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Kristin Sharpe Did Not Buy a House

The key to understanding MLM is to look behind the curtain. It is one big fraud being perpetrated by the owners, executives, and pyramid-toppers for their own personal benefit.

In Mary Kay, national sales director (NSD) is the highest position and is supposed to represent executive-level earnings. But as we’ve seen time and again, it’s only an illusion. Out of the 200-ish NSDs, only about 24 make $200,000 or more in gross commissions (before chargebacks and business expenses).

But in order to keep recruiting, you have to keep the illusion going with false earnings claims. Kristin Sharpe has a strong social media presence, filled with bits about her lavish life that you should envy. She’s the daughter of retired NSD Connie Kittson. So there’s lots of lifestyle on display between the two of them.

A couple of years ago, Kristin and her husband Courtney bought a piece of land next to Connie’s house with the intention of building their dream home. That fell through, allegedly due to zoning issues. They sold the land and now they’re excited to announce that they’ve bought a house: Shady Grove Cottage!

What could we possibly criticize about this? If we’re saying bad things, we must be nasty jealous people who can’t be happy for Kristin and her family. LOL

Well the truth is that Kristin and Courtney did not buy the house. Connie Kittson bought the house.

Why on earth would Connie pay $760,000 for a house for Kristin???? After all, Kristin is in the Gold Circle!

Sorry to burst your bubble. $150,000 in gross commissions isn’t enough to buy a $760,000 house. After business expenses and chargebacks, Kristin probably makes $100,000. That qualifies her to buy a $300,000 house, not a $760,000 house.

And there you have the truth, my friends. Behind the curtain, Kristin doesn’t even own a house, much less a big fancy one like Shady Grove Cottage. Here are some pictures of the house for your enjoyment:


    1. Mountaineer95

      Haha. It is kind of cute, but to me looks like Pinterest threw up all over it. Like, TOO “Pinterest” perfect. I like to see homes that are at least kind of lived in. And how convenient for Kristin that she doesn’t have to spend a single penny on furniture and decor.

      1. Data Junkie

        For what its worth, it is pretty common, especially for higher-end homes, to “stage” the home with rented furniture etc. if the home is not occupied at the time of listing. The house I live in now had been staged, and the Zillow photos still show those photos to this day. What I found interesting was between the time we viewed the house house and the time of the inspection (under contract), the place was completely cleaned out. The sellers did not want to pay a dime more for that rented furniture than they had to.

        1. Champagne Lady

          This one was not staged. Kristin said that they bought it furnished. There is an Instagram page for the house that the previous owner set up. It’s called lifeontheshadygrove.

          1. Heather

            I looked through the previous owner’s photos of the home, and it IS quite beautiful. The home gives off a beachy-farmhouse vibe (incredibly popular right now), so I can see why for IG followers loved the home.

        2. Mountaineer95

          A trend just starting in my area (but probably already rampant as WV is behind on everything) is this “virtual staging”. They photoshop in furniture and accessories and decor. I don’t mind it when the listing specifically states that it’s been done, and it’s done sparingly, but we’ve had a few listings where the person doing the virtual staging must have been so proud of their skills that they literally covered views of all important parts of the house with fake stuff. Like, “hey lookit what I can do” instead of “hey lookit all the great features of this home”.

          1. Monica

            I don’t know why this website promotes hate. We have enough problems in the USA and the world. I don’t why Tracy started this website to hate. Was your Mary Kay experience so bad that you felt that you had to continue to create hate just like the K.k.k.

            1. TRACY

              Hi Monica – Thanks for trying to post the same comment 3 times. You seem really motivated to be a participant!!!

              I didn’t start a website to hate. I started a website to expose the truth about MK. My experience in MK wasn’t necessarily terribl, if you ignore the fact that my entire upline lied to me repeatedly.

              I do hate that MK promotes lying and deciding women all in the name of getting them to part with their hard earned money. Is that the hate you’re talking about?

        1. Mountaineer95

          Lol. “I’m Jamie Taylor, here is my YouTube Oscar Speech where I tearfully thank ‘my girls’ for buying more makeup than they can sell, with money they don’t have”

      1. NayMKWay

        Sorry, Maggie, that doesn’t parse. Joining Mary Kay won’t get you any closer to owning a house like that. Work a regular job and save your money. Mary Kay will suck you dry. Trust the voices of experience in this site.

  1. BestDecision

    Oh, let’s go be a Star Consultant so earn an invitation to her house and sit on that swing!

    Who in the world thought to put a real swing just inside the front doors?

    $150,000 commissions means her taxes would’ve left her only $112,500, and then that’s before all her expenses were deducted. She’s a HUGE prize giver and fluffed with cello bags and ribbons on everything. She mails tons of stuff, too, so don’t for a second think she kept even $100,000 to herself. Her Instagram feed is always full of things she’s bought to keep up her Area’s “Mary Kay Enthusiasm”.


  2. Wasrings90

    Is naming a house that’s not a 100+ yr old manor house a thing now? When did this become a thing?

    I am more of a fan of the Not So Big House, living in a space like this would make me itch, all that negative space, I also feel like it’s in what I call cookie cutter neighborhoods, where all the homes have been built by one developer and the whole neighborhood is variations of the same floor plan.

      1. Mountaineer95

        And a random musing about “fake it til you make it”…we (myself and my SO) have finally “made it” financially (as in, could comfortably buy Kristin’s new house) but we live even more frugally now than we did prior.

        Like, we’re living in the tiny house (as described above, though plans are to thoughtfully renovate and expand once covid stops wrecking our investments), and we each drive a 2016 Kia (that 100,000 mile/10 year warranty is the bomb) even though we could EACH buy a few massive Cadillacs. But our cars get us around very well.

        And we definitely give much more thought to major purchases than we did before we attained this level of wealth…rather than trying to get approved for a loan higher than what we should actually have (hello, EVERY CADDY DRIVER with a “company” car, the likes of which you’d NEVER get approved for on the open market), we look at the least expensive option that still meets our quality standards and overall needs.

        It’s hard to explain this mindset except to say that once you’re actually able to buy and have all the fancy things that you’ve wanted for so long, you instead find yourself happy with what you already have. I promise you, VERY few Mary Kay Directors (from newly-minted to Emeritus) have gotten to this place.

        Ours is an interesting case of going from solid middle class financial status to a much higher bracket later in life…we both are/were very hard working people who had the fortune of parents who were also middle-class hard workers who saved and invested well. Very well.

        Maybe the frugal, hard-working attitudes of our parents have shaped our current opinions about wealth, and that’s a good thing. And this new-found, unusual perspective helps me to understand just HOW MUCH FAKING is being done by the vast majority of MK directors…

        Especially the higher-profile ones who’ve been around awhile (but applies equally to the hot new MK stars like Chelsea and Jamie Taylor)… If they spend MORE time showing you what they have that you don’t, rather than showing you SPECIFICALLY HOW they gained these things, they are NOT mentors. They don’t have your best interests in mind, and they don’t want you to question what they’re telling you and parading before you.

        Tracy figured out roughly what Chelsea likely makes in a bad month; she’s provided proof of what various mouthy Directors ACTUALLY make (the Million Dollar Director “title” is a lie); she’s provided every bit of math one needs to figure out roughly what any Director makes (why is the truth ALWAY less than what they publicly claim…hmmm.)

        I guess my point is that it seems that often the people who strive so hard to get their hands on the things (cars, houses, jewelry, etc) that indicate wealth are the people who don’t actually HAVE that wealth. So they acquire these things via lines of credit, then spend every waking minute stressed about how they’re going to continue paying for the things that supposedly make them “happy” and signify that they’ve “arrived”.

        Mary Kay success is like a lousy airport; hundreds of people sitting in planes waiting to “arrive”. Do yourself a favour and bail out now, leaving behind your carry-on bag. You’ll be fine without it.

  3. nomoremlm4me

    Don’t you just love what you can find in the public record?!? Kristin is a liar, plain and simple. I would ask if she has no shame, but we already know the answer to that since she is an mlm “boss babe” lol.

  4. Phoebe's Mom

    I’ll make a bet right now that the tax records show the same thing when Chelsea announces they’ve moved out of her mom’s basement and into the house she claims they’re closing on soon. It will be in one of their parents’ name.

  5. Beenthere

    Not sure where you got the numbers, but 100k salary in my area gets you about 650k house with 20k down. Which is a modest home, in these parts, about 1800 sq feet.

    I suspect Connie bought it with Kristen. Etal means and others in real estate.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not singing their praises by any means. Just saying because some one will probably comment on it due to the error.

    1. TRACY

      LOL – No mortgage company is loaning $630k to someone who makes $100k . The rule of thumb is that a bank will give you a loan for a house that is about 3 times what you make. It might even be less than that depending on your other debts and how high the property taxes and other costs are.

      Under the lending rules, you can spend up to 28% of your monthly income on housing expenses, to include the mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA fees. That means the person making $100k has $2,333 a month available to pay for a house. Nope. Not a $650k house with $20k down.

      1. Mountaineer95

        Who would downvote a FACTUAL statement as this? SMH. When I bought my first house 20 years ago, I was making about $48k a year, and with 20% down I was approved for up to $125,000. Spot on. Apparently somebody reading this must believe that MK “superstars” are exempt from the rules, and how dare you state otherwise. *sigh-lol* (like, can one sigh while mumbling LOL at the same time?)

    2. TRACY

      If Connie bought it “with” Kristin, it’s for the same reason: because Kristin does not make enough to by a $760k house. Also, I wonder why Kristin didn’t say “my mom and I bought a house”??????

        1. Chris

          I read the record as two separate transactions. 1) Kristen is parents bought the house for $760k. 2) Et al. family members were added to the deed for $0.

          I tried to give Kristen the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe the house was purchased through a trust or something, but that’s not what the records show. If I’m reading it correctly, Kristen and Courtney are not even on the mortgage. It’s still possible her parents bought it outright, and they are paying them back with no interest or something else along those lines, but if so, Kristen didn’t offer that up that information in her post.

          1. TRACY

            The bottom line is that this isn’t “oh family bought a house they’re sharing.” It isn’t “estate planning for someone.”

            Kristin and Courtney cannot secure a loan from a bank on a $760k house, so Kristin’s mommy did it for her. Kristin and Courtney are likely paying the mortgage, property taxes, etc.

            But the bottom line is that Kristin isn’t making the big money she wants you to think she is, and the banks all say she can’t afford this house.

            1. Mountaineer95

              If she is really only making $100k before expenses, that’s DISMAL. Isn’t she one of the top-regarded NSDs? Wow. And yet she parades this home and everything else she has “achieved” in front of her sheeple, trying to convince them that she is super wealthy, and that they can be as well if only they bee-lieve. That’s disgraceful, and warrants this “harsh” front page story. There will be tons of haters accusing Tracy of being mean and petty, but those are exactly the audience that needs to see this post.

              1. TRACY

                Correct! Correct! Correct!

                It is all a lie and an illusion.

                Oh, but Gloria made gazillions of dollars!

                Yes, and MK hopes to never have another NSD make that much ever again. Look at the top 10 earners in the NSD article. All very old members of the scheme. Mk will never allow any of the newer NSDs to earn over $300k. Mark my words.

              2. BestDecision

                Many Directors and NSDs do the same. It’s all about “fake it ‘til you make it”. Many deny their husbands make good money or that they’ve inherited money. My Director, for example, flaunts her big house but won’t tell anyone it’s because her husband makes great money. Then, she won’t confess that her ROOMS filled with boxes of product are because she orders and doesn’t sell a fraction of it.

                It’s all to hype people up and get them to chase the unattainable.

  6. Mountaineer95

    It might have been linked upthread, but if not, here it is:


    …showing that dear Kristin here isn’t making (nor has recently made) the six-figure income she pretends to have made. What a full-blown LIE she expects her downline to believe!

    As much as I hope she’ll respond here (and state her case, with evidence, that EVERY thing we’ve said here is WRONG), we all know that she won’t.

    Maybe one or two of her most brainwashed devotees will, but they won’t proffer ANY evidence to counter what we’ve shown (with proof) here.

    With wishful thinking that Kristin herself might read this, I ask:

    Do you annually take home over 100k? If you don’t know what “take home” means, look it up. And then honestly add up what you actually TAKE HOME after EVERY chargeback, every expense, every tiny cost incurred. Is it still 100k? Even if it is, just wait for the next paragraph…

    Do you pay self-employment taxes on your earnings? (If you haven’t been, you’re in a world of trouble if you were to be audited). If you’re confused and asserting that you already “paid your sales tax”, you need to be aware that self-employment tax is entirely opposite of whatever sales tax you pay on your MK Caddy. As in, it’s not property tax. And it might likely take a big chunk out of your claimed MK income. Not like you’ll share any of that with your sheeple…when we poke around and dig up actual figures, you all get angry and charge that we’ve violated your privacy; but in the next sentence, you boast on social media about how much your “business” is providing for you and how your followers can score the same benefits. So which is it?

    Kristin, how much do you pay for your health insurance? Oh wait…either your spouse has you covered, or somehow you convinced MKCorp to pay for it as part of your NSD package…I bet it has to be the former; that your spouse pays your health insurance.

    If so, it gives you NO EXCUSE to leave out the important discussion of health care when you’re meeting with your potential MK recruits. They need to know that MK will NOT pay for their healthcare. Not one bit of it. And if you either don’t address it or brush it aside if mentioned, you are a horribly poor business leader and should quit. Yes, right now, QUIT. Because you certainly do not have women’s best interests in mind.

    BUT what is important here is what would you have to pay for health insurance if you didn’t get it from your husband. How many of your downline ladies are having to cover their own healthcare bills?

    I’m not hating, I just need to verify in order to properly portray the “opportunity” to your area’s prospects…and this means that your prospects need to know that MK will NOT pay for their health insurance, not can they ever expect it to.

    1. Mountaineer95

      Talking about “naming” houses a la “Shady Grove Cottage” (and IMO the term “cottage” doesn’t apply lol):

      Kristin’s house isn’t the only house on Shady Grove; hers isn’t some vast antebellum estate…it’s in a cookie cutter (albeit a super-nice cookie cutter) neighbourhood. With many more houses on the same street.

      It shows her narcissism and frank audacity to declare that HER house on a street with MANY houses is “the” named cottage of THAT entire street.

      Seriously Kristin, you have neighbors up and down your street, many of whom likely moved in waaaay before your mom signed that paperwork…did you bother to see if perhaps any of them had already declared THEIR house to be THE official “Shady Grove Cottage”?

      Haha, rhetorical question…of course you didn’t check, because what your neighbors feel, think, and do are not your concern. Your entire focus is on YOUR “business”, YOUR “family”, YOUR house, and YOUR needs. It doesn’t matter if the family catty-cornered and three doors down from you has already declared THEIR home to be “Shady Grove Cottage”; frankly, to you, it doesn’t matter what ANY family ANYWHERE in your new neiborhood thinks.

      Well, unless it’s about how they think of YOU when it comes to recruiting. Everyone needs to think you’re super successful, EASILY making six figures as an NSD (and an NSD who had her area literally handed to her from her mom on monogrammed towels to boot).

      …But your “perfect” house isn’t even paid for by your “executive income” and the truth of this helps to display to everyone how you’re NOT an executive and you’re NOT making legit executive money.

      Lol, you’re in the top tiny percent of MK, but you’re still WAY on the bottom of the pile as far as NSDs go. How embarrassing…to have your area pretty much handed to you by your mommy, and even then showing mediocre at best performance. How many years until you can retire with those super awesome NSD Emeritus benefits, Kristin? 25? 30? Can you keep up the lies and revolving doors that long?

      1. Char

        “Why would a lion concern her self with the lies and opinions of sheep?” —

        Can I get an extra shot of irony with that latte?

        “Kristin Sharpe, January 30 at 06:34 ·
        𝗜𝗻 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁, 𝘄𝗲 𝗳𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗵.
        I just love this devotional from @First5!
        The secret to abundant growth is to abide in Jesus. When we cling to the True Vine, He cleanses us of our sin and produces a harvest of righteousness in our lives. We are privileged to serve Him as His devoted disciples, and He strengthens us to produce sweet fruit (Col. 1:9-14).
        Lives rooted in Christ always flourish!
        What can you do today to turn your attention back on God? How can you link arms with Him in your daily tasks? Happy Sunday!”

        And throw in a side of bigotry while you’re at it!

        Fun fact: “Sheeple” is actually in the dictionary, both Webster’s and Urban. — “When a large group of people that make up the majority follow an idea that’s not based on fact. “Sheeple” is a play on the word “people,” who usually live with the herd mentality, following other people blindly, as opposed to thinking on one’s own and being an individual.”

        $10 says David is also a sheeple.

        1. Destiny Angel

          Some-one missed the point about Matthew 25;31-32

          31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

  7. Jamie Pruitt

    Wow you people are what is wrong with the world. What a shit show world you live in .
    No I do not sell Mary Kay. Yes I wear it. Everyday since I was a teen.
    Why do you care about her house? her income? her husbands income?
    She and her mother along with her family are awesome people. I am not related to them, but again I know them. They are good people, good parents.
    Being jealous of someone for being beautiful and outgoing and a true people person is sad and so so wrong.

    1. TRACY

      Oh Jamie, we’re not jealous of Kristin Sharpe at all. We’re sad for her. What a sad life she must lead, having to lie to people to recruit them into MK, making it to the top of the pyramid, but still not being able to afford her house.

      What would make you think that we’re jealous of Kristin’s beauty or personality? Or that we aren’t equally as beautiful or have wonderful personalities?

      What is it about my world that is a shit show? Is it that I have a very successful business that allows me to earn an excellent living honestly? Is it that I don’t have to lie to my customers to get them to do business with me? Is it that I don’t have to flaunt my alleged wealth on social media? Is it that I can afford my own house and don’t need my parent to sign onto the mortgage? Is it that I don’t have to sit and watch people I’ve conned into a fake business opportunity lose money?

    2. Char

      “Wow you people are what is wrong with the world. What a shit show world you live in.”— You think people who expose fraud are wrong? Bad? What does that say about you?

      “No I do not sell Mary Kay. Yes I wear it. Everyday since I was a teen.”— So, you don’t know diddly about how the company operates. But what, you felt compelled to comment…on something you’re clueless about?

      “Why do you care about her house? her income? her husbands income?”— Because it’s relevant to the con job.

      “She and her mother along with her family are awesome people. I am not related to them, but again I know them. They are good people, good parents.”— Is your point that scammers are nice people? Of course they are. That is the difference between con artists and obvious thieves. Scammers play a “confidence trick” on their victim; they are super smooth and nice, so the victim willingly gives up their money.

      “Being jealous of someone for being beautiful and outgoing and a true people person is sad and so so wrong.”— Your assumptions are hilarious given the fact that you have no idea who any of us are.

  8. Kristin Sharpe's Friend

    I have the real deed showing Kristin does own the house not the fake version being circulated on this site filled with little people and little minds. I have the mortgage record showing proof of payment and the loan in her name. I have the actual income statement for Kristin’s earnings. I’d be happy to share it here but this site and it’s purveyors only pedal in lies. The weak minded little deviants commenting here have not need for facts or truth. Small minds talk about people. Go ahead try to prove me wrong! To the purveyors I’ve screen shored all of this. Try to take it down. I’ll keep coming.

    1. TRACY

      Nice try, Kristin Sharpe’s Friend. I’ve seen the real documents. Do you have Kristin’s tax returns? No. You have a document that doesn’t tell the real story of her income. Her net income from her MK “business” is much lower than the bogus document you have. Your bogus document doesn’t include chargebacks or business expenses. It was a good effort, though. Screen shot to your heart’s content.

      Make your next comment something useful, or it won’t get approved.


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