Mary Kay nsd Jamie Taylor recently held her “9 Losers on a Beach” event, otherwise known as “Pink Retreat 2022.” Basically, Jamie rents a house, you pay for everything else, and you create a bunch of social media content (i.e. bait for new recruits) while you’re there.

While there with the other sales directors, Rachel Ryan was trying to finish up her first unit club so she could be permitted to go to dinner with another nsd, Lisa Madson.


This is so exciting, right? NO. The first unit club is $300k. It represents about $125k in orders by Rachel’s unit. Which might bring in about $35,000 in commissions, if she’s lucky. That’s BEFORE any business expenses. Only a small percentage of directors get to unit club level. How hilarious that we are so excited over Rachel making the equivalent of about $16 per hour (without factoring in any business expenses)?

Our member Mountaineer95 provided this great breakdown of the situation on our discussion board:

  1. The “sales” she is “hustling” for on vacay are NOT sales made by her [consultants] to the end consumer; she is focused ONLY on wholesale orders that her unit will place.  It doesn’t matter if the products her unit orders are actually already sold; that aspect is NEVER important to her.  It doesn’t matter if you, the [consultant] in her unit, have already received money from your customer that you’ll use to order the item your customer wants.  You WILL be encouraged to order wholesale products even if you have no buyers committed to buy them.  Her “hustle” for “sales” is STRICTLY about getting you, the [consultant], to order as much wholesale product as you possibly can (frankly, even MORE than what you “possibly can”, via a new credit card, loans from family, etc).
  2. Timing is crucial for this director…while it might not benefit YOU to place the order by the last day of the month (like if you’re spacing our your orders to properly maintain your quarterly purchases that allow you to still buy at wholesale prices), that fact will be totally brushed over by this director…she does not care how your purchase best serves YOU; she only cares that it supports her needs/goals.  Your order needs to be in by HER deadline, even if this timeline  doesn’t support YOUR needs as [a consultant].
  3. What does this “vacation hustle” mean?  Well, if you’re [a consultant] in her unit, it should tell you that while they proclaim that you make your own schedule and work when you want (giving you that extensive family time they brag about, BTW), you really don’t.

Doesn’t this vacation with 9 Losers on a Beach sound great?


  1. Also, wonder where Anastasia Szymkowski is? She supposedly earned her Cadillac but was not mentioned as being invited!

    • From her FB page, AS has been busy trying to get people to pay for MK Easter baskets for nursing home residents. “Each basket will have hard candy, and a pedicure set which includes a foot mask, scrub, and stone.” Bad choices IMO.

      She’s also been busy trying to finish her model portfolio, along with 30 Face in 30 Days and her skincare class. “One opening left.”

      • My dad is in assisted living in a local retirement community. I have first hand experience in the nursing/skilled nursing side as well.

        No one who is in either assisted living or skilled nursing would ever use a pedicure set. First, most cannot reach their toes. Second, they don’t have access to a basin to wash their feet. At best, someone in assisted living has a shower unit – but no bath. Skilled nursing residents get baths in a jetted walk-in tub elsewhere in the building because rooms don’t come with this. Third, most people in either skilled nursing or assisted living are fall risks. There’s a REASON why they are there! Fourth, who does she expect will do the pedicure – the CNAs or nurses? Pffff.

        To choose a nursing home as the recipient of pedicure sets is irresponsible thinking. These basket items will go in a drawer and be there until that person passes. Or at best, given away to a relative. Again, I speak from experience. Do you know what a resident really needs? VISITORS! And that doesn’t cost anything except time.

        • My thought on seeing mention of a pedicure set: “Who’s going to give them a pedicure? You might as well give them a coupon for a free water-skiing lesson, for all the good it will do them.”

          The thoughtlessness is mind-boggling.

  2. That is a a very awkward and unflattering photo for her mentor to share. She also posted those icky drunk pics of Chelsea on the bachelorette trip. Not exactly lifting up her team!

    • Oh but it’s supposed to create envy! Look how much fun we’re having!!!

      NSDs spend money on events like this because it makes them money long term. Make the trip “exclusive” so others will want to be a part of it and will recruit and frontload more. Make social media content while you’re there and make sure everyone who attended shares it. This creates ongoing envy.

      • Exclusive trip. Yet, these SDs shell out money for travel, tolls, food, etc. Did they all drive their gas-guzzling Cadillacs to the Florida Panhandle? They would have been better off staying home.

  3. I know that my comments might sound to some lurkers like a personal attack against this particular director. It’s not; it’s an attack on the system of MLM and MK. She might be a lovely person and a good friend. But that doesn’t make the push for production any less damaging to the consultants.

    • I’m happy to announce that the top hit on a Google search of “Rachel Ryan May Kay” is….drumroll….Pink Truth!

  4. When I first saw this photo, I asked myself, “Does Jamie not like Rachel?” Why would she post a photo of her with her eyes closed?

    • I feel like they are all catty to each other in that beach house because Chelsea was filming the view and said what a nice view and one of the other girls said “who me?” And Chelsea said no you ruined it. I know it was a joke but it seemed a bit hurtful the way it was said.

      • I get the sense that Princess Chelz is only happy when every bit of available attention is on her. A la basic narcissism.

  5. “Gotta make Unit Club so I can have dinner with Lisa Madson! Such an honor! Maybe she’ll let me watch her eat! Pray for me!!”

    Ick. Just…ick.

  6. Ugh, some of these women should not be wearing two piece bathing suits. College is long over, now cover yourselves a little bit more. You know who you are. Obviously ate too much from the snack trays at the various Mary Kay skincare classes and events.

    • Can Pink Truth not be a place of body shaming by men?

      There are far more vile practices that MK and other MLMs do that we should focus on.

    • Listen here, Charles, because I will only say this once.

      Shut your cake hole. I’m a round, curvy gal who loves wearing a two-piece. And ya know what? It looks darn good and my husband likes it.

    • Charles, you can suck it. The purpose of the photo was not to solicit comments on their bodies. Jesus.

    • Is this the same Charles that said, “Judge should tell the SAHM after many years of service in the home to get a ‘damn entry job’ flipping burgers after divorce, even though husband has collected years of experience and risen in position and salary”?

      I’m guessing it is. And why am I not surprised by his comment?!!!

  7. These photos and others from various unit and area events make me wonder how often they are told to buy a specific kind of outfit or t-shirt with the unit name on it for $22 etc.

    I just find it curious almost all of them are wearing PINK bathing suits. It HAD to be purposeful but I doubt that everyone loves pink enough to shell out for such a activity specific piece ie. a bathing suit.

    This makes me even more suspicious that the main goal of the trip was aesthetically pleasing, cohesive, “we love our mk life!”-themed, “we-re all best friends who are sooo close and have fun while we build our empires” type of vibe branding photos you mentioned.

    I guess, add the cost of those suits to your ever-growing business expenses credit card debit. And add this trip to the list of events where conformity is emphasized and you are required to abide by a dress code. Honestly, I despise being told what to wear and footing the bill for it. Outside of bridesmaid dresses, I’m so glad I have freedom in that area.

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