Finishing Goals With Dishonest Tactics

Here are a couple of tactics that are used to help make production goals. There’s always a push at the end of the month for new recruits toward the goals, but a recruit without a wholesale order is useless. So here’s how to game the system to get a little extra time AND have a little more leverage with the recruit.

The key is to place an order for the new recruit in the amount of $600, $1,200 or $1,800, and on a credit card that you KNOW will be declined. (Not too hard for the typical sales director with maxed out cards.)

After the month officially closes, the director has a few days to “resolve” order issues, which means taking care of orders on hold or problems with agreements. During those few days the director has time to “work” with the new consultant to obtain financing for this order with the declined credit card.

The sales director could tell the consultant that she had the option of canceling the order at this point. (Since the consultant probably didn’t want the order to begin with.) But the director probably won’t tell the consultant that this is an option. More likely, she’ll tell the consultant (in a panic) how it has to be paid for, they need to find a way make a way, that their success in Mary Kay depends upon this, and a bunch of other lies and half-truths. The sales director has just bought herself some extra time to make production for the month while this order is being “resolved.”

You see this practice with the credit card going on a lot, especially if a director is struggling to meet production or finish a car. Corporate is aware of the practice, but looks the other way. (As with many of the other practices that are not on the up-and-up, but corporate ignores them because they generate wholesale orders.)

Another way to “finish” cars means finding terminated consultants to reinstate. If a director or car driver can get a consultant to reinstate under the $20 deal, and put in a $600 order for her, she’s hit the jackpot. The reinstated consultant pays nothing. The sales director or car driver gets DOUBLE POINTS for a personal recruit. Add that to the commissions, and we’re talking cars and cash!

This thing goes on at all levels. It’s not just directors trying to make minimum production or meet some sort of goal. It happens with those trying to make it to national as well. The corruption runs de


  1. Orders are also placed on hold by directors at month-end and sold to the consultants in the unit. It is the very definition of a pyramid.

    • I’m confused about orders are sold to the consultants in the unit. What do you mean?

      This isn’t something I heard of happening.

  2. Does a director benefit more if she recruits someone or if she lets her downline recruit them so she can move up the pyramid?

    • Commission received is higher if the director recruits someone herself. But she can’t move up in the pyramid without recruiting by those below her.

      So…… what you see as someone is trying to get to NSD, for example…. is that she will find a recruit and place her somewhere below in the pyramid, wherever they need more bodies or money.

      • Such a bizarre system when you look at it, isn’t it? 😊 It’s not only based on how much an individual recruits but also by what those below her recruit.

        But they say you’re success is Solely based on YOu. Yeah, right!

  3. “time to “work” with the new consultant” … you mean time to work ON the new consultant to harass them into covering the order.

    • Oh, no, it’s work WITH. As in sit down WITH them and browbeat until they get out their credit card and fill ‘er up.

      Ya know, WITH.

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