If you’re lucky enough to be invited to see the recruiting video of Chelsea  Adkins (she’s soooooo excited!!!!), you’ll get to hear about how she uses Mary Kay to introduce people to Jesus. Can you say religious abuse?

And just in case you forgot…

Chelsea did NOT sell $100k of products, and her unit did NOT sell $650k of products. But her unit did place product orders of about $250k to $300k wholesale. That’s a whole lot of MK products sitting in closets, basements, or garages. (Or being part of the 40,000 to 50,000 MK items listed on eBay at any given time.)



  1. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

    It seems Ms Adkins doesn’t know the basics of her own religion.

    • Every time they say that God or Jesus helped them [earn a car, finish a unit club, get on a trip, get to nsd] , they are taking the name in vain. It is so sick and disgusting.

  2. This reads and so, so fake. God did not make this happen, Chelsea. You did, with your credit card. Your unit did with their credit cards.

    If you truly “sold” $100,000 of product, please prove it. I don’t believe you.

    I’m sure you sold some of it, but you didn’t make much. We watched you give discounts, do BOGOs and the like, just to get a few sales. There can’t be much profit there.

    Then, at the end, she says all of the glory belongs to God. Really? If that’s the case, and this post isn’t supposed to be about you, why did you make it? To me, it smacks of attention seeking behavior and it’s gross.

  3. I have always wondered about the human mind’s ability to justify and rationalize completely discordant ideas, that under strict analysis, they would normally be able to discern.

    So. The God of the Universe, creator of the space time continuum, operating outside of that playground, wanted to make sure you were able to influence and manipulate his magnificent human children to over purchase cosmetics, losing their integrity in the process. Ok. Maybe so. Maybe it’s possible that God uses Mary Kay to expose the deceit of the human heart, and is doing exactly the opposite for which you are giving Him credit.

    Just never could wrap my mind around all the credit God gets in Mary Kay, for crippling debt, false claims, manipulation through relationships and low self esteem, attention to the outside of a person, rather than inside, materialistic goals and achievements. Commandment 11….Plan and deceive to get rich, taking advantage of others, and make sure I get the credit.

    • It’s as old as God Himself, using “God is leading this mission” to brainwash cult victims. I believe He is there to provide strength and wisdom. It’s up to the average Joe to use that wisdom for intelligent thought and not for selfish advantage.

  4. Pretty sure there’s nothing in the Bible about Jesus wanting his followers to earn ✨Millions✨ of hypothetical dollars while embodying half of the seven deadly sins, all whilst giving Jesus full credit. Nah! That’s not something God would take credit for. 1 Timothy 6:3-10 talks about the dangers of pursuing wealth and riches. “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation … for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

    This also baffles me because of the oblivious nature of these statements “ I’m bragging on God” “the favor of God on my life” “Leaving it up to Him”, as if God wouldn’t be focused on anything else but how her business is going. Not her mental and emotional health? Not her relationships with Him and others? Not her personality??? She is only praising the god that works for her.

    This also seems like she is trying to side-step her “hard work” and her consultants sacrifices and come off as humble. I personally believe you should be allowed to take credit for your hard work – God didn’t do it for you – YOU did it and you can say you did it with humility included (Chelsea gets an asterisk in her case).

    The use of spirituality in Mary Kay is a smokescreen – a manipulation to make women feel safe using spiritual statements quoted and re-quoted like a game of telephone, when we all know in the end of the game they are far from the original.

    • I think you are right on the money. The God first smokescreen actually becomes a recruiting tool for those who might be suspicious. Surely all these “godly women” wouldn’t be conning me.

      Why not? They are conning themselves!

  5. God can’t cure cancer AIDS or homelessness cause he’s busy getting Chelsea’s Cadillac.

  6. Pretty sure that “get people into your pyramid scam” is not on God’s approved list of gospel-spreading methods. ?

  7. Sadly this began right from day one. The Golden Rule, Go Give, “Faith First, Family Second and Career Third. It probably is a reason why some of us were attracted to MK to begin with. We thought MK was an ethical, caring, empowering business. We thought MK cared about us. They don’t.

    • It’s even worse than “not caring about us”; it’s actively deceiving us for their own financial gain.

  8. I’m glad that she had the opportunity to lead someone to Jesus. That is a great thing. However, she’s using MK now as a platform in which to evangelize. She’s using the Christian faith as tool in which to promote her business in a sleazy, underhanded way. While in my job, I occasionally have the opportunity to have a spiritual discussion, I don’t proselytize as a means of gaining financially that is to the financial detriment of the person I’m sharing my faith with.

    My husband is a pastor. I get that we do gain financially by his career. Here’s the thing…he could make more working in a factory. His career is a calling rather than a job. The people who tithe and give offerings do so out of their own free will and not out of pressure from my husband that they will gain financially if they give. Saint Paul talks about this in 1 Cor 9:9-14 among other scriptures. Chelsea isn’t a pastor. Nor is she a Missionary. She’s a lipstick saleswoman and pyramid scheme climber. It irks me that there is this mixture of faith and finance in MK.

    • Personally I’d be freaked out if some-one claimed that they had lead me to Jesus. It’s not like
      us non-Christians are unaware of Jesus given how deeply imbedded Christianity is in Western culture. we have various kinds of missionaries coming to my part of rural Quebec to “give us the Good News” .

      These kinds of testimony remind me of Plexus pusher and tract pusher Jill Rodrigues who frequently claims to have lead people to the Lord Daniel. It sometimes feels to me that it is performative Christianity rather than a genuine desire to share the love of God.

      • Thank you! I’ve been looking for a way to describe this super fake virtue signaling behavior. “Performative Christianity” hits the nail on the head and perfectly describes this. Thank you!

  9. I will admit, as much as I like to see posts about “Chelsea Behaving Badly” (and there is SO much subject matter for that), I kind of miss the Friday Critic posts.

    Are we running out of random emails along the lines of “I’m not in MK and I just literally FELL over this website but gosh darn it you people are miserable hateful loosers”?

    I didn’t think I’d ever say that I miss them, but I kind of do. Maybe they ran out of exclamation points? That would explain it. 😉

    • “I stumbled on your site completely by accident when I looked up new words to describe how great Mary Kay is!!! You are all so sad and bitter and hateful and WRONG about Mary Kay!!! I joined Mary Kay a month ago and I already made almost two hundred dollars from my first skin-care class!!! We all had so much fun!!! My mom bought lots of stuff, and I sold some lipstick to my sister!!! Mary Kay has taught me what it means to own my own business!!! I can see you are all bitter women who will never amount to anything in life because you’re all so NEGATIVE!!! You push all good things away from yourselves with your negative attitudes!!! I will pray for you!!!”

      There ya go, Mountaineer95. I hope that’ll hold you until the next real critic stumbles along. (Obviously, mine was fake. Not enough spelling/grammar errors.)

    • I just decided to shake it up a little bit. We have plenty of Pink Truth Critics to keep us going. Fear not. 🙂

      • I thought maybe you were waiting until one of the critics had something new to say, or maybe that made a decent argument in defense of MLM. Guess we could wait forever for that. It’s still fun to see each week all the poor grammar, spelling, excessive exclamation marks and emojis.

        • I guess my attempt to tide you over was wanting, was it? Boy, you try to help some people…

          I know what… next time, FOUR exclamation points!!!! Yeah!!!! That should do it!!!!

          And tiepos!!!! YES, AND ALL CUPOLA LADDERS!!!!


          (Oops, now I’m just channeling GMB_SUCCESS. Back to the drawing board…)



            • No way can I top “PINEAPPLE OF SUCKSESS.” Not even gonna try.

              The win goes to: (tears envelope; blows into it, spraying a little saliva; reaches in, tugs paper out; drops paper on ground; picks it up; squints at it; gets out glasses; squints harder; gets out stronger glasses; squints again): Mountaineer95!

              (Music plays, fans go wild, NayMKWay applauds while hiding envy behind a fake smile.)

              • Lol, I feel like I should make a Jamie Taylor-inspired YouTube video wherein I humbly accept my award while in tears and thank God the entire time. And I didn’t have to max out my credit cards to “win”!

              • I admit, I’m pretty proud of myself for that one. Some of my best work, that right there! ?

  10. She can lead people to Jesus but she can’t lead herself out of her mama’s house. OK Chelsea. You do you.

  11. “I personally sold $100,000”

    Really? Show us the sales receipts. We don’t need the personal details of every customer…you can black that out…so you can’t use privacy as a reason to not supply this proof.

    I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve had a post or a thread referring to Chelsea’s LYING ABOUT HOW MUCH SHE SELLS, and nobody (not Chelsea nor anyone from her unit) ever shows up here with proof that she “sold” what she claims to have sold.

    So until the huns in Chelsea’s unit show up with proof that she sold what she claims to have sold, we will keep calling her out on the lies.

    I guess that’s what miserable lazy loosers do. 😉

  12. oh my god.. or is it oh my jesus? depending on if you ig are jewish, christian or catholic and so on they are both or he is rolling in his grave. even if you don’t believe in higher powers.
    what a bad wig sis. all that money and you can’t find someone to put your wig in right?

  13. Chelsea did NOT sell $100k of products, and her unit did NOT sell $650k of products. But her unit did place product orders of about $250k to $300k wholesale.

    I love it how Tracy tells it. No you did sell this. She will pull out recipets of your 50% off sales and get out that Applause Magazine too.
    Marykay Ladies and Gents,
    Stop it. Tracy is a forensic accountant. Stop it or you will be featured on this website next.
    [insert GIF pointing finger while shaking head no]

    Gosh I love you Tracy!

    • Boo. The blockquote HTML not showing up like it used too. The first quote was supposed to show like a quote.

    • Mom…Mom…Mom.. It’s my turn.. You said I got every Sunday from 11 pm to 11.30″

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