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Does Kristin Sharpe Live With Her Mom Again?

Back in November, Kristin Sharpe and her mom purchased a house in Cumming, GA. Kristin gushed on social media about how she and her husband bought the $760,000 house, but they couldn’t qualify for the mortgage so Kristin’s mom Connie Kittson bought it with them.

And now, I’ve been told that Kristin has moved back into Connie’s house. A social media post from this week seems to support that, although just last weekend the social media pictures were at “Shady Grove Cottage.”

Can anyone confirm for me that Kristin is living with her mom, and can anyone tell me why?


  1. Heather

    Interesting? I can’t see renovating or redecorating as the reason, particularly since Kristin gushed at how perfect everything was. Are they going to try to rent it out as an Air B&B or something like that…?

  2. TRACY

    News from our friend Pink Schmadillac:

    Oh yes, yes she is back living with her mother again. She’s telling an extremely exaggerated sob story about how they had a massive water leak and it’s a half million dollars in damage and mold remediation. And they now have to renovate everything and can’t live there for 8 months to a year. “But she’s going to get her dream home now,” since she had obviously “settled” for the Shady Grove Home not being all she ever dreamt of. First she said they would be living there for 3 months, now it’s up to a year. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a massive over-exaggerated lie, so who even knows the actual truth of why they’re living there.

  3. Destiny Angel

    Sounds like it would be easier to demolish the house and do a rebuild than a renovation for half a mill. You would at least have the house of your dreams that way.

    1. Heather

      Considering the sale price of the house was just over 600K, I don’t buy the half a million in damages. I’ve dealt with homes damaged by hurricanes and nor’easters. Ain’t no way an insurance company and/or FEMA going to cover damages close to the total value of the house or its contents.

  4. Ehh...okay

    I remember reaching out to her just for tips on how she runs a successful “business”, she left me on read. This was when I first joined MK, I really thought I wasn’t in business alone. Sharpe has always given off “mean girl” vibes. This was one of the first experiences I’d dealt with…. I should have left soon after these types of incidents happened.


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