most important pieces of advice we gave to our newly widowed clients was to avoid making major life-altering decisions for at least a year after the death of their spouses. Two years was even better. Settling an estate can take quite a bit of time, especially if it’s a large one, & the widow is usually tasked with getting this done, hopefully with the help of an attorney who’s well versed in probate law. Widows are very emotionally fragile when their spouses pass on, & the last thing they need is to have a vulturous MK director hounding them. There has to be a hotter place in hell for these vultures, & I’m so angry that I could spit nails!! Hopefully, this widow will block the phone numbers of any MK directors or consultants to avoid being harassed in the future.

    • I’m with you, Peggy. The worst part is how the vulture described the widow as “a LONG time lead/contact.” The hidden message is: “I’ve been harassing her for, like, forever, and gotten nowhere, but she’s more vulnerable now. How can I cajole her into signing up?”

      Nail-spitting ire, indeed.

    • They were probably hoping to get their claws into a life insurance payout or some other assets.

        • I’m thankful that my SiL asked her friends not to contact me after my husband died. Only two actually contacted me, an oily hun sent some samples to help me cope and a pure romance sent me a catalogue to help me cope!

          I sent the PR hun a photo of me shredding her offering and the oil hun a picture of her bottles at the hazardous waste disposal site.

  6. The “she’s probably an S or a C” really cheesed me off too. I test as a high S. I have been treated unfairly because of it. But something that comes along with being a high S is the ability to see through people’s bullish!t. Hee hee hee.

    • I’m a C. C’s are precise, analytical, attentive to details, cautious, and skeptical. In other words, the type to do their research first.

  7. If it wouldn’t be too upsetting for the widow, I really wish she catches wind of this article on PT. Let her see the manipulation of her so-called friend, and her friend’s “friends”.

    I’m too disgusted to string many sentences together today. Maybe just words: insensitive vultures, liars, brainwashed cultists, manipulators, elitists, stinky old-lady perfumed scammers slathered in clown makeup…….in ugly suits.

  8. Vultures. Absolute vultures. The lies rise high alright, but it was the “no one has EVER returned product”…. We are into some sort of psychological pathology where that person has told the same lie, for so long, and is so spongy of spine most likely regardless, that she really believes that lie, and the people around her are snorting or crying, depending on their length of service in the vulturehood.

    Snotty equates to “knows more than I want my victim to know”. That snotty marketing widow is the epitome of graciousness and class. She probably DID ask her friends, just so she could be speaking truthfully, but she knew very well mk is unrelated to marketing in the same degree mk is born of the pyramid scheme and recruiting. Mk has nothing to do with sales, only with vile manipulation and exploitation of emotions and finances. One leads to the other and you can’t have a successful unit without eternal hordes of women being robbed of their lives in almost every base need way possible.

  9. Complaining about her letting her friends “control her life” instead of them getting to do it … yup, that’s Mary Kay’s sisterhood.

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